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A Flight Attendant Notices Woman Giving Birth On The Plane And Decides To Take Immediate Action

A flight attendant notices woman giving birth on the plane and decides to take immediate action. A mom has given birth to a baby boy on a flight from London to India after going into labor two months early. Maria Phillip was on a flight to Coachi, South India when she felt her waters break.

The mum to be was just seven months pregnant and so was caught completely by surprise when she started experiencing abdominal pains shortly after takeoff on October 5. When the Air India crew realized what was going on, they found two doctors and four nurses who were traveling on board to help.

Thankfully, with their assistance, a baby boy arrived safely while the plane was still mid air. Across Bulgaria, cabin crew turned the Gallery where food items are stored on a plane into a temporary delivery room and gathered pillows and clothes to help the woman, according to on Monteramo News.

The plane then made an emergency landing at the nearest airport in Frankfurt, Germany, where mother and baby were met by medical staff and taken a hospital to get checked over. Air India has vowed to fly them both home to India when they’re well enough. The flight continued on its journey, landing in Kochi 6 hours behind schedule, Air India said.

Kudos to our crew and a special salute to our doctors and medical staff on board for making this easy for the mother. Our aircraft is well equipped with all necessary medical equipment and our crew are experienced to handle this kind of eventuality. Our officials are in constant touch with the family and all necessary support is being provided. Soon they’ll be flying home with us. May God bless the baby with a healthy and long life.

Later, as doctors recommended a medical examination of the mother and child, pilots of the Air India plane landed the aircraft at the nearest Frankfurt airport in Germany. Emergency medical services stationed at the airport took the mother and child to the nearest hospital. The plane, piloted by Shomasur, continued its onward journey, landing at the Coaching airport at 09:15, a.m. Wednesday, 6 hours behind the original schedule. There were a total of 210 passengers on board.

The pilots, crew, cabin and other passengers who assisted in the woman’s delivery were fed by the airport authorities and coaching this situation was creepy. After helping deliver a 29 year old baby on a flight 30 0ft over the Pacific Ocean, a doctor and three NICU nurses are being held as heroes online.

They had an emotional reunion and the photos are going viral. A Utah woman had the surprise of her life on a flight from Salt Lake City to Honolulu, where she suddenly went into labor and gave birth without even knowing she was pregnant. Lavinia Lavey Manga didn’t know she was even pregnant until she was on a plane from Salt Lake City to Honolulu, Hawaii, and delivered her first child, a boy, midway through the flight on April 28.

I just didn’t know I was pregnant, Manga said in a video interview released from Hawaii Pacific Health to Fox television stations Monday. And this guy just came out of nowhere, overwhelmed in the best way, she tweeted on Saturday of the morning of her flight, she tweeted, hey, let’s get away.

Manga’s story went viral after one passenger, Julia Hansen, announced the news on TikTok, saying in a clip, a baby was just born on this plane. Footage then captures passengers on board the Delta flight applauding and congratulating the woman for her incredible midair feet. Later, a crew member can be heard over the plane’s intercom, asking passengers to remain seated to allow a passenger to seek medical assistance.

Hansen added, to those wondering how she was able to fly in her third trimester. I sat next to her dad on the plane and he said they didn’t even know she was pregnant. Lavinia Lava Manga boarded the plane from Salt Lake City to Honolulu in Hawaii last week, excited about her holiday. The woman, who was unaware that she was pregnant, gave birth on the plane and deported with her healthy baby boy, Raymond. A baby was just born on this plane, she says to the camera in a low voice.

The video then cuts to passengers clapping as a male voice over the intercom suggests a round of applause for the mother. Congratulations. But what really amazed people online were the chances of having so many health specialists on the flight, with many saying fate brought them together.

Hawaii Pacific Health, whose family medicine physician, Dr. Dale Glenn, helped the mother to give birth midflight, shared the joyous news online, and the post quickly went viral across social media platforms.

Newborn baby Raymond Manga has some new aunties and an uncle for life, according to mom, the health agency wrote online, sharing some pictures from the flight and their reunion. Later, about halfway through the flight, there was an emergency call and I’ve experienced this before and usually they’re pretty clear asking if there’s a doctor on board, Doctor Glenn recalled.

This call was not like this and it was fairly urgent. I let the flight attendant know that I’m a physician and she said we have a woman having a baby, so I hurried over to see what I could do, he was quoted in the statement. After hearing the emergency calls, the nurses, too, went to see what was going on.

I went to see what was going on and see her there holding a baby in her hands and it’s little an ICU nurse, Banfield said. Banfield and the other neonatal nurses cared for Manga and her newborn child for 3 hours until the flight landed in Honolulu. They were then transported to Capulani Medical Center for Women and Children in Honolulu.

I don’t know how a patient gets so lucky as to have three neonatal intensive care nurses on board the same flight when she’s in emergency labor, but that was the situation we were in the doctor was quoted by ABC Seven.

Given that the baby was born prematurely and they didn’t have the necessary tools and devices to support the two patients thousands of feet in the air, the doctor recalled how difficult it was, described how challenging it was to care for both patients in such a small, confined space like an airplane, he said.

Great teamwork made things possible. They also had to improvise on tools, using shoelaces to tie and cut the umbilical cord and an Apple watch to monitor the baby’s heart rate. Recalling it was a very tense moment for all. They were glad when the flight landed and the baby and the mother were safely transported to local hospital. They were all glad that the duo were doing fine, and a couple of days later, Dr.

Glenn and the nurses had another chance to meet Baby Raymond. It’s been kind of crazy since that happened, Nurse Hole told Kho n. Two. And as soon as she started tearing up, we did and she called us family and the baby’s aunties and it was just really sweet, she added. I just didn’t know I was pregnant.

This guy came out of nowhere, said the new mother from Utah. And while the mother has been discharged, the baby is still in NICU needing further care. Everybody is so nice and you know, the Aloha spirit is definitely felt here. Manga added. Many of these women have irregular bleeding during their pregnancy, and they sort of mistake that for irregular periods, he said.

So they assume that they can’t be pregnant because they’re having intermittent bleeding. According to New Medical Life Science, one in every 475 women experience cryptic pregnancy undiscovered until the 20th week of pregnancy. Having been pregnant, most of the symptoms can also look like something else, especially if you have fibromyalgia,

which basically feels like many of the bad parts of being pregnant all the time, or have been repeatedly told throughout your life that there’s no chance you could ever get pregnant because of a condition that often brings infertility even the baby kicking. Assuming your particular baby is very energetic. Not all are feels honestly the same as some bouts of really weird gas I’ve had.

It could easily be mistaken for feeling the bubbles of digestive stuff moving around in your intestines. It’s quite reasonable if you’re someone whose periods are already irregular and strange and who often has a lot of somewhat random bodily pains to end up pregnant and not know it, especially if you’ve taken a pee on the stick test and it came up negative, as happened to a friend of mine repeatedly because her hormones are really out of whack.

The condition causing that is why doctors told her her whole life that she had no chance of becoming pregnant. She ended up in the hospital in labor with her miracle baby, having no idea what was going on. They gave her a pregnancy blood test in the Er, which came up negative.

So then they gave her an ultrasound and it became clear what was happening. She’s not stupid. She works in a technical field and has doctors in the family. But if the usual wait, am I pregnant? Test come up negative, you write it off and attribute the symptoms to something else.