Story Time

Black Cat Won’t Stop Staring At Photo Of Son Until Mom Figured Out Truth Behind It

She had no idea a cat could be capable of such behavior. However, when she actually realized the truth, everything changed. She stood there curious and perplexed, staring at the cat. It was strange behavior, and she’d never seen a cat act like that before.

She reasoned that there had to be another explanation for the cat’s behavior, but when she set out to test other theories, the truth became plainly obvious, and it demonstrated something about her black rescue cat that she’d never expected to learn about her.

When she first adopted her. Adopting a cat had actually been her son Max’s idea. He was about to graduate from high school and had decided to join the United States Navy. It was a difficult decision to make, particularly because it meant leaving his single mother behind. It had been so long with just the two of them, and now things were about to change.

That’s when Max had the concept for a pet. Aaron Nimricter was taken aback when Max first mentioned the idea of adopting a cat. She’d never considered it before, but she’s warming up to it now. Max promised the cat would keep her company while he was away at boot camp and deployments. Aaron had a boyfriend, but they didn’t live together and she wasn’t ready for it in the first place.

So she agreed to accompany Max to the shelter and search for a feline companion. Max and Aaron were referred to the Cleveland Animal Protective League. The humane Society, which has been in existence since 1013, is dedicated to providing shelter and finding loving homes for homeless, abused, and neglected animals. The mother and son teen paid a visit to their shelter in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood, which houses animals that haven’t been placed in foster homes. That’s when they ran into Yuki.

Yuki was a Blackford female kitten. She’d been rescued from the streets and transported to the APL, where she awaited an option. One of the first things Max and Aaron noticed about her was how lonely she appeared all alone in her crate. Max and Aaron both agreed that this was the right cat for them. As a result, they signed the paperwork and took Yuki home.

It didn’t take long for her to become a full fledged member of their family. Even though the goal of adopting Yuki was to provide Erin with a companion, the kitten quickly fell in love with Max. She would snuggle with him whenever she could and would always follow him around the house. Max was also smitten with her. According to Erin, Max has always felt a connection to any animals he’s been around.

It was adorable to watch the two of them form a connection, and even though heartbreak was on the way, Max had to ship off to boot camp out of state. Six months after adopting Yuki, when he was packing his belongings and preparing to leave, neither Max nor Aaron considered how his departure would affect the young cat.

Obviously, Yuki like his mother would miss him. They seem to have no clue she would miss him so much that she would act in unpredictable ways. Erin hung a picture of Max from his graduation day on top of the dresser after he left for boot camp.

Erin began to notice something strange a few weeks later, when Yuki seemed to realize Max wasn’t going to walk in the door at any time soon, she’d walk into a room and then find Yuki sitting on her dresser staring at a picture of Max. Aaron was taken aback. She just sits there and stares and meows before laying down next to the picture of a nap.

She couldn’t believe a cat could recognize a person from a picture. Despite the fact that she’d never seen Yuki on her dresser before, she realized that there could be another explanation, such as Yuki liking the vantage point of that location, or it was a nice warm spot, perfect for a nap.

Erin decided to move the picture around the house, putting it on various pieces of furniture in various rooms, but Yuki always found it. She felt sorry for the cat, knowing that her son wouldn’t be back for a long time, but she soon discovered a way to bring them back together, albeit for a limited time.

Erin is scheduled to visit Max at his base a few months after he left her boot camp. She made some phone calls, asked for some favors, and eventually got the go ahead to bring Yuki long. Max was overjoyed as well because he missed his young cat, but at the same time he was concerned.

Aaron’s son is concerned that she’ll forget about him, and Besides, it had been a while, nearly as long as he had Yuki before he abandoned a young cat like her would be prone to forgetting. And although Max knows better, she said that the fact of knowing does not give him comfort.

Aaron and Max are both looking forward to the present time when the three of them will be reunited, but in the meantime, she’s keeping the cat energy. Aside from spending time next to Max’s picture, Yuki enjoys looking out Erin’s apartment window and watching what’s going on outside. So Erin had a thought.

She purchased Yuki an adventure backpack sort of cat carrier with a backpack. Because July 13 was a Friday, it became known as Friday the 13th, a special day for fans of scary movies and spiritual beliefs. Erin made the decision to spend it with Yuki on Facebook.

She wrote that honoring Friday the 13th with this spooky girl black cats are creepy with their golden eyes that are suspicious. It’s clear that while they both miss Max, they’re supporting one another and nonattendance.

Max will serve in the Navy for another six years after completing boot camp. That means Aaron and Yuki will be alone for quite some time. Fortunately, the pair has bonded over their love of Max and will be able to keep each other company when he’s not present. So do you guys believe in these kind of stories? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.