Baby is born in bathtub then photographer captures a nightmare

Baby is born in bathtub, then photographer captures a nightmare. What many ignorant parents see it as a nightmare? This was like a dream. For us, this journey was very stressful. However, we do our best to save our baby.

There may not be a more badass mom move than taking picture of the first moments of your child as you push him into the world as a professional photographer. Megan matuzo knew plenty of birth photographers that could capture the arrival of her first son, but that’s not exactly what the 29 year old, first-time mom, had in mind. She wanted to take the pictures herself and she really just wanted one shot.

Her son’s first breath from her perspective, although she mostly focuses on weddings, matuzo owner of Megan, and photography had a full plan for snapping pigs at her son’s birth. When things got pretty close, they would get the lighting right and matuzo would prepare her Nikon D5.

For the big moment, then, her husband would hand her the camera right before the final push and she would rest it on her belly as she birthed her baby. Despite a few kinks in the plan, as most Birds Go, matuzo got just exactly the shot that she was hoping for of her first child Easton. Yes, I documented my own birth. She wrote on Facebook, along with pictures of the big moment since I got pregnant. I know I wanted just one photo of his first breath.

She went on to describe how the birth went in relation to the original plan. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to actually pull this off because of my epidural not fully working. My pain level at the end was over my limit. I grabbed my light, as we say in the business LOL between two contradictions and then Ryan handed me. The camera, the minute they said that the last push would be the one he came out crying but calmed so much down.

They made him cry again to make sure he was okay. He has proved to be a very calm baby, who is dealing with some breathing issues, but as a trooper we are so in love with our baby. Easton matuzo tells scary mommy more of the story. When I first found out, I was pregnant. I knew that this was something I wanted to capture for myself, matuzo told scary Mommy.

I have friends who are in the birth photography field, who said they would be happy to capture the moment for me, but I didn’t just want the moment captured. I wanted it from my perspective, my doctor and husband were both on board. I told the doctors as I started, to push to turn the room lights off and just keep this spotlights above the bed on to make for a better photo between two contradictions. I started sitting in my Nikon D5, then my husband held the camera for an hour and 15 minutes. Until the moment my doctor told me it would be the last push.

He then handed me my camera, as I curled my chin to my chest, to push. I balanced the bottom of the camera on my stomach looking through the viewfinder. The next moment was an amazing one, both for a first-time mom and as an artist. I then captured one of the best moments of my life. The first time I got to see my son, the first breath he took it was the best day of my life, and I now will always remember it.

Photographs keep moments from ever being lost. I’M glad I captured my son’s first moments. She told BuzzFeed that the moment almost didn’t happen at all because of the partially failed epidural that made labor extremely painful. My epidural wasn’t 100 effective. The left side of my stomach didn’t take and the labor was very intense.

She said at one point: I looked at my husband and said: I don’t know if I can do this. She also spoke about the first moment she saw her son through her viewfinder. The focus went away from the pain she told BuzzFeed, it’s your son, it’s your child. Seeing him, I can’t describe the feeling you go nine months, not knowing what they look like who they are and then to see. Finally, a healthy baby you’re just overwhelmed with happiness since she published the pictures they’ve gone viral.

I am very surprised by the overwhelming attention the media has had to the images she told scary Mommy. It’s been quite a ride. I’m excited to have this story for Easton. As he grows, it’s a nice to see a warm story of a birth and I’m so happy to see the great response from mothers and women. It’s been a very eventful few days since his birth, and I can’t wait to share this story of his birth with him when he is old enough, as you might guess, there are already tons of other great pictures of Easton and we’re guessing many many more to Come throughout his life, metuzzo added that she wanted to thank her nurses, her doctor and the hospital, all of which were completely supportive of her wish as to other expecting moms who might want to shoot their own labor and birth.

She wants to make sure everyone clears it with their health care providers First and that they are prepared to capture a moment. That only happens once make sure ahead of time that you’re familiar with your camera and know how rapidly changing the settings could be. She said know your camera, so you don’t look back and realize your photos are blurry. What incredible moment when I got pregnant with my fourth child, I knew that I wanted her to plan for a drug-free birth. Some background info.

