Baby won’t stop screaming dad looks under her and calls the cops

Baby won’t stop screaming, dad, looks under her and calls the cops. Sadly, not every person is fit to be a parent most moms and dads would go to Great Lengths for the well-being of their children, but there are also those who put their little ones. Life in danger because they don’t care enough or simply because they lack common sense. My husband was freaking shocked and he called the cops as they even help us Landon would be five today if he was still alive. It’S a very hard birthday.

Five, it’s a milestone! Birthday most kiddos would be starting kindergarten at this age. I wanted to share for a long time about what happened to Landon, but I always feared what others would say and how I’d be judged, but I want people to know how much deeper the pain gets. I share his story in hopes that no other family ever experiences, the loss that we have Jared and I wanted what was best for Landon as every parent does for their child. We took all of the classes bought and read all of the books.

We were ready, or so we thought every class and book was geared towards breastfeeding and how it’s so important, if you want a healthy child, Landon was a board and a Baby Friendly Hospital. What this means is everything is geared towards breastfeeding unless you had a breast, augmentation or cancer, or some serious medical reason as to why you couldn’t breastfeed your baby would not be given formula unless a prescription was written by the pediatrician. Landon was born full term weighing 3360 grams or 7 pounds 7 ounces born by urgent cesarean, due to fetal intolerance to labor after the water had broken previous publication. Of this blog said he had an emergency C-section. He was delivered by low transverse incision over 12 to 14 minutes, which is considered an urgent, not a stat section.

Apgars were eight and nine and he was stabilized. He was transferred two and a half hours later to the mother baby unit and returned to his mother. He exclusively breastfed with excellent latch for 15 to 40 minutes every one to two hours. Landon was on my breast all of the time. The lactation Consultants would come in and see that he had such a great latch and he was doing fine, but there was no one who mentioned that I may have a problem producing milk.

The reason she gave was that I was diagnosed with PCOS polycystic ovarian syndrome, and it was just harder for women with hormone imbalances to produce milk. She recommended some herbs for me to take when I got out of the hospital, while in the hospital his mother’s risk factors for failed and delayed. Lactogenesis number two copious milk production were identified by the ibclc lactation consultant. They were borderline diabetes, PCOS issues with infertility, small widely spaced breasts, with minimal growth during pregnancy, being a first-time Mom, an emergency C-section. Despite that, she was encouraged to exclusively breastfeed.

She was closely monitored by a nurse lactation consultant and a physician support. Her baby’s latch was rated as excellent. Landon cried and cried all the time he cried. Unless he was on the breast and I began to nurse him continuously. The nurses would come in and swaddle him and warm blankets to get him to sleep, and when I asked them why he was always on my breast, I was told it was because he was cluster feeding.

I recalled learning all about that in the classes I had taken and being a first-time mom. I trusted my doctors and nurses to help me through this, even more so since I was pretty heavily medicated for my emergency C-section, and this was my first baby, but I was wrong. I’ve learned I’ve had to be my child’s number one advocate by the first 24 hours. He had nursed. A total of 9.

hours had zero, wet diapers and four dirty diapers by 27 hours he had lost 4.76 percent. His nursing sessions became longer and longer until he was on the breast continuously by the second day of life. On the second day, he produced three wet diapers and six dirty diapers and nursed for almost 14 hours, total by 53 hours of life. He had lost 9.

2 percent at this time. The scientific literature turn on wet and dirty. Diaper production has shown that the number of diapers produced have no correlation with adequacy of milk intake in the first four days of Life. The only study on paper counts has shown that even newborns who lose excessive weight can produce up to six wet and dirty diapers a day. In addition, at this time, the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative has produced no data on the safety of newborn fasting and weight loss caused by exclusive colostrum feeding and what degree of weight loss protects.

A child from brain-threatening complications like hype, bilirubinemia, hypernatremic, dehydration and hypoglycemia. So far, the scientific literature shows that babies who lose greater than seven percent of their birth weight are at the highest risk of developing excessive jaundice and hypernatremia to levels that can cause long-term developmental disability.

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It also has been found that 10 percent of healthy term exclusively breastfed babies undergoing the Baby-Friendly protocol experience hypoglycemia to the levels that are associated with 50 declines in the ability to pass the literacy and math proficiency tests at 10 years of age. Even if aggressively corrected, constant, unsatisfied, nursing and inconsolable crying are two of the signs of newborn starvation that lead to the brain, threatening complications. The child is receiving a fraction of their caloric requirement through early exclusive breastfeeding.

