Baby Keeps Waking Up With Scratches, And Mom Is Terrified When She Sees The Video Footage

Heather Bro was just one year into motherhood when strange things started happening in her living space. She kept hearing noises at night in her Michigan home and grew suspicious that something sinister was afoot. Soon, she also noticed that something was wrong with her baby. But when she began to investigate, what she discovered was more unsettling than she and her family could have imagined. And she too had some secrets to share.

Life couldn’t have looked any more promising for Heather Bro. She had been living with her fiancé Joshua and their one-year-old daughter Lily, with plenty of good things waiting for them on the horizon. They were in love, had a beautiful little girl, and lived in the peaceful, mostly uneventful town of Highland, Michigan.

It’s hard to imagine such a blissful state of living getting disrupted. Unfortunately for this young family, however, not only was their picture-perfect life about to change, it was about to become absolutely riddled with fear and uncertainty. Everything began taking a turn for the worse one morning when Heather noticed scratches on Lily’s tiny little face. Looking at scratches on a child’s face is enough to make any mother begin to feel concerned, but Heather soon had a few other things to worry about. In the late hours of the night, she began to hear strange noises around the house.

Whether it was the creaking of a door or a thumping on the floor, these nightly occurrences increased, and they always creeped her out a tad. However, it wasn’t until she saw Lily’s scratches that she began to wonder if there was a connection between these two things. And to make matters worse, more scratches on Lily’s face kept reappearing even after they had healed. Heather and Joshua hadn’t been living in this home for very long. They had moved in just slightly over a year before, so they were still relatively new to the place.

However, since it was actually the guest house for a property belonging to Joshua’s mom, they were trusting enough to call this new place their home. But with Lily’s frequent mysterious scratches, as well as those incessant eerie noises that Heather kept hearing at night, they began to wonder if something was seriously off about the place. Heather became determined to find out how Lily was getting those scratches, and a frightening discovery caught her dead in her tracks. Although Heather and Joshua had a strong relationship, she couldn’t help but wonder if he had anything to do with this. Was he the one making all this racket during the night?

Was it possible that he could even be responsible for Lily’s never-ending scratches? She approached Joshua with her suspicions, yet he was adamant that he had nothing to do with it. From her end, Heather knew that she was innocent as well. So then, how could it not be Joshua? She didn’t even want to think about the possibility of some unknown entity being inside their home, but she had to know the truth.

So she took things a step further. Heather decided to purchase an expensive Logitech Circle 2 baby monitor, a device built with impeccable night vision. With that, she hoped she would soon get to the bottom of exactly what was going on in the eerie halls of their guest house at night. And no one could argue with her. She wondered whether it could even be an animal crawling into the house at night.

That would explain the noises and Lily’s scratches as well. But Heather was unsure about that too, seeing as she was always very careful to close their windows and doors every night. So after setting up the baby camera in Lily’s room, Heather was confident she

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