Story Time

4-Year-Old Boy Gets Cute Reply From Police After He Reports A “Crime.”

Ash and Jen Dobtini do their very best to teach their 4-year-old son, Toby, that Police officers are his allies and friends. Recognizing Toby’s initial fear of Police, they thought of different ways to help to showcase the helpful and compassionate nature of police officers who dedicate themselves to safeguarding and serving the community.

One morning, a interesting incident took place that provided an opportunity for Toby to witness the caring side of the police force. As Toby played, his beloved toy car slipped from his pocket and tumbled into the street, where it met an unfortunate fate under the wheels of an approaching vehicle.

Crushed flat, the loss of his cherished toy left the young boy in tears for hours. Understandably, his parents refrained from allowing him to dial the emergency number to report the incident as a “crime.” However, they decided to assist Toby in crafting a heartfelt letter instead.

With Toby’s guidance, he dictated a letter expressing his plea for assistance from the Dorset police department in England. In his earnest words, he requested their aid in tracking down the “bad man” responsible for the destruction of his car and delivering a firm reprimand.

Through this simple act, Ash and Jen hoped to reinforce Toby’s trust in the police while encouraging him to express his feelings and seek resolution in a constructive manner.

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Ash and Jen shared the letter on social media, and a tweet found its way to the desk of Sergeant Sophie Williams of the Dorset P.D. She immediately sat down and penned a reply for Toby. She even bought him a new car with her own money.

This sweet gesture turned out to be just what Toby needed to get over his fear of the police!