20 Genius Solutions to Everyday Problems

In life, most of us pay attention to only those problems that affect us. We tend to ignore problems that may seem little to us but have a huge impact on others (that includes our beloved planet earth as well). Thankfully, there are people out there who think not only about themselves but others as well. Here is a list of some brilliant solutions to those problems that really didn’t matter a lot to us or we thought there wasn’t any need to find their solution.

1. A Chair with Dual Purpose

It can get irritating to hold your bag on your shoulder or handle it while having a cup of coffee. Well, there is a solution to this problem as well.

A Chair with Dual Purpose

This chair is specifically designed to serve two purposes: to enable people to sit and to hold their bags.

2. A Caring Dentist

Most of us feel super bored when we are at the dentist. After all, we can’t do anything while the dentist has their hand in our mouth.

A Caring Dentist

Well, this local dentist has a “Where’s Wally” on the ceiling which keeps the patient entertained during the appointment.

3. Plastic Bottle Currency

China has come up with a plan to control pollution with a unique idea. They have introduced recycling-for-payment programs.

Plastic Bottle Currency

The program was first introduced in a busy Beijing subway where a passenger receives credit ranging from 5 to 15 cents per bottle.

4. Making Shopping Easy

Some of us get irritated when a staff of the store follows us everywhere, right? Well, this is a good solution to avoid it.

Making Shopping Easy

The store lets you choose whether you want to be bothered or not. We wonder what would happen if the customer changes their mind.

5. Rotating Bench

When it rains, we don’t sit without cleaning the seat first. We look for tissue paper or dry cloth to clean the bench.

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Rotating Bench

This rotating bench ensures one side of the bench remains dry so that you can enjoy without worrying about wet clothes.

6. A Winter Simulator

Have you ever bought winter clothes only to find out that they weren’t really good at keeping you warm? Of course, you have.

A Winter Simulator

This winter simulator has below zero temperature so that you can test out winter clothes before purchasing them.

7. Handful? No Problem

Ever got into an elevator with your hands full of shopping bags and what not? Well, pressing the button to your floor can be difficult (unless you have three hands).

Handful? No Problem

This elevator eradicated this problem as you can easily press its buttons with your feet.

8. Safety First

As we know that wearing a seatbelt while driving is extremely important as it not only saves your life but also avoids you getting pulled over to receive a ticket.

Safety First

This car just ensures that you don’t get to enjoy your journey with good music if you are not wearing a seatbelt.

9. Drinking Fountain for Humans and Doggos

Aw, this fountain was designed by someone who really loves dogs (and we guess humans as well).

Drinking Fountain for Humans and Doggos

Panting is common among dogs as this helps in cooling their bodies and that’s why they need to drink water frequently. This is a good solution to their problems in drinking water.

10. Toilet Paper with a Smaller Roll Inside

We all have experienced the agony of not seeing toilet paper in the toilet. Well, there is a solution to this problem that comes in a small package.

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Toilet Paper with a Smaller Roll Inside

This type of toilet paper comes with a smaller roll that can be used when the bigger one ends. You can also take it on the go.

11. A Tie with a Dual Purpose

We all need items in life that can serve more than one purpose, right? Well, this tie is perfect for those people who like to have clear mobile/laptop screens.

A Tie with a Dual Purpose

The tie comes with a microfiber lining that lets the user clean their phone/laptop without leaving any scratches on them.

12. Skateboard Parking

Having a skateboard stolen can be really hurtful, especially if it is the one that you loved the most.

Skateboard Parking

Well, this school definitely cares about its students who own skateboards. We wonder if they have a school team of skateboarders.

13. This Sign Moves The “N” When They Are Closed

It seems like a good idea to let the customers know they are closed. It looks cools as well.

This Sign Moves The “N” When They Are Closed

If anyone complains about this sign, let them know that it is way better than “be back soon.”

14. Toilet with a Privacy Button

It can feel embarrassing when you’re doing your business in the toilet and people are hearing weird noises outside.

Toilet with a Privacy Button

This Japanese toilet has a privacy button that plays music so no one can hear what’s happening inside. Hey, it can be used for some other purposes as well (wink wink).

15. Side of Petrol Cap Doesn’t Matter Anymore

As we said earlier, modern problems require modern solutions. You must have faced this problem at the petrol pump before.

Side of Petrol Cap Doesn’t Matter Anymore

In Seoul, the gas pump hangs from the roof and this means that the side of your petrol cap won’t be a problem.

16. Adults and Kids Can Sit at the Same Table

Most tables in parks are either for kids or adults. These ones are a bit different than the rest.

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Adults and Kids Can Sit at the Same Table

These picnic tables have seating for adults and kids and they all can sit together.

17. Testing the Brands of Toilet Papers

Not every toilet paper feels the same, right? Who knew there are supermarkets that let you test brands of toilet papers?

Testing the Brands of Toilet Papers

This supermarket helps you decide which toilet paper brand is suitable for you. They really do care about their customers.

18. Makeup Towels That Won’t Show All The Smudges

Ladies can agree on this one that removing makeup with a towel can be a tedious task.

Makeup Towels That Won’t Show All The Smudges

There is a hotel that has come up with a solution to this problem. They offer makeup towels that won’t show the smudges. Problem solved!

19. A Healthy Snack

While shopping in the supermarket, we can feel hungry. This supermarket has a solution to this little problem.

A Healthy Snack

With just a 25 cent deposit, you can have a healthy snack to keep you going.

20. A Phone Number for Bedtime Stories

Watching this phone may have given a nostalgic feeling to some people. This phone reminds us of how much technology has progressed over the years.

A Phone Number for Bedtime Stories

This hotel has done a great job with using this phone model. Most importantly, it has a dedicated number of bedtime stories.

21. A Pen That Lets You Know How Many Pages It Has Left

Although it may seem like a little problem, most studious people find it irritating to find their empty pen during an exam.

A Pen That Lets You Know How Many Pages It Has Left

This pen lets the person know how many pages it has left so that they are prepared for its inevitable ending.

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