I have a medical condition called gestational. Thrombocytopenia, where my blood platelets decrease during pregnancy, and if your platelets go too low, you can’t get an epidural with that possibility looming. I did want to get to the delivery room set on having an epidural only to be told it wasn’t a possibility. So I made a new plan: Hypno birth, a technique in which, through deep breathing visualization and prompts mothers, can overcome the pain of childbirth and relax. Instead, essentially, it’s a mind over matter deal.

I had also planned on using a traditional doctor for my labor. However, when mine told me that he wanted to schedule an induction before the new year in order for me to reap the deductible on my insurance, I knew he wasn’t on my side. So I changed practices in the middle of pregnancy and I opted to see a midwife who was fully supportive of my desire to birth. The way I wanted to who also included triangle for a water birth turns out. I definitely got the drug free birth that I wanted just not the way I expected the first signs of labor one night just before 1am my water broke.

Unexpectedly, I called my Midwife and she told me to take a bath relax and go to bed waiting. A bit was going to tell us if this labor thing was the real deal. As soon as I hung up the phone, the wave of the very first real contraction hit wow, I climbed into the bathtub, listen to Hypno birth affirmations and told my husband, you sleep. I don’t need you right now going into the birth. I knew that I wanted to wait home for as long as possible, based on my past three deliveries, which were really long.

The fastest was 18 hours. I prepared myself for a long haul, get the secret to banishing belly bulbs from wh readers. Who’Ve done it with take it all off, keep it all off. Labor progresses at 5. 30 a. I woke up my husband. I was fighting the contractions, which only made things worse and I needed him to help me relax. I was still convinced that we were going to have the baby tomorrow, but when we timed them, the contractions were a Brisk two minutes apart. That’S when we knew we’d have to start heading to the hospital.

We called a friend who planned to watch our kids and I told her she should shower and head on over, I called the Midwife one more time to tell her. We were leaving, though I could barely speak the birth at around 7 30 a.m. I could hardly make it downstairs on my own, because I was sure I was going to puke still. I was in so much denial about how far along I was in my labor.

Pulling over into the bathroom, I started taking my clothes off. Why no clue it was just an instinct. My husband was trying to Coram me into the car, but I really had to poop. Okay, that’s not what I had to do. My intents need to push was actually because my baby was ready to make her grand entrance just a little earlier than I thought.

Are you pushing my husband asked I yelled multiple, I can’t and then everything in my body said to push reaching down. There was my baby’s girl’s head, two more pushes and she was out. I have to say, though the labor hurt the delivery. Didn’t. It was more like a feeling of relief get some towels. I yelled at my husband. He replied almost comically. Where are they seriously? We lived here for 10 years after she was born. She wasn’t crying, but that didn’t worry me.

My baby was looking around and her skin was a bright, pink color. Obviously she was breathing. We thought eh, not an emergency, so we didn’t call 9-1-1 right away. We called our Midwife, she wasn’t phased at all, babies born on their own are usually okay. She told us but call 9-1-1. When the ambulance arrived. My baby girl and I got on the gurney and took a ride. She ever the champ nursed all the way there. The emergency personnel’s goal was to have me: wait to deliver the placenta at the hospital. It’s the same sensation as pushing a baby out.

If you really want to know our Midwife met us at the hospital and confessed that she didn’t think we’d make it to the hospital after she last heard from us. But let me tell you, I’m so glad that I wasn’t able to get in the car to go to the hospital having a baby in your bathroom is way better than in your car, and while an unexpected home birth like mine, can be a bit dangerous. Luckily, there were no problems, my baby girl and I were both totally healthy. What happened with this new mom was amazing: babe, I’m pregnant. Are you serious?

This was how I broke the news of my last pregnancy to my husband. Our youngest was only four months old and my husband was due to deploy in Iraq in October 2009. Neither of us was too happy at first, but we both grew to anticipate the arrival of our newest surprise, the shock wore off extremely fast. I was due to deliver day Glenn ducky, Michael on January 12. 2010.

I had a very uneventful pregnancy. We had just moved to a new area, so I had to find a new doctor that would allow me to try another VBAC. I had just delivered my third child in December 2008 by a VBAC I chose Midwifery practice that has hospital privileges. I wasn’t too keen on the midwife, but she was the only practitioner who allowed mothers to attempt VBACs throughout my pregnancy my blood pressure was normal. The heartbeat was normal and I even kept my weight gain in check.

