8 yellow dog breeds and yellow dog names


Yellow fur – also known as deer fur – isn’t uncommon for dogs, but it’s rare enough for a golden dog to stand out in a regular dog park. Their blonde hair is the result of recessive genes similar to those that cause freckles and fair skin in humans. Two types of melanin – eumelanin and pheomelanin – determine the color of a dog’s coat, with yellow fur appearing when only pheomelanin is produced. Since this is a recessive trait, both parents should be yellow. Some breeds have been completely taken over by this recessive gene and only produce yellow dogs, while the appearance of yellow dogs is less common in some breeds. There are over a dozen yellow dog breeds in the world, but we are here to focus on eight yellow dog breeds and even provide you with suggested yellow dog names for your new dogs.

No. 8. The Golden Retriever is a working dog that balances the family

Not all golden retrievers have a fawn color, but each breed has a range of fur from white to a more polished golden red. They are equally distinguishable by the severity of the two-layer coat. In the wild, it serves as insulation and allows them to swim more dexterously without freezing. Golden Retrievers are known for their warm personality and affectionate attitude towards children. These dogs were originally bred for hunting and tracking, which means they need a decent amount of activity to stay happy and healthy.

The Golden Retriever is the perfect family dog ​​and you can read more about its benefits here.

Yellow Dog Suggested Name: Sunshine

Bringing a pet into your home can suddenly make things feel more alive. If you want to understand the impact your friendly boy or girl has on the world around them, there is no better name than Sunshine.

No. 7. French Bulldog – Reanimated Cartoon Puppy

With its bulging eyes and short snout, the French Bulldog is one of the most unusual dog breeds you’ll find anywhere. However, while these unique faces have made them a popular choice for companions, they can also lead to serious respiratory problems. Fortunately, the breeders are aware of the problem and are trying to bring back healthier traits to the French population. Even without those short snouts, French Bulldogs are unrivaled lapdogs. They are not only affectionate and good-natured with children, but can also adapt well to life in small spaces, such as apartments.

French Bulldogs are a playful and lovable breed and you can learn more about their unique qualities here.

Suggested Yellow Dog Name: Butterball

Frenchies tend to have stocky little bodies, making them the perfect choice for yellow dogs with names like Butterball. It is a playful choice that reflects both the appearance and personality of this small dog breed.

No. 6. Labrador Retriever – Suitable for almost any role

Although it is rumored that yellow Labradors are the laziest of the breed, this concept has no scientific basis. The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular breeds in the world, and this is largely due to the fact that they are such a diligent and versatile working dog. This is one of the reasons why laboratories are so popular for guide dogs, but they are also regularly used for hunting and dexterity training. These dogs combine incredible ingenuity and a drive for approval, allowing them to adapt to almost any pet or service animal role.

Labrador Retrievers are regularly among America’s most beloved dog breeds, and you can find out why.

Yellow Dog Suggested Name: Taxi

Labradors are active dogs and you may find that they pull you to their destination on walks if you don’t train them properly. But any yellow dog can comfortably be named “Taxi”.

No. 5. Goldendoodle – Ease for Eyes and Nose

Golden Retrievers are friendly and lovable dogs, but they are also notorious for their heavy tenching. If you like the nature of gold but can’t deal with your allergies, Goldendoodle has a solution. This “designer” breed is the result of crossing a golden retriever with a poodle – and while that means you can’t be completely sure which personality traits it will get from each species, you can rest assured that the goldendoodle will be hypoallergenic. Despite their name, Goldendoodles can range in color from cream to black and come in one of three different types of fur.

The Goldendoodle is not an officially recognized AKC breed, but you can find out why it still deserves your attention here.

Yellow Dog Suggested Name: Toffee

Goldendoodle sounds like the name of a cookie, so why not double down on the sweets theme and choose a name that matches both coat color and breed. This sweet name suits any sweet yellow dog in your life.

No. 4. Corgis are small dogs with big brains

The short and stocky Welsh Corgi come in a variety of colors and patterns, but yellow is one of the most common basic patterns for this small dog with a lot of personality. Despite their size, corgi were bred as herding dogs. This means that they are both very active and very intelligent. This intelligence often manifests itself in a mischievous streak, and new Corgi owners will be happy and disappointed with their new puppy’s antics. Raising corgi is never boring, but you have to be careful to train them well or they will end up making the rules at home on their own terms.

The Welsh Corgis are much more than meets the surface, and you can discover these hidden depths here.

Yellow Dog Suggested Name: Mustard

Corgis often look like little footed hot dogs, so yellows can be given a name like Mustard. This is the flamboyant and playful name for one of the yellow dog breeds that really adopts this tone.

No. 3. Jindo are loyal companions for those who deserve their trust

Jindo is the national dog breed of Korea, and this hunting dog’s regal demeanor and serious expression reflects a serious mind and some of the sharpest minds of any breed. Like corgi, jindo are very intelligent dogs that can get a lot of trouble if not properly trained. Fortunately, this is a process that pays off for those willing to put in the effort. Jindo is not easy to trust, but they are extremely loyal to the people they accept into their family. They are also known for their quiet and fastidious nature, which makes them a much more low-key counterpart to the restless corgi.

Suggested Yellow Dog Name: Hwang

Variations of the name Hwang are found in abundance all over the world, but the word actually means the word “yellow” in its original Korean language. This makes it one of the most suitable names for yellow dogs.

No. 2. Chow Chow – a little dog with a piece of cat

With its sandy coat and wild mane, it’s not hard to mistake the Chow for the strangest and smallest lion on the planet. But, oddly enough, they also have a feline personality. The typical Chow Chow has an independent character, loves solitude and is distinguished by impeccable cleanliness. Chow Chow training can take a lot of discipline, and you can count on spending a lot of energy to make sure they get the right amount of exercise. They are one of the most difficult yellow dog breeds to care for, but they offer a unique contrast to the more common yellow dog breeds such as the Golden Retriever and Labrador.

This fussy Chow Chow has a lot to offer and you can learn more about the specifics here.

Yellow Dog Suggested Name: Dandelion

Whether you just want to nod to a cuddly flower or play on the lion’s features of the Chow Chow, Dandelion is the type of name that can bring a smile to any face.

# 1. Carolina Dog – Wild Dog with a Big Heart

It would be an oversight not to include Caroline’s dogs on this list, given the fact that they are also colloquially known as “yellow dogs”. Found in the American Southeast, Carolina dogs resemble dingoes and can often be found in packs of wild animals. However, don’t let this scare you away from the breed. Caroline’s dog is likely to be shy when first meeting you, but their temperament is worth finding out about. They are incredibly intelligent and active dogs that make excellent hunting companions and a good choice for regular outdoor activities. But after acclimatization, Carolina’s dog usually does not require much care.

Learn more about Caroline the dog, also known as Dixie Dingo, here.

Suggested Yellow Dog Name: Mellow

Not only does it rhyme with yellow, but it is a good choice for a dog breed that has relatively little drama. Caroline’s deer dog could comfortably grow into that name, but the same is true for many of the yellow dog breeds on this list.

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