Baby born under water when mom took him out she was shocked

Baby born underwater when Mom took him out. She was shocked When You’re Expecting a new baby and told your baby’s due date, it’s normal for a woman to get excited and fixated on that specific date, even though only three to five percent of people deliver on their actual due date. There’S something about that date that stays in your mind as the Finish Line. You look forward to it count down the days and weeks and think you’ll finally be able to hold your baby in your arms on that day with my second pregnancy. My due date was Monday February 22nd.

2021, even though I told myself that I probably would go past that date, I went seven days past my due date with my firstborn. I still couldn’t help but get excited for February 22nd, but that excitement turned to disappointment when my due date came and went, and I still didn’t have my baby girl in my arms. My first birth experience was beautiful. I wanted to replicate it, but if possible, make it even better, and I did it was a fast and amazing birth and it was everything that I wanted. I feel so blessed and fortunate.

Once I hit 40 weeks, there were things that I did to encourage my baby girl to come out and help my body to have the best chance at a fast labor. Here’S. What I did – and here is our home birth story with our baby girl Lily Bell. Many people have been asking what I did exactly to have the quick birth that I had at 32 weeks pregnant. I began drinking three cups of raspberry leaf tea daily.

I also took gentle birth without blue cohosh, starting at 35 weeks three times a day and easy birth homeopathic supplement that my Midwife gave me two to three times per day. I worked out three times a week, all throughout my pregnancy. At 39 weeks I ramped up my walking. I also started sitting on my birthing ball more frequently and did squats every day to get my baby lower. In my pelvis, once I reached 40 weeks, I was determined to have her that week.

I did not want to reach 41 weeks again, as I did with my son, so I went on even longer. Walks did more squats used clary’s Sage, essential oil on my feet and at acupressure points that can stimulate contractions the day after my due date. I thought that maybe I should do exactly what I did during my first pregnancy, the day before giving birth to my son. On that day I went on a five mile walk with a close friend and a Chipotle bowl with two scoops of their hot sauce for dinner. I went to bed that night and at 2 45 a.

. I felt my first contraction and my son was born at 12 50 PM that day, since our baby girl still wasn’t here, I felt like I needed to try the same thing with this pregnancy to encourage her to come out. Maybe it’s superstitious, but I didn’t care. I was willing to do whatever it took to get labor started naturally and have our home birth. So on February 24th I went on a long walk with my son around their local park.

I used Clary Sage essential oil. On my feet. I sat and bounced on the birthing ball, did extra squats and did a little bit of nipple stimulation, which can be very effective. I was also intimate with my husband, something had to happen after all that I even went to Chipotle for dinner and ordered the same thing I ate the night before giving birth to my son with two scoops of their red hot sauce. I crossed my fingers that night, hoping that I would wake up in the middle of the night with contractions.

When I went to bed that night I was exhausted and in tears I was so ready to meet our baby girl and I felt like I had hit a wall and was completely over being pregnant. It didn’t help that everyone around me who was pregnant was having their babies early. I couldn’t help, but let my pregnancy hormones take over and cry in bed. My husband embraced me and calmly talked me through it. He said you’re doing great babe.

I can imagine how done you feel being pregnant and how ready you are to meet our baby, but she’ll be here soon. We don’t have much longer. I calmed down and felt a little better, letting out a good cry and having his support. I slowly drifted off to sleep, but I soon woke up to use the restroom as all pregnant women. Do I probably got up four times that night and stumbled to use the restroom in the dark that was way more than usual.

So I found that odd. At 2, am I couldn’t go back to sleep? My mind was racing. I was thinking what if Tonight is the Night? Maybe the Chipotle will work and I’ll go into labor soon, so from 2 Am to 5 30 a.m. I was wide awake. Finally, at 5 30 a.m.

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I fell back to sleep when I woke at seven. I was beyond bummed no contractions, no labor, no baby. I laid in bed looking at my phone feeling down that none of my efforts had worked and that I had another day of waiting that morning shortly after I awoke my husband came out of our master bathroom and said: hey honey. There are some blood droplets on our toilet. Are you okay?