I only gained 35 pounds, but I still had 15 pounds left for my previous pregnancy and I was a little overweight before all was well and I found out in September. I was having my fourth boy. One month later, I kissed my husband goodbye as he got on a bus to head to Iraq. I had had a very fast labor with my third son, my vbac, my water had broken at 4 AM and he was delivered at 9 43. A M I knew that this labor would be even faster.

I never in a million years would have thought it would be as fast as it was on Sunday, night January 3rd, at 38 weeks in five days my feet were killing me. My husband was still deployed, so I grabbed some lotion and started rubbing my own feet. I got up afterwards and put my one-year-old and five-year-old Sons to bed for the night. I went upstairs to watch some TV and fell asleep. I woke up around 2 30 a. To some contractions that hurt, but were not too terrible, I stayed up to time them, but they were sporadic and didn’t hurt. I then decided to talk to my husband online. Before heading back to bed. I went back to sleep around 3am.

I’m convinced that the foot rub is what caused my labor to begin. I had done the same thing. The night before my son Holden was born 13 months prior at 4 44 a.m. On Monday, January, 4th 2010, I woke up to a contraction that brought me to my knees. I woke up screaming my five-year-old was sleeping on my husband’s side of the bed and didn’t even flinch. I decided to take a bath to see if they went away. I had one more rough contraction while the water was filling up, but I made it through without a sound. I sat in the water and the minute I touched the water. I had an overwhelming urge to push.

So I did. I grabbed from my phone, which is next to the tub and dialed 9-1-1. I felt below to check for a head or bud and realized my child was entering this Earth still in his amniotic sac such a rare occurrence. After one more push, my beautiful seven pound. Six ounce boy was born on January.

4Th 2010 at 504 am after 10 minutes labor. My children slept through the entire ordeal. I called my neighbor, who came to grab the kids less than a minute later. The paramedics arrived in my bathroom one minute later. I called my awesome friend Michelle, who I met here on babyfit, to tell her that I had just delivered in my bathtub.

I swore three minutes later. Everyone and their cousin knew because I was a vbac which in and itself can be, but not always a little more dangerous. I went to the hospital to get checked out, even though I felt like I could have run a marathon. They had to take my son to the hospital due to meconium aspiration after a few hours of close monitoring all turned out. Well, I called my neighbor and had her shoot off an email to my husband to let him know I had the baby and to call me when he could about an hour after we got to the hospital the phone rang, and it was him he asked how We were doing, and this is how it went. It was awesome, giving birth in the bathtub. I thought they wouldn’t let you at the hospital. He sounded confused, no babe an hour bathtub. I was smiling from ear to ear. Are you serious?

My story has a happy ending when D Glenn was six days old. His daddy met him for the first time now because of my birth story, my younger sister, who lives with my mother and is 34 weeks pregnant, is forbidden from taking baths until after her birth. My mother is so afraid that she will give birth in her bathtub, my younger sister, nicknamed the baby ducky due to the circumstances of his birth. It couldn’t fit him better. First up giving birth is a painful as women say, end of because, unlike men, women experience, both labor pains and other types of pain.

So they are uniquely positioned to compare the two and describe their experience. But to answer your question more directly, because women’s bodies are strong as [ __, ], plus passing out or fainting from pain is a specific physiological response to extreme pain, shock injury. Usually women’s bodies are meant to give birth, so they don’t respond like that. To labor pains your body takes over to a certain extent. You have a lot of adrenaline.

You do feel like you might pass out from the pain at some points. If you have no pain relief, but miraculously you don’t also pain levels vary fainting during labor is extremely rare. If it wasn’t, then the human race would probably have died out. Human birth is already fairly high risk compared to other mammals. Lots of things can go wrong if women fainted during labor all the time.

That would not be very practical. The contractions come like waves to begin with. They are fairly mild and don’t last very long and with quite long gaps in between them when they happen they build up and tighten and then subside and in between you don’t hurt at all you’ve got time to think to catch your breath. Some people even read in the gaps for allegedly I couldn’t quite imagine doing that, but it’s not non-stop. It’S not constant and in between you can’t remember how it felt, but you don’t worry about that.

You just deal with them one at a time. They’re a lot like period pains because basically it’s much the same process just rather more so. But what you are really asking is: are women exaggerating when they talk about labor, pains being extremely painful?

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