10 Crazy Luxurious Celebrity Villas

Jon Bon Jovi, New Jersey

Typically, when someone says they live in New Jersey, I imagine it to be more like Kenny’s house from “South Park”, not an expensive mansion. Oh yeah, Jon says it’s just a “humble abode”. Year, right! Nothing about this castle looks “humble”.

Aaron Spelling, Los Angeles, California

Of course the legendary TV producer’s 56k square-foot villa would have a huge swimming pool, in addition to a gym, a bowling alley, a freaking skating rink, and a tennis court. Because why not? It definitely looks like a piece of paradise.

Hugh Hefner, Los Angeles, California

You know the saying “Ain’t no party like a Hugh Hefner’s party”! And it’s not just because of all the Playboy bunnies, or the fact that he and Stan Lee are basically clones, it’s also because he’s a cool dude. But really, who’d say no to a party full of gorgeous women wearing bunny ears? Yeah, thought so.

Jerry Seinfeld, The Hamptons, New York

As a huge baseball fan, Jerry Seinfeld decided he needed his own baseball field in his backyard. Lucky for him, he had a decade or so of grand hugely successful projects, so the money wasn’t a problem. But seriously, what is the deal with rich people and their fancy houses?

Conan O’Brien, Pacific Palisades

It coasted the ginger comedian $20 million to buy this awesome mansion from Ed Glazer, but in the grand scheme of things it’s but a penny. And it’s not even all that fancy-looking, to be honest. Does it even have a swimming pool?

Taylor Swift’s Watch Hill mansion, Rhode Island

TSwift bought the gorgeous New England house last year for about $15 million. Now look at it and compare it to the previous villa. Conan O’Brien clearly got scammed. Such a lovely house in a magical location like this is perfect for Tay-Tay.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Malibu

Some reports state that the Smith family’s house is so gigantic, that it has its own zip code. The incredibly luxurious villa has both basketball and tennis court, a neat golf course, a jumbo-sized swimming pool and countless other nooks and crannies bigger than your apartment.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, California

$23.5 million for the house of one of the most influential and iconic actors/politicians? Piece of cake! Someone will definitely grab it sooner than later. Or maybe someone already has, and I’m just sitting here wasting your time.

Michael Jordan, Chicago

17 bathrooms, 9 bedrooms and a garage big enough to fit 15 cars – that’s what you’d get if you ever decided to buy Michael Jordan’s “humble” mansion. Oh and the bragging rights, of course.

Billy Joel, Miami Beach, Florida

If you’re a car collector like Billy here, you’d also drool over this crazy Mediterranean-style abode with a 60-car garage. Yeah, that’s right, 60 freaking cars can fit into it! I’d make a “yo momma” joke here, but I doubt even she’s this big.