This Cop Died 7 Months After A Suspect Spat In Her Face, Then Police Revealed The Startling Cause

This cop died seven months after a suspect spat in her face. Then police revealed a startling cause. As a police officer, Irena Coltsova often dealt with unruly suspects, and so when one detained the spat in her face, she simply carried on as normal.

Tragically, though, the policewoman wasn’t to know how that moment would lead to her untimely death. Just seven months later, Coltsova lived in the capital city of Kyiv in Ukraine, where she worked as a police officer. It was, Moreover, a demanding job that often required Coltsova to detain suspects on the city’s streets.

One such incident occurred on New Year’s Day 2016, called Silver and her partner, Officer Michael Kindrakovic, had been patrolling the streets when something caught their attention. They believed that a man nearby was breaking the law, so the two cops made their way over to the suspect to arrest him.

When the officers arrived at the scene, however, the man refused to give up without a fight. In fact, a violent struggle between culture and the suspect soon ensued. As the moments passed. Culture continued in her attempts to restrain the man but has simply aggravated him.

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