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After birth this baby whispered words the doctor was shocked when he understood them

After birth, this baby whispered words, the doctor was shocked when he understood them. Margaret just gave birth to a beautiful girl. Everything went really smooth Max. The father was really glad that they had a healthy girl. Together, the doctors asked them to take their girl just for a quick check.

They both agreed when the doctor grabbed the baby and held her. He instantly turned pale. The doctor panicked for quite a while, due to his behavior Margaret only got more stressed. She wanted to get out of bed to get more information, but the nurses stopped her from doing so, but Margaret was determined to get some answers. So after waiting for a half an hour, the doctor stepped into the room, his whole face had gone red and he could barely look Margaret or her husband, Timothy in the eye.

They’Ve never seen him like this before, what’s going on when he finally starts to talk. All he can do is stutter. I I I’m so so so sorry Margaret’s eyes go wide and fill up with tears when her doctor speaks those Dreadful words. I’Ve made a big mistake, but what mistake had the doctor made and what did the baby whisper after three years of trying to get pregnant Margaret and her husband, Timothy were prepared to hear the doctor say I’m sorry, one more time they had already started to think That they were not having any children of their own, so when they found out, she was pregnant. It was like a dream come true for both of them.

Both Timothy and Margaret, had undergone all kinds of tests to see if science could tell them what was wrong. After so many attempts, the only plausible explanation suggested that there was something wrong with them. Luckily, this was not the case. The doctor was waiting for them to deliver some good news on the next checkup, the doctor, greeted the couple and said Margaret you’re not having a child you’re having twins she and Timothy just couldn’t believe it. They had never given up hope, of course, but they were prepared to receive the same bad news.

Tim tell me. This is not a dream said Margaret, squeezing your husband’s hand, it just seemed too good to be true, and it probably was getting pregnant was not the only difficulty. The couple would face one month before giving birth to her twins. Margaret was watching TV when, suddenly she started to experience painful stomach cramps, at least that was how she could best describe it, since she had no actual idea. What was wrong with her nervous that something might be wrong with her babies.

She called Timothy and told him she was feeling the worst abdominal pain she’s ever had he rushed to their home to pick her up, they had decided to pay the doctor. An extra visit, so Margaret could describe her symptoms, hoping that he knew what was going on. They just prayed, it was nothing serious as they approached the hospital. They realized the long cue to enter the parking lot Timothy decided to leave Margaret by the entrance while he managed to find a spot. He was just in time to catch his wife on her way to the doctors.

It was a bad time. The small hospital was swamped and their doctor had to see Margaret at his lunch break. Due to his busy schedule. The doctor was a bit agitated and in a rush, Margaret described all her symptoms and worries. While he was listening to the abdomen with a stethoscope after pressing some parts of her abdomen with his fingers, the doctor concluded that there was nothing to worry about.

He was quite certain that the stomach cramps may have been caused by food poisoning or stress. Of course, he was her doctor and she wanted to trust him, but it felt as if he was more concerned about his lunch than her almost unbearable abdominal cramps. How could he have possibly made a good assessment of her situation in just a few minutes? Could he have actually known if there was something wrong with the babies just by pressing the abdomen and listening through his stethoscope? Knowing there was not much they could do, they decided to go home and Trust.

The doctor Timothy went to get the car while Margaret waited for him just a few steps away from the door she had entered before. He had parked the car on a nearby street. So he would be back soon during all this time. Timothy started to feel better about the doctor’s diagnosis. There was no reason at all to doubt the doctor’s words he knew the doctor was excellent.

As an obstetrician. He was particularly busy that day, because women from neighboring cities always come to see him on top of that. Timothy knew their doctor would never take the risk of making a wrong diagnosis just because he was too busy or in a hurry to have lunch. Margaret decided that she would not go to the hospital this time she would try to reach her doctor on the phone. She did not have to wait for that much.

When the doctor picked up and heard the same woman’s symptoms, he tried to calm her down. He insisted on stress being the cause of all her pains, but the day Margaret was expecting to give birth. The pains suddenly stopped back at home. The couple did what any other couple would search for information. They found plenty of websites they felt at ease as they read.

It was normal for the actual date of the birth to differ from the expected one. However, their worries started to increase as they learned. It was definitely uncommon to go past the due date for multiple weeks with no signs of going into labor. By this point, Margaret and Timothy were on the phone with the doctor Daley and while he had tried to comfort them for the first two weeks, he was seemingly starting to worry about himself. Of course, he knew gestation May extend a couple days beyond the expected date of delivery, but Margaret had gone past her due date.

