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At first they laughed at him but when he turned at them they started begging him

At first they laughed at him, but when he turned at them, they started begging him. Well, most people I know don’t humiliate the poor. Depends on what kind of friends you keep. Maybe some people humiliate the poor or humiliate to anybody about any situation is to make themselves feel far superior and better about themselves. And the only reason they put others down is because they’re very insecure about themselves.

So they need to put others down to build themselves up. It’s a form of social bullying. Money and wealth are funny things. If a person craves it too strongly and is obsessed with getting it, that mindset pushes money and wealth away. It’s sort of like a horny, desperate guy going into a bar and hitting on girls desperately.

He turns them off and goes home alone. Another guy sits at the bar, cool, relaxed, smiling, drinking, enjoying the sights. He ends up talking to a girl, joking with her, being interested in her, not obsessed with getting laid. He’s just a guy who scores. The desperate guy drives away what he’s obsessed about.

Similarly, if a poor guy is resentful of rich people, envious and even hateful, he’s giving off vibes to the universe that he doesn’t think he can acquire wealth, that people with money are evil or crooks, that life is a zero sum game. So wealth can only be obtained by ripping others off. He gives off vibes that push away wealth. He needs to have a different mindset altogether. Firstly, he has to believe that he can acquire wealth, maybe slowly saving and investing.

But getting there, that’s the first requirement. How can you get rich if you don’t think you can, you won’t even try. Or if you do it, it will be half hearted. Then he has to see rich people and try to emulate them. Copy traits, model after things they did to get rich.

To do that, he can’t hate them or be envious of them. He has to admire them. Let’s face it, every rich person has gone through a lot of challenges. Obstacles, stress, setbacks, losses, hardship to get where they are and keep their wealth. Even inheritors went through challenges from parents, siblings, advisors who tried to manipulate them, gold diggers who befriended them or even married them for money, always being compared to a successful parent and treated with contempt.

Inheritors, like self made rich, have gone through a lot to be who they are. No cakewalk, no free lunch. The car dealership was having an unusually slow morning that day. However, the salesroom employees have long gotten used to this phenomenon and were not concerned about it in the least. The staff were supposed to identify visitors who could actually buy any of the display cars, as most people usually came to the dealership to look at the expensive cars, having neither the intention nor the means to buy one.

Experienced managers had a trained eye and they could easily recognize a potential buyer when they saw one. Therefore, when the dealership doors opened and a hunched over elderly man with a small canvas bag came and the sales managers immediately lost interest. This man definitely was not there to buy a car. He probably got confused, thinking it was a supermarket or something. However, they were surprised to see the old man’s strange behavior.

He went to the front desk and asked the receptionist to keep an eye on his bag, which he casually put on the floor. Then, shuffling his worn out shoes on the glossy floor of the dealership, the old man began to carefully examine the car as parked in the exhibition hall. He was dressed in a shabby cowboy shirt worn over a Plaid shirt, loose fitting pants, and an old hat with the sagging brim that made his look rather undermining. All this time the sales managers watched the strange visitor, not even trying to hide their malicious smiles. They were sure that the old man was poor, probably out of his mind, and only came in to admire the expensive cars.

The old man meticulously examined one car after another until finally he settled on the most expensive one. What is the engine capacity of this beauty? And it’s clearance and can I look at the interior? The old man asked in a quiet, horse voice. One of the most experienced managers, who was already sick of watching the old man came up to him and explained in a hotter voice that the price of the car had increased and that it was actually reserved for someone else.

However, why is it that there’s a price tag on the car? Doesn’t it mean that the car is for sale? The old man objected, feeling the snied look of the senior manager. Mr. I don’t know your name.

You see, another person has decided to buy this car. Moreover, the price of this car increased due to an increase in the cost of the imported parts. Anyway, I think you should try the used car rental service. I’m sure they’ll find you something more suitable for your age and financial condition. This phrase instantly triggered a burst of laughter among the dealership staff who were enjoying the show.