They can experience severe hunger and thirst, which is why they will cry inconsolably and breastfed continuously until it was the only source of calories and fluid they are offered. If a mother’s colostrum does not meet the child’s caloric requirement, they will breastfeed for hours a day in an attempt to relieve their hunger. A child who is cluster feeding may actually burn more calories breastfeeding than they receive in return, which can result in fasting conditions and accelerated weight loss. The constant nursing and crying often found in newborns by the second day of life have been called the second night syndrome and the breastfeeding industry. This is also when mothers receive the most pressure to avoid supplementation in order to increase rates of exclusive breastfeeding at discharge.

Babies who reach critically low levels of Reserve, Fuel and fluids before their mother’s milk comes in can be found lethargic with compromised, vital signs after hours of constant nursing and fussing, at which time they are often diagnosed with hypoglycemia, excessive weight loss and or hyperbilirubinemia all markers Of starvation, do you know that newborns aren’t supposed to cry all the time they’re supposed to eat and sleep and dirty their diapers?

I had no idea that he was inconsolable because he was starving literally and when a baby is only on the breast. How do we gauge how much they’re actually getting out sure there should be wet and soiled diapers and weight checks right, and where is the limit as to what and where is the limit as to weight loss and a minimum for the diapers change? Landon was discharged at 64 hours, two and a half days of Life having lost 9.7 percent of his birth weight continuously and excessively breastfeeding with a mother whose milk had not come in.

These are routine and unremarkable. Findings in newborn babies discharged home to exclusively breastfeed at this time. There are no studies using standardized developmental testing or serum markers of starvation that show that allowing babies to lose up to 10 percent of their birth weight protects them from brain and life-threatening complications. Despite widespread perception, that is normal for exclusively breastfed babies to lose. Therefore, Landon’s mother was given no instruction to supplement.

He was discharged the next day follow-up. So we took him home not knowing that after less than 12 hours home with us, he would have gone into cardiac arrest caused by dehydration from unintended starvation, because I was the mother who had no colostrum for my baby and the best advice I was given by One of his NICU doctors, while he was on life support, is sure breast is best but follow with a bottle. This way you know your baby has eaten enough. If only I could go back in time. Landon continued to continuously breastfeed at home and was found unresponsive.

Pulseless and blue after eventually falling asleep from cluster feeding his parents called 9-1-1 for EMS. He was asystolic, no heart rate and he received CPR and route to the local ER. By the time they arrived at the ER, he was found to have pulseless electrical activity. Heart rate, with no blood pressure there, he was intubated and received several rounds of epinephrine. He was hypothermic with a temperature of 93 1 Fahrenheit after 30 minutes of CPR no cardiac activity was found on Ultrasound with parental consent.

Cpr was stopped and he was left on the ventilator while continuing to receive IV Saline 20 minutes later with IV fluids, he regained his pulse. He was transferred to a level 3 NICU to get to the head of cooling protocol for babies that experienced a brain injury. He was diagnosed with hypernatremic dehydration and cardiac arrest from hypovolemic shock. I still have many many days of guilt and questions. What, if I would have just given him a bottle and anger, because how would I have known?

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I trusted my Healthcare professionals to protect my baby from harm. I remember when Stella my daughter was born and she was always quiet. I kept asking the nurses what was wrong with her. They said nothing she’s doing what she’s supposed to sleeping eating and it was then. I realized that it wasn’t normal for a newborn to cry as much as Landon did.

He was just crying out from his hunger. I still struggled daily feeling as though I failed him. Landon received a brain MRI in the hospital which confirmed brain injury consistent with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy or brain injury from oxygen deprivation. Due to low blood pressure from dehydration and cardiac arrest, he was diagnosed with diffuse seizure activity on EEG the consequence of severe widespread brain injury. Given his poor prognosis, he was taken off life support 15 days later.

The autopsy report deemed the causes of death were hypernatremic. Dehydration, followed by Cardiac Arrest, causing hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, diffuse brain injury. The little boy gave me 10 of the most incredible life-changing months. I have been humbled challenged. My relationships have fallen apart, some have come back together, I have learned forgiveness and the true meaning of life is short.

I love hard to fault, but I couldn’t live with myself. Knowing his death was in vain, I’ve learned so many lessons. I’Ve learned the true meaning of compassion and unconditional love. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and now I invite you to watch 200 Beautiful Moments in our 10 months with Landon. These complications occur because the current breastfeeding guidelines have not been studied for safety operates with little awareness of the caloric and fluid requirements of newborns or the amount transferred to babies until complications have already occurred.

