Baby Crawls Into His Mother’s Coffin And What He Did Next Left Everyone Crying

Misha and senya were both born in the same hospital in a russian town near their little village where they were raised together it was clear that they were inseparable from a young age through their mutual play and exploration of the world they gradually fell in love with each other and fostered their relationship in chastity they waited until they were of legal age and until they had completed their

Education since they were firm believers and christian principals they were similar to two halves of an apple with the only thing that distinguished them being their respective families sonja was raised by her grandma when her mother died while giving birth to her daughter and these were the facts she attempted to pass on to her adoring granddaughter who was her pride and joy

Misha on the other hand was raised by parents who were quite ambitious they were regarded celebrities in the hamlet where they lived because they owned the most land and hired the most people to work on it and because they had the nicest most beautiful homes complete with a parking lot for two automobiles their house was uninspiringly similar to the landscape of the impoverished modest and peaceful community

A second shirt from an expensive moscow store was worn by the father who was an equally busy man prowling around in his office throughout the day misha’s house was well stocked with cash but it lacked in the area of romantic attraction his parents insisted that the most essential thing for their son was to finish his studies in moscow and pursue a job in the same field as them while avoiding any unlucky relationships along

The way in addition as you might expect they dislike their neighbors and sonny’s grandmother who used to say that whenever she saw her granddaughter and misha in love together they fit together like a needle and thread it’s been years since then and it was time to choose a university the prophecy of misha’s parents predicted that he would be accepted into the most exclusive school in moscow and that sagna would have to live with

Her grandmother she was a great student but her grandmother didn’t see any reason for the girl to leave home to finish her education informing her that she could read textbooks at home if she’s so desired in between farm tasks i like to read the truth is that her grandma didn’t even have enough money to cover the expenditures of the trip to moscow let alone anything else misha pleaded with his parents for

Months to let him and senya be together and he insisted that she was the love of his life his parents also refused to pay for senior schooling despite the fact that she was the love of his life after telling their son that they would do anything to get him away from that girl they couldn’t get their smiles off their faces when telling him that they would do anything to get her away from her

Seniors said goodbye to the kid on the platform a few meters away from his parents who did not want to get any closer to them her heart was shaking as she said goodbye they made her feel like the biggest trash every time she came into contact with them just because she didn’t have beautiful nails branded glasses or the latest hairstyle the master kissed her on the lips as she

Finished her studies and promised her that as soon as he finished his studies he’d returned to her and they’d start a family after a number of years senia went to work on the farm and lost touch with her boyfriend’s parents who lived only a few blocks away she did however communicate with her chosen one on a daily basis and they talked for hours on end about their future together including where they would live and how many children they

Would have life on the other hand is not a fairy tale the boy’s parents made certain that he would not return to his original area for as long as possible because they expected contamination to occur after a certain number of days which they calculated that’s why they used even the most immoral measures to solve their problems on more than one occasion they bribed

Some of the most attractive females from the dormitory where misha lived in order to make him forget himself and lose his chastity in the company of these girls they were well aware that senya would never forgive him for what he had done and they were perplexed as to why faith and all of those laws were so important to these people unfortunately for them misha refused to accede to their requests and instead pushed them further apart

Eventually they came to the conclusion that he should remain in the capital in response to the job offer they put their money where their mouth was and their son received a job offer from one of the richest firms in the entire country right after graduation the boy on the other hand was reminded of his vow and returned to the village but he had no idea what awaited him at the other end he had to look for work with his

Father’s company the couple was overjoyed to be back together and became engaged shortly after his mother was distraught and acted as if her son was about to exit this world which was probably the case the wedding took place shortly after the engagement and the couple later announced that the fruit of their union will be brought into the world in the near future as well when the parents learned of the

Pregnancy they got even more enraged and despised the young lady even more than before they even began to bully their daughter-in-law because he was exhausted by the situation and hoped that his parents would leave his wife alone misha agreed to accept a job offer in the major city on the condition that they would return as soon as their parents passed away he was well aware that they were nasty

Con artists who were capable of doing terrible things he vowed that he would send money and that he would visit his children on a regular basis in the future sagna was heartbroken when she gave birth to a son and she did so while only clutching her grandmother’s hand as you can expect the husband’s parents took steps to ensure that their son did not even pay a single visit to his child they also went a step further than that

They moved into the home of their alleged daughter-in-law one evening under the pretense of spending time with their grandson but they were caught everyone was preoccupied with their games and no one seemed to see misha’s mother who was infusing far too many sleeping tablets into seniors tea it was tragic for her that the visit however pleasant and inspiring hope for a better future came to an end it turned out that the woman’s heart

Stopped beating misha was notified of the dreadful catastrophe by her heartbroken grandmother and he instantly abandoned everything and returned to the village nothing like that would have occurred if he had not abandoned her and submitted to the wishes of his parents the responsibility for making funeral preparations fell on his shoulders her casket was of the highest quality and his parents appeared to be genuinely

Grieving he had no idea that they would go to such lengths to isolate them from the rest of the group it would appear that the funeral of the love of a monk’s life would be a routine affair with little significance the inhabitants of the community came out in force to pay their respects to the lovely young lady sows and whispers could be heard and there was a palpable sense of melancholy

In the air after that something odd occurred during the process of lowering the coffin into the grave the young child broke free from his father’s arms and the fruit of their union hurled himself onto his mother’s coffin screaming mama mama he pounded the coffin with his tiny hollow nails till he drew blood from the surface michael noticed that something wasn’t

Quite right and rushed over to the child ordering the gravedigger to halt burying the casket when he opened it with his bare hands he saw his lover pale and cold looking at her for a moment and tears welled up in his eyes and he remembered her however he became aware of something weird and not knowing why he came to the conclusion that his beloved was breathing randomly across his body and

That he could hear a tiny whistle of breath coming from her were you there for a big tragedy over tremendous delight it’s difficult to provide a satisfactory solution to that question senya was taken to the hospital on the same day following a series of basic examinations it was concluded that she had died as a result of the circumstances surrounding her death

There are a vast number of sleeping drugs available it appears the doctors made a misunderstanding of the girl’s condition and pronounced her dead as a result they were successful in causing her to lose consciousness for several days but not long enough to cause her to die sagna had someone to live for and she was happy the police inquiry swiftly showed who had arranged for her to receive the

Pills as soon as misha learned what his parents had done he promptly severed all ties with them on top of that it’s difficult to witness someone who’s serving the most recent life sentence because it occurred to his parents and with that the story comes to a close i think we can all agree that that’s somewhat surprising.