More than three weeks did he miss anything when Margaret reported those stomach pains had he followed the standard procedure auscultation and palpitation, and found nothing strange, but the woman’s prolonged pregnancy was Raising serious doubts as to his diagnosis, he had actually missed something. What were the consequences of his possible mistake? However? There was something he could do. The doctor was then, a bit more worried with no hesitation.

He contacted Margaret to check on her the pain hadn’t returned, so that was a good sign. What was not a good sign was the fact that she hadn’t gone into labor, so the doctor gave her some tips on how to induce labor naturally, but when nothing worked she remembered there was something she hadn’t tried. Yet one of the natural ways to induce labor the doctor mentioned was to make love, but with all the worries Margaret was having making love was the last thing she wanted to do. Timothy was very supportive and wanted the best for his wife and their twins. They had tried everything but having sex, but when Timothy finally convinced her, it would turn out to make all the difference right after their moment, Margaret felt, all her worries were soothed the way.

However, the Tranquility would not last longer as a shooting pain began right in her stomach. Apparently it had worked. She was going into labor when Timothy realized what was going on. He immediately put on some clothes and helped Margaret to get in the car once in the car they kissed and left for the hospital on their way to the hospital Timothy called the doctor and told him Margaret had gone into labor a few minutes before when they Arrived, the labor and delivery rooms were waiting for her. Luckily, he had called in advance as it would turn out.

They barely had a second to spare from there on things seemed to happen really fast. After being in the room. Less than 10 minutes one of the babies started crowning. They had to do this now and a doctor was called to come and help Timothy and Margaret had not been in the hospital room for more than 10 minutes when it happened. It was kind of a crowing that filled the room coming from one of the babies.

The couple looked each other in the eyes. They both knew this had to happen now. Luckily, one of the nurses seemed determined and a doctor was called upon to come and help the same doctor. The doctor came with a fast stride from around the corner, surprising Timothy. By First Sight.

The two of them realized in that moment that they had been in contact before the moment when this doctor had so rudely brushed Margaret’s concerns aside a few months ago. Was this a coincidence? How was this doctor still allowed to help them in this critical phase? Doubts about the doctor, even though Timothy had noticed this in an instant Margaret herself, was in too much pain to even look and greet the doctor. Let alone recognize the man.

Timothy noticed this. On the one hand, he had half a mind to try to refuse this doctor’s help, yet he knew that there was little time left and actions needed to be taken with speed. There was probably nobody else that was capable of helping in time. Timothy’S Focus shifted Timothy, naturally kept a close eye on the doctor. In the steps that followed when everything was set up quickly and professionally, the doctors seemed to be fully engaged in the process.

This calmed Timothy down significantly. His Focus returned to his wife. That was currently in labor. She now needed all the support she could get from him. Timothy holds the baby.

Things went a little smoother from here within half an hour after the doctor had arrived. The first baby was already born Timothy held the newborn. He could barely believe that he was looking at his own child. They quickly cut the umbilical cord and after he gave the baby to the nurse standing next to him. However, the work here was not done yet a less smooth process.

Of course, there was the second one that was entering the world now, as is often with twins. The second one is the one that comes out with more trouble, at least for another two hours Margaret had to push eventually after this time they started to make some progress Again, Margaret felt like she gave it all the energy she had left in her body. Energy kept Margaret going Margaret really was exhausted at this point, but she kept her energy running with the thought that she did not want to have a C-section. This kept her going through the end and finally, the second baby started crowning. A feeling of relief came over her the fact that this child came to the world headfirst as well made for a bit of relaxation in the hospital room.

There was the second child that the couple had put on this Earth At Last. They were born and Margaret had accomplished the mission she could now. Finally, surrender to her exhaustion. They held the second baby for a brief moment before it was quickly taken by the nurse as well to do a couple of standard tests. Now it was Timothy that had an additional request.

The reason for Timothy having another request was the fact that they had been through an abnormal amount of trouble during the pregnancy. Timothy asked the nurses to go with them during the test to make sure that everything was all right with both of the babies. It was not standard procedure and one of the nurses explained that a permission for this was needed from the head doctor. This was a problem for Timothy explaining the issue. Timothy’S issue with this was that he did not want the doctor to know about the special request, as he still did not fully trust him.