Just one bottle can save the child from these tragedies, as it is often a mother’s first clue that a child is in fact starving from exclusive breastfeeding. If your baby is experiencing distress and signs of symptoms of starvation, we encourage you to advocate for your child. We encourage mothers to notify Hospital administrators if they are being pressured to avoid supplementation to alleviate their child’s hunger. You have the right to feed your child, and your child has the right to be fed, no one, but your baby knows how close they are to empty. The only way they can communicate distress is by crying, listen to your baby and listen to your instincts.

Life can be hard. Sometimes one thing that parents do wrong is leaving their children inside a vehicle when the temperatures are high. This act speaks danger because the cabin of a car can become 20 Celsius hotter than the temperature outside, even on a cool and cloudy day, the number of young children and babies who are left unattended inside a hot vehicle and lose their lives as a result, is An average of 38 per year and these numbers are devastating hot summer days when summer approaches the temperature rises. It’S not uncommon for the temperature to reach 100 degrees on any given day when it’s this hot, outside the temperature in a car can reach 180 degrees or higher. This is why citizens are warned all the time not to leave children or pets in a car undirtended.

Unfortunately, there are people who don’t listen to this advice and they put their children and their pets at considerable risk. Steve eckel, Steve eckel, is a retired, Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant. He spent many years protecting the people in his community. He is also a family man. He has five beautiful daughters that he would give his life for what Steve found out one summer days that his need to help others never goes away even in retirement.

On this day he was a hero, a baby’s cry, Steve left the house one day to go shopping. It was supposed to be a typical day at the store. He had no idea that he was going to need to save a life. He thought his life-saving days were behind him, since he was now retired when he got out of his car. He could hear a baby screaming at first.

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He thought that a mother was struggling to get her child to calm down thanks to his Sheriff’s Office training. In his instincts, he decided to check things out, he’s incredibly thankful that he did. He heard the cry and followed the direction where it was coming from when he found the car. He discovered that there was a baby inside all alone. Steve says that on the day he went shopping that it was very hot outside.

He estimates that, with the heat index it had felt like at 120 degrees outside, which meant that it must have been close to 200 degrees in the car that the baby was in. She was trapped in her car seat screaming Steve knew that the baby was screaming because of the hot temperatures in the car, knowing how dangerous high temperatures like these can be for anyone, he knew that he had to act fast. A sledgehammer when Steve got to the car, he immediately tried to open the car doors, but they were all locked. Fortunately, he remembered that he had a sledgehammer in his truck. He had let a friend borrow it for a renovation project and Steve went to pick it up.

He put it in his trunk and he forgot all about it. When the baby was trapped in the car. He remembered that it was in his trunk, even though he was wearing flip-flops. He still ran as fast as he could through the parking lot. Steve didn’t know how long the baby was in the car and he knew that he couldn’t take his time.

This baby needed help immediately saving the baby. The baby was in the back seat on the passenger side, so Steve knew that breaking the driver’s side window would put the baby at the least risk, with just one hit of the Sledgehammer. The window smashed Steve quickly unlocked the doors and ran to the other side of the car to get the baby out when he picked her up. He realized that she couldn’t have been more than four months old. The baby’s skin was very hot and she was covered in sweat.

Her eyes were rolling in the back of her head Steve immediately called 9-1-1. He knew that the baby needed medical help quickly. 40 minutes later. The EMTs arrived on the scene and Steve stayed with the baby about 40 minutes after Steve noticed the baby the mother came out of the store she looked shocked to see the huge crowd around her car and her driver’s side window smashed Steve told her that he Saved her baby from dying in the car and the police officers on the scene put her in handcuffs charged. The baby’s mother was placed in handcuffs and she was charged with the endangering of the welfare of a child.

She couldn’t believe this mother would go shopping for over 40 minutes without thinking of her baby’s safety, as the EMTs were working on the baby and the mother was being arrested. Steve’S eyes began Walling up with tears. He kept thinking about what would have happened to this baby if he didn’t show up when he did living with Dad. When the mother was arrested, the police got in contact with the baby’s father. The couple was no longer together, so the police released the baby into his custody.

The mother would need to answer for what she did to the police and child protective services. Didn’T want her to have any contact with her daughter. She was placed with her father, where they were sure that she would be safe Guardian Angel when Steve spoke with the local news about his heroic actions. He told the reporter that he believes in guardian angels, and he is sure that he was this Baby’s guardian angel, retired police officer, hears cries of a baby tract in a hard car uses a sledgehammer to smash the window and he saved her life.

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