Only Richard, a young manager who had recently started the job, wasn’t laughing. He felt sorry for the old man, who looked like a poor lamb surrounded by a flock of evil hyenas. Unable to tolerate the senior manager’s contempt for the elderly person, Richard stepped closer and suggested quietly, Mr. Brown, can the man see the car? After all, he’s still our client, isn’t he?

The senior manager responded by quietly gritting his teeth, then looking at Richard with such hostility that Richard felt completely out of place and simply walked away. Meanwhile, the old man kept standing there quietly, patiently waiting for the manager to open the door so he could access the quality of the interior and the dashboard. However, Mr. Brown called security instead, who then escorted the strange buyer to the exit, waving his baton. I think you’d better leave the car.

It’s very expensive and you aren’t exactly young. You can accidentally damage something inside. The senior manager said goodbye, glad that he had gotten rid of the old man so easily. The unjust treatment brought tears to the old man’s eyes and he kept wiping them away, trying not to cry right in the salesroom. Only when he got outside did the man allow himself to cry and hunched over, he walked away.

At that same moment, the dealership administrator saw the bag left behind by the old man and, unwilling to pick it up, she used her foot to push it towards the exit. The other employees laughed when they saw it, appreciating a good joke. The fun was again interrupted by the young manager, Richard, who silently took the bag and went outside, feeling the mocking glances of his colleagues on his back. Fortunately, the elderly man didn’t get far. When Richard caught up to the old man, he touched his shoulder and handed over the bag.

Then, looking down at embarrassment, Richard apologized for the behavior of his colleagues, who mistook his unkept clothes for a sign that he was a homeless person. In response to this, the old man opened his bag and, smiling, showed its contents to the young manager. Inside the bag were many bundles of $100 bills strapped with elastic bands. Richard was intrigued and looked questionably at the old man, enjoying the effect. The old man coughed and, closing his bag, began his story.

As it turned out, his name was Robert Jack. The old man was an impressive amount of money. In his bag had been collecting bottles and cardboard, which he then brought to recycling centers. Mr. Jack Scrupulously saved up all the money he earned because he wanted to buy a car, which his wife, Katie, had been dreaming of for a while.

The fact was that his wife had been fighting cancer for several years and seemed to be losing the fight. In order to pay for her chemotherapy, they had to sell their home and moved into a trailer. Realizing that the treatment did not work, Mr. Jack decided to fulfill his wife’s cherished dream and buy her a car. Unfortunately, by the time the old man was able to save up enough money, the price of the car had increased.

Now he did not have enough to buy the car he wanted. When Richard found out how much money Mr. Jack was short of, he got to thinking. Richard knew that the car dealership could hardly afford such a discount. After escorting the old man home, Richard went back to work.

He was tormented by the thought of the old man and his wife’s dream. Thus, later that evening, he found himself at Mr. Jack’s door holding a bundle in his hands. Here is the entire amount you’re short of buy your wife that car, said the manager and handing the old man a bundle of bills wrapped in cellophane. He went away before he could see the old man tear up.

The next day, Mr. Jack came back to the dealership. The employees of the sales room were dumbfounded when they saw the old man. They could not understand how he had changed so drastically in such a short time. The fact was that Mr.

Jack was wearing a business suit, A snow white shirt and Paula’s shoes. He was carrying the same frayed canvas bag. To make sure that neither the security nor the managers would ask him to leave, the old man opened the bag and showed its contents to everyone. Seeing the piles of money, the employees immediately started fussing around Mr. Jack, Whom they believed to be homeless just a day before.

After examining the car from every possible angle and learning its characteristics, the old man bought it. At that same moment, every person in the room was envious of the old man for having the money for such an expensive purchase. And only Jack was not jealous of him, knowing that his car really cost Mr. Jack. Thus, the old man went home in his own car.