I thought to myself huh, that’s interesting. That must have happened during one of my many bathroom trips last night I obviously am dilating, which is a good thing. I went to the bathroom to check it out and sure enough. I had bloody show a great sign that your cervix is facing and dilating, but I still had no contractions. I then walked over to our living room.

Did an Instagram story saying that I was still pregnant and laid down on the couch to spend time with her son. He was out of school because we had just experienced an Arctic freeze in Texas the week prior, some of the pipes had busted in his school and caused damage. His school was closed for the week due to the repairs being made. We were lying on the couch watching some TV and suddenly I began to feel crampy. They were very light cramps, but they were there.

I thought it was interesting, but I didn’t think anything of it. They continued and suddenly started coming in waves and a little stronger. Each time I began to time them with a contraction Timer app on my phone and already they were each 45 seconds long and five minutes apart at 8, 29, a M I texted my Midwife Nancy and told her that I had some bloody show and was having some contractions. I sent her a screenshot of the contraction Timer app to see that things were really happening. Nancy said that she was a little far away and to let her know when she should start heading over, since it would take some time for her to get to me.

I hung up the phone and tried to distract myself from the contractions. I thought that this could last for a while or potentially stop, but I was wrong. They were becoming stronger an hour later Nancy texted me to check in to see how I was doing. I told her that I could still breathe and talk through my contractions and will start timing them again to see their duration. I told her at 9 30 a.

that I was feeling confident that it would happen that day, which is hilarious to think now, because my daughter would make her debut soon after I sent her another screenshot of my contractions at 9 46 a.m. I told Nancy that they were getting more painful, so she should probably make arrangements to head my way soon. She texted back saying that she was already on her way and should be at my house shortly. Nancy arrived at our house at 10 10 a.

When we walked into my master bedroom, it felt, like my body, knew that it would let go and have a baby. I immediately had a big contraction Nancy asked if she could check my cervix at 10. 20 am, I said yes and I was seven centimeters dilated. I was elated because I knew that I was in transition and could get in the tub.

My husband drew the bath lit the candles, had the essential oils out and made sure that my birth playlist was playing. I walked over to the tub and, as I submerged myself, I felt so much better. I had two contractions in the tub and on the third one my water broke. It was definitely my water breaking because I felt a big release like a gush and the water around me became a little discolored two contractions. After that I felt my body spontaneously pushing my baby down and out.

I called out to my Midwife I’m pushing they helped me get into a better position in the tub to push my daughter out. I kept thinking how intense it all felt and hopeful that pushing wouldn’t take long with my son. I had pushed for three hours after helping me get into a better position. Nancy walked around and could feel my baby’s head coming out. My birthing team guided me with each push.

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After only three pushes Nancy told me, get your baby Nina. I reached down into the water and lifted my baby girl to my chest. It was 10 58 a.m. I thought to myself at that moment, as I lifted her out of the water, how much lighter and smaller she felt compared to her brother.

When I lifted Liam to my chest when he was born, I immediately thought how huge he was. I was so happy that I was done and that she was here. I did it. Our home birth was just as I had wanted and prepared for she’s. Finally, in my arms and she’s perfect, we stayed in the tub for a little while because I wanted to do delayed cord clamping, and I had my husband get our son so that he could meet his new little sister.

It was magical everyone there kept commenting. How fast it all happened when Lisa the other Midwife said that it was only 10 58 a M, I couldn’t believe that from the first cramp I felt at 8 AM to her being born. It was under three hours. It took me three hours just to push my son out, but less than that to go through both labor and pushing with my daughter. Second, babies really do come faster, even though it was a fast birth.

It was definitely hard and intense, but I wouldn’t choose our home birth any other way. It was everything I wanted. My birth music, my husband’s constant support, a fast labor, laboring and birthing in the tub, only three pushes and a healthy baby. I even got the Jimmy John’s sandwich that I’d been craving during my pregnancy as my post-birth meal, I may have been discouraged going past. My due date, but I would endure that again and again, to have the same birth experience, Lily Belle.

You are an angel and we are so blessed to call you. Ours. Welcome to the world little girl, another happy journey. I was 38 weeks and four days when I lost my mucus plug at work. I was leaving for the day and making my routine stop at the bathroom and immediately text, my husband heart racing and ridiculously excited for what was to come.

