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A Customer Leaves A Note For A Pregnant Waitress Minutes Later, She Is In Tears

The day started just like any other for this pregnant waitress. What she didn’t know was that something would happen at work, making her burst into tears and changing her life. Keep watching to learn about just what went down that day.

She struggled more than usual that day. She was already in her third trimester and had grown big. Her back was sore and her feet were heavy. She waddled to the table to collect the bill and dishes. However, by then, the police officer had already left.

She opened the folder containing the check and found a note the officer had left for her. She couldn’t stop herself. She went straight to her manager, struggling to contain her tears. She might have been eight months pregnant, but Courtney Cadigan didn’t stop working at the Lamppost Diner, and she did all the shifts she could manage. She was thinking about the future and wanted to have financial stability by the time the baby arrived.

Courtney was about to become a mother. She knew that saving all the money that she could was very important. Everyone knows how expensive kids are. Waiting on tables is a very hard job. What many people don’t realize is that waiters and waitresses have to be on their feet for several hours but still make really low salaries.

Also, a lot of customers don’t tip nearly enough, which doesn’t help the cause at all. The diner had its regular customers, including policemen who would have something to eat before their shift started. However, that day, there was an officer that came in that Courtney didn’t recognize. The officer left some money for the meal and had a note for Courtney. She’d never received a note like that before.

To say the least, she was quite surprised and wasn’t ready for it. She was due to give birth on April Fools and it was looming ever nearer. Courtney was certainly worried about making ends meet. To make things worse, she and her baby’s father ended their relationship badly. She would have to face motherhood alone.

Courtney was thinking about this when the officer came into the diner and sat down, bringing him a menu. She walked over to him and welcomed the cop. Police officers at the Vorhees Township Police Department were regulars at the diner. When Courtney saw one officer she didn’t recognize, she had the feeling that something was up. Courtney tried not to think too much about it and walked over to the police officer.

She took his order the same way she would with other customers. The encounter only became stranger from there, though. It’s been a while since Courtney last heard from her ex, which was rather worrying. The expectant mother wanted the father of the baby to be involved in the child’s life, in spite of the bad end of their relationship. Courtney’s ex didn’t really treat her with the respect which she deserved.

However, she pushed those thoughts aside and with a smile, pulled out her pad and got ready to take note of the officer’s order. Courtney felt slightly uncomfortable when the mystery officer walked into the diner. She was pretty sure it was the first time she’d seen him. Speaking to him, she looked at his face carefully and tried to place him. Maybe he wasn’t from these parts or he didn’t frequent this diner.

As for Courtney, she only hoped that her ex wasn’t involved or she wasn’t in trouble. However, her fears were not calmed by the officer’s stony face. Courtney did her best to try and exchange pleasantries. She tried to engage the officer in small talk. However, each time she did, he would shut her down.

She commented about the weather and his order, but he just nodded and smiled tightly. The officer wanted a green salad and drinking water. While she was relieved to be out of the really awkward situation, she knew that he was carefully watching her as she waddled over to the kitchen. After coming back from the kitchen, Courtney saw the diner had filled up. There was a couple seated behind the officer.

She approached them right away and introduced herself. The couple immediately noticed her huge baby bump and tired eyes, but she shrugged off their concern. Courtney explained the situation and she recalled, “I was telling the people at the table behind him that it was my first baby.”

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