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13 year old goes missing five days later. Mom saw his name in the hospital

Teenagers today are exposed to more risks than ever before, from online bullying and school shootings to alcohol and and opioid abuse. Teens have higher levels of stress than in years past and increasing rates of suicide. Many of the belief that they’re invincible and that bad things only happen to other people.

Sensation seeking behavior is comparable to meeting the rush that comes from taking drugs. And in some cases, drugs may combine to lessen their fear and to avoid any calculation or evidence of risk coming from for instance, speeding while under the influence.

The problem is that it’s adults who warn and counsel them regarding these statistics related to teenage risk taking. Unfortunately, adults to them are not cool and know nothing. All they want is to spoil their fun. Tragically, in some cases, only a death or serious injury of themselves or a close friend is sufficient to stop the behavior. Adolescence posed several problems, and at times our relationship faltered greatly.

But the fundamentals were always there shared humor, joy with each other’s company, a fundamental desire to get back to the comfortable zone. And we struggled through alienation to a deeper place of love and connection. Nathan Torres was in a bicycle accident two days before Halloween in 2021. Unfortunately, his accident took place in a neighboring county and his family didn’t know his whereabouts or status for days. In fact, Nathan was alone at the Marino Valley Hospital for five days before his family and authorities were able to connect the dots.

Nathan Torres was hit by a car while offering a store just minutes after he rode off. He had serious brain injuries while being in the hospital, listed as John Doe. His family members were worried that he’d run away and never return home. Despite the family searches, he wasn’t located. Nathan Torres went to the store two days before Halloween Day, where he met an accident.

As per his sister, Angelica Martinez Hammett. Police were not put to the Mark in Taurus’s case. Missing who was Nathan Torres? Nathan Torres is a 14 year old boy. He had an accident when he was 13.

Two days before Halloween, he borrowed a red bike from his friend and went off to a store just three blocks away from his mom’s place. He got hit by a car, ended up having a serious brain injury. His missing report was filed the following day on October 30. For this, his sister thinks police were not very active in this case. However, she doesn’t blame the hospital.

She thinks they did what was best for his brother. They were worried, thinking he might be kidnapped or tricked into meeting people online. He was taken to Moreno Valley Hospital, where they thought he was 20 years old. Five days later, Riverside Sheriff’s deputy saw the missing juvenile report and notified the family. That was when he was identified as the missing Nathan Torres Nathan Torres could have died if his family members didn’t recognize him on time.

When they found him, he required an urgent operation that someone needed to consent to. Luckily, his family members found him and he’s recovering well. There’s a GoFundMe page for him appealed by his sister. She wrote, My baby brother was alone in the hospital with severe brain trauma and skin grafts to his eye. Their mom is a single mother with three kids and her sister as a toddler, too.

Nathan needed intense caring when he underwent the surgery. Thank God he got better and got to his family. Nathan Torres is 14 years old. Inside Edition has posted an interview with his sister on the YouTube channel. For five days, he went missing and his family was looking for him.

The car accident that he met caused him severe brain injury. He was mistaken as 20 and kept in an adult ICU. They reported him missing the following day. He went out. The police officers didn’t confirm the match through his missing person report.

After five days, they were asked to identify the victim of the accident, who turned out to be their baby boy. Torres was involved in a traffic collision about a quarter mile away from his home only 30 minutes after he’d ridden off from his mother’s home. The teen suffered a major head injury and was transported to a Morrenco Valley Hospital. However, since he had no ID on him, he was admitted as a John Doe. While police checked with local hospitals, they couldn’t locate the teenager.

Since Torres was listed as a John Doe and since doctors and nurses believed he was much older, around the age of 20 or 21, he laid in his Riverside University Health System hospital bed alone for five days before his family and police found him. He’s never been awake since the accident, said his sister. I’m sure that he could feel that none of us were here for him. He’s just a baby. On the day he was found, the Hemet Police Department released a statement regarding the teenager.

Follow up measures were taken by Hemet PD and local area hospitals were contacted, the statement said. Although several hospitals were contacted, the juvenile was not located due to being admitted as John Doe. Five days after Torres went missing, a Riverside Sheriff’s deputy saw the missing juvenile report and notified the family that the John Doe at Riverside Medical Center was in fact the missing Torres. It’s just hard to think that he was alone, said his sister. The Riverside University Health System Medical Center released a statement about the incident but denied to comment on Torres in his case.

Our top priority at RUHS Medical Center is to provide all of our patients with the highest quality medical care they need for their specific situation. In every case, we receive various forms of information that is pertinent to establishing a care plan for each patient based on their medical needs. We evaluate all cases and always identify opportunities to improve. Because this is around a particular patient and to preserve confidentiality as required by law, we will not be commenting on this case. Nathan’s sister, Angelika, told Inside Edition how the mix up happened.

She said, so it was a San Jacinto police officer who responded to the call and found my brother, and my mom reported my brother missing to himt, so I think that’s where things kind of went wrong. Angela also shared that her brother’s recovery has been tough, she explained. His neurosurgeon said, basically when he got there to say goodbye and that was it. And for us, just barely finding him, it was hard. It was heartbreaking seeing him that way, too.

And then three days later I was there alone with him at the hospital and he just started going downhill out of nowhere. Nathan had to undergo surgery and he made it through, but the young boy still has a long way to go before his family can rest easy, Angelika said. He was partially put into a medically induced coma and partially it was because of the damage to his brain and the swelling, but right now he’s considered to be awake. We can tell when he’s awake or asleep, but we’re not really sure if he can comprehend when we talk to him. She also admitted that her brother will never be the same.

He’s never going to be who he was before the accident. Even with the best rehabilitation center and everything, he’ll never be who we know him to be. But soon he’ll be going to a rehab center in Loma Linda, so we’re excited for that. According to police, a group of teens met him at the corner and an altercation occurred, resulting in Hernandez being pushed into traffic and hit by a moving Tesla. The driver of the Tesla stopped immediately and faces no charges.

Hernandez sustained major head and brain injuries and remains hospitalized. His dad can’t imagine why anyone would hurt the West Valley High student, who by all accounts has never been in trouble. Jemette police say the skateboard he was riding was stolen following the accident. On March 20, he met police arrested four teenagers for their involvement in the crime. Three of the teens are 15 years old and the fourth is 16 years of age, police said in a statement.

Two of the teens are related. All four attend a local home at high school, but it’s not clear if they attended the same school as the victim. The four suspects were transported to Riverside County Juvenile Hall and will be facing multiple charges each teens believe you must do certain things or look a specific way in order to be popular and have a lot of friends. This can lead them to step out of their comfort zone and into the I probably shouldn’t be doing this, but I have to zone. Teens are often curious and want to try things they shouldn’t be doing until they’re older Orver this can lead them to behave abnormally Because they become secretive and closed off.

Teens who have been brought up by parents who spend time with them to teach how the world works and love them unconditionally Will respond well to directions from worthy adults and in general, not wish to displease parents by getting into trouble. Rules with consequences explained clearly Are easy to understand and follow.

The key is consistency, which begins with toddlers and continues until adulthood. Teens die young from car accidents mostly, but engage in other risky behavior when they don’t feel there is parental authority that cares about what kind of behavior they engage in. Risky behavior includes smoking and the illegal consumption of alcohol.

Grief is a natural response to loss. It’s the emotional suffering you feel when something or someone you love is taken away. Often the pain of loss can feel overwhelming. You may experience all kinds of difficult and unexplained emotions, from shock or anger to disbelief, guilt and profound sadness. The pain of grief can also disrupt your physical health, Making it difficult to sleep, eat or even think straight.