Although we still didn’t know when it was coming, I went to work the next day and did some shopping with my husband for last minute items for baby in the nursery we were out much later than planned and around 8 PM. I desperately needed to use the bathroom and all of a sudden felt liquid coming out and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I was absolutely horrified and told my husband, I was peeing my pants in his fancy truck. It wouldn’t stop, and eventually we got home and I got in the shower feeling pretty positive that my water just broke and contractions were starting, although they didn’t feel much stronger than the Braxton Hicks contractions I had been experiencing. We notified our Doula and midwife and I decided to try and get some sleep only to discover I was unable to sleep through them.

It felt good to move around. So I put my earbuds in with hype: no birthing playing, let my husband handle the phone notifying our birth team and eventually climbed into the birthing pool. Contractions picked up in intensity, frequency and duration, and my birth team arrived at around 4 30 a.m. I was now 38 weeks and five days pregnant.

I was handling the contractions just fine and things felt they were moving along very quickly and smoothly, but, alas, the birth fairy visited me and back labor came on so strong and it lasted for the next 13 hours. I had very little relief from the back pain in between contractions and someone, sometimes more than one person had to be with me at all times to apply pressure or heat on my back staying in one position for long periods of time made it worse.

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Yet I was always reluctant to move afraid a contraction would happen in between positions with the back pain, intensifying, with each contraction. My Midwife had my chiropractor come to the house to adjust me and she stayed for the remainder of my labor greatly assisting in relieving the pain in my back, although it was still a solid 10. I was afraid my Midwife would tell me we needed to go to the hospital.

I wanted a home birth, so bad, yet at the same time I kept thinking about the relief I knew had come with a transfer to the hospital and had reached a point where I wouldn’t have resisted if she offered it to me, I’m now so incredibly thankful For the birthing team, I carefully surrounded myself with, because my Doula and midwife did nothing but support and Empower me when I felt I was breaking down and losing my drive and determination.

Tara, never left my side and always anticipated what I needed. She was quick to act, strong, confident and remained peaceful, the entire time I’m sure I would have had a c-section had I labored at the hospital had that have happened. I would have been greatly disappointed in my birth story being at home. I was able to move constantly if I wanted and we tried every position. Everyone could think of.

I eventually transitioned to pushing vomited several times and was sensitive to temperatures. Pushing in the birthing pool was progressing even though my Midwife said she could feel the head. So she recommended we moved to my bed on my left side with my right leg: up: Tara, assisted by holding my leg through each contraction, allowing me to focus in the energy I needed to Simply work with each contraction to bring my baby down. My husband and Tara were on the bed with me and surrounding us were my mom, my best friend birth, photographer Midwife, her two birth assistants and my chiropractor all acted like cheerleaders with each push and based on their excitement. I knew progress was being made with my baby’s head.

Moving out more and more back. Labor was more intense than ever, and I eventually decided I couldn’t take another moment of it and decided to push with everything in me, with or without a contraction. Until this baby was out, my Midwife had been guiding me to avoid tearing, and I quit listening to her and simply beared down with everything I had repeatedly until the baby was out, resulting in a small tear. The feeling was absolutely incredible: not only did the pain in my back go away, but this feeling of seeing and holding the human that my body created was simply unexplainable. I was immediately able to hold him and love on him and it was several minutes before we even checked the gender and revealed his name.

I will never forget the entire day and although back labor was never what I envisioned for my birth, I hold each memory. Close to me as a reminder of what our bodies are capable of and what we can overcome when we have the support we need. My son is now my entire world and I already know I will do another home birth for our next baby. i’m just going to start praying now that the birth Fairy doesn’t gift me with back labor two births in a row. Water birth is simply, as the definition explains, a situation where the mother gives birth while partially immersed in water.

The benefit is due to avoiding the Absurd, Supine position with raised legs that is normally enforced in mainstream contemporary hospitals, and that is meant exclusively for the comfort of the doctor. While it enormously increases the discomfort and pain for the mother and the baby, even better than the water birth is the ancient natural method that takes full advantage of the natural gravity, pull and the natural anatomy of the human body. The mother remains squatting, supported by relatives and friends and holding on to some heavy and firm object, such as a large tree branch.

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