Story Time

3 Men Mocks the old man On Train, Doesn’t Realize Who’s Behind Them

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In our time you rarely find decent people among these respectable people. There’s a gentleman named Pavel. Pavel has a PhD in environmental studies. He’s a brilliant teacher and a fifth generation thinker. He’s the author of stacks of books and scholarship elderly works. Povel suffered greatly in the beginning of his life as when he was young, he went through a very painful experience.

When he was a young child, his mother and father died in a tragic accident and then he lived alone, but his uncle took him to live with him in his house. But Pavel never felt comfortable in that house as his uncle’s wife and her children always make fun and bully him because he wears big glasses as his eyesight is weak.

Pavel is always bullied, but he tolerates it. He didn’t have any friends but books. He found that books are the ones that can completely change your psychological state. He found that books are better than a thousand friends. His cousins tease him and make fun of him and at the same time they envy him because he is a very hard working person.

He always gets the highest marks in the tests and he gets the prizes.   Pavel was able at a young age to write a book by himself and express his opinion freely. Many years passed and Pavel’s uncle, whom he loved very much, died. Pavel endured a lot of bullying from his uncle’s wife and his sons because he loved his uncle so much. But at the time his uncle died, Pavel decided to stay away from them and live alone. Years passed and Pavel became a mature young man studying at the Faculty of Science.  

He loves that field very much because he’s obsessed with nature and science which is interested in studying the things around us. Pavel thinks very scientifically and he’s an organized person. One day Pavel was in the University library and reading a book about loneliness and its impact on the psychological state of individuals. While Pavel was reading that touching book, he started crying because he felt every word in that book. A man named Mark was sitting close to him and he noticed Pavel was crying.

He went to him and he said, what’s wrong with you? I don’t mean to bother you, but I want to talk and say anything to be fine. Consider me your friend.   Pavel replied, thank you. You’re a very kind person. I just feel sad because that book brought me back to memories of my misery. I’m completely alone. My mother and father died when I was young and my uncle took me to his house where I lived the tragedy because of bullying and ridiculousness, but I was bearing in order to stay with my uncle.

My uncle died and I became lonelier and separated from my relatives and now I live alone. I am afraid to die alone because of my misery. I try to get over that feeling by reading and writing, but I can’t, Mark replied, I really appreciate everything you say. I feel for you. We can be friends. My name is Mark. Mark and Pavel became friends. Pavel decided to publish the books he wrote, but he was afraid of that stuff. He went to the publishing house and saw a very beautiful girl.

That girl’s name is Wanya and she’s in charge of publishing. Pavel spoke to her in a very beautiful way and she liked him very much. She found him a cultured and respectful person. She helped him to publish his first book.   He’s so happy that there’s a beautiful girl helping him. The publication has succeeded and many people have read Pavel’s books. Pavel is very happy, and the first thing that crossed his mind is to go to Juanya because she’s the reason for that success.

He went with her with a gift and said to her, thank you for everything you did for me. I achieved that success because of you. Wanya replied, you’re a respectable and educated person. You are successful and this is your great effort. That should always be appreciated.   Pavel decided to marry her, and she agreed. His life completely changed with his wife. He felt satisfied and comfortable for the first time. His wife loves him very much.

Many years passed and Wania gave birth to a girl named Ella and a boy named Sam. Pavel loves his children very much and always buys them everything they want. On the other hand, Pobl achieved an impressive success as he was promoted and became a doctor at the University who gives lectures to students. Pablo’s conscience is always above everything as he helps students in studying and explains everything to them.

But as we know, there are always good students and bad students in College. Among the failed students who do not think about their future are Alexander, Alexey, and Victor. These three always make fun of Dr. Pavel because he wears big glasses and because he wears clothes that look so old. They laugh at him, but without his knowledge. Pavel doesn’t care about his external appearance.   He’s only interested in his studies, works, and books that he publishes.

Pavel lives with his family in happiness and love. So many years passed and Pavel became old. He wants to buy his family a big house, so he decided to sell his house in the countryside in order to save money and buy the new luxury house.   He travels to the country, but while on his way on the train, he’s met by the three students who always make fun of him Alexander, Alexey, and Victor. He thought they’d welcome him, but in an ironic way.

They were actually the worst people ever. The old man was bullied and mocked by these three rude ones. Alexander said to him, I never loved you, but I was not brave enough to tell you that while I was studying. You only care about wearing those big glasses. Alexei said, you wear very old clothes.   You’re a doctor at a University and you should buy the chic suits. Your big glasses always make me laugh. Victor said, you look like a Vagabond. How can a doctor like you not care about his appearance? Palmer was very shocked by what happened and was very embarrassed because there were several people on the train looking at him.

He was so embarrassed that he couldn’t say anything but suddenly happened, as if fate had decided to take revenge on these three bastards. Behind the three was the father of one of them, the father of Victor, who works as a general director in the Russian Ministry of Culture, who’s a very strict man. Victor was surprised when he saw that his father was behind him.

The father said, you are so disrespectful. How can you make fun of an old man? You make fun of him instead of helping and honoring him. Victor, I didn’t teach you to bully or make fun of anyone. How can you do that like your friends? Don’t talk to me again. The father turned his face to the old man and said, I’m very sorry for what happened to you. You are clearly a respectable man.   The three felt ashamed and embarrassed and decided to apologize to the old man, Pavel.

They apologized to him for what they did. Pavel wanted to give them a lesson in morals and told them, you as human beings, only care about outward appearance. You only like people who pretend to have ideals and morals. You like toxic people who deceive you never bully anyone because you’ll make him hate himself and those around him and therefore hate his life. And maybe this person commits suicide because of you. People outward appearances and things are not the same way they seem to be. Life is bittersweet, but when you taste it, you’ll shock the most around you that those are the ones who deceive you. I mean, you should not judge people by their appearance, clothes, or their relation with others.

You should treat people as they treat you. Additionally, I want to tell you that you’ll reap what you sow fatalism can change all your current situations. Life is tough, bitter, and hard. I mean, this embarrassing situation that you put me in could happen to you one day when you become old for me. I don’t care about what others say about me because I know my worth.

I know that I do not wear expensive clothes like you, but I’m different from you. I care about the inner, essential core of people and how they treat me. Do not be naive and silly. Wake up from your negligence. Think of your future as it only depends on you. Nobody will do you anything. When I was young, like you, I was a lonely man who suffered greatly from isolation.   But I could handle my grief and misery. I wrote many books that many people read.

Please do not be silly and do not care about other people’s affairs or appearances. They apologized to him and Victor said, I’m so sorry, I was wrong. I apologize to you and Alexei and Alexander decided to bring him a bouquet of roses to apologize to him for what they had done.

They also thanked him for the advice he gave them. They apologized to him in front of everyone. This is the end and each of us must respect the elders because they’re the symbol of love and safety in our society.   We must be aware and educated in order to rise in our society. We should never make fun of others because of their appearance, color, age, weight, or outward appearance. We should focus only on ourselves and on what we do in our lives. Thanks for reading.