His fear was that the doctor might not take his worries seriously like he did last time. The doctor could brush the additional test to the side as an unnecessary cost, or something like that. Timothy told this to the nurses explaining the previous experience he had with this doctor, a discussion among nurses, Timothy’s request put the nurses in a difficult position. What was more important here following procedures or the health care itself, the nurses discussed it among themselves and eventually decided to do what Timothy asked his worries were, after all understandable, even though they could not imagine that the doctor would have the unprofessional reaction that Timothy predicted

Margaret’S relief, while the nurses went on to do their test, Timothy quickly returned to his wife to comfort her what a relief this must be for Margaret she had been through so much over the past nine and a half months, and now the most difficult part was. Finally, behind her, or so they thought for a moment, waiting for results, Margaret looked Timothy in the eyes exhausted as she was.

She made clear to her husband that all she wanted now was to hold her precious babies in her arms. Timothy knew that it could take some time before that was going to happen. He explained to her that he had requested extra tests in order to make sure that both the babies were in good. Health. Margaret was somewhat contended, Margaret’s mixed feelings, but Margaret could not fully be at ease.

She could really understand why her husband would demand this and rationally. She could acknowledge that this was indeed a clever move, yet also she really missed her newborn children that she had carried for so many months. Apart from this, it additionally made Margaret aware that still something could be wrong, waiting on the bed time, slowly passed minute by minute, until only after more than two hours, someone knocked on the door. The couple was waiting there together on the bed so tensely that neither of them had moved during the waiting period, not even for a bathroom break Timothy confirmed that they were still there and that the nurse could come in an unexpected sight. The Restless, husband and wife.

Surely expected a couple of nurses to walk in bringing the babies with them and handing them over instead, when the room finally opened, this turned out to be a false prediction: in fact, Timothy and Margaret were confronted by a site. They did not expect at all a doctor’s uniform. It was not exactly a nurse that got in, but a man in a doctor’s uniform the doctor that appeared that had helped Margaret before with the delivery, as well as before the doctor that they had knew very well. But also the doctor that they did not fully trust. He was here now with an unrested expression, Timothy and Margaret knew instantly that something was wrong, a doctor without confidence he could barely look the couple in the eyes.

The doctor seems Stern and confident enough. In the times that they had interacted before, but now it was like he was another person. He walked slowly acted, hesitant and held his hands together in front of his chest shoulders forward. The two in bed had never seen this behavior from him before a moment of powerlessness, but before Timothy or Margaret could say anything or ask what was going on the doctor started, stuttering, saying I’m so so sorry, no more than these words were needed to make the Husband and wife feel their whole world collapsing. The doctor took a long pause before he continued again.

Timothy was partly right. Timothy immediately felt as if something was terribly wrong with the babies. How could it be? The extra test were just requested to be extra sure. It turned out that Timothy was only partly right.

The checkup resulted in the conclusion that the twins had caught a bacteria during Margaret’s pregnancy. The doctor announced this with a terribly serious tone, a close call if Timothy would not have had this voice in his head, telling him that an extra checkup was necessary. They could have been out of this room by now. If they would have been let go, the situation would have been very problematic. Fortunately, as the nurses had discovered it now, the bacteria could be rather easily treated and the babies should not experience damage for the rest of their lives.

Terrible mistakes were made, they came to the conclusion that most likely, the bacteria was caught in relation to Margaret’s stomach cramps. The doctor was very aware of the fact that he had to a great extent ignored these complaints all these months ago. He truly felt terrible about this. Making such a mistake was unforgivable, so he thought asking forgiveness. The doctor’s attitude from before was very close to causing disastrous consequences only because Timothy had had a feeling of distrust towards him.

It was avoided. The doctor stood there now, shamefully and with tears in his eyes, asking whether the couple would ever be able to forgive him for his deeds weight off their shoulders. One might expect that Timothy and Margaret would have a problem for giving the doctor. Instead, they were just over the moon that their baby twins were healthy and unharmed, as they had waited in extreme tension for so long now. Finally, the weight of the world fell off their shoulders.

A weight also fell off the doctor’s shoulders, as he promised himself that his attitude would very much change from now on walking out of the hospital. The moment finally came that Timothy and Margaret walked out of the hospital’s front doors the following week. They were tired, but most of all happy in the weeks that came after it turned out that no further health issues followed from the bacteria, the family was very much looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together. This story is a work of fiction created for entertainment, characters and events are the products of the author’s imagination. The images shown are used for illustration.


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