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Boy Born Without A Brain, 6 Years Later Look At What Doctors Find Inside

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Boy born without a brain six years later, look at what doctors find inside mom’s, vital warning after common virus leaves baby girl with brain damage. When Alicia Bell’s, daughter, Scarlet was born underweight with hearing problems, she had a gut feeling something wasn’t right months later. She learned about a common virus that changed Scarlett’s life forever. When Alicia Bell found out, she was pregnant with her first child. She and her partner Jake were over the moon if a little nervous and although Alicia battled with sickness throughout the pregnancy, the pair couldn’t wait to become parents with Jake convinced they were having a little girl.

But at 28 weeks the parents excitement turned to worry when a midwife pointed out something strange. She started measuring my bump with a tape measure and said it was small, so they sent me for a growth scan every two weeks, Alicia told the mirror, despite their concerns about how small their baby was in the womb, Alicia and Jake were assured. It was probably because Alicia was petite herself, I’m not really that small, I’m 5′ 5, but they seem to think it would be okay, Alicia who works? As a buyer said, when babies Scarlett arrived by cesarean section at 38 weeks, she weighed just four pounds: 11 ounces and had a missed, mysterious, rash standard hearing tests carried out on newborns revealed. She could only hear in one ear.

They said that it was probably down to fluid in her ear from the C-section, but the new parents weren’t convinced a week later they took their baby daughter back to the hospital for more tests. After failing several hearing tests, Scarlett eventually passed one, but Alicia was sure it was a blip for the next few months of her life. Scarlett was a distressed baby who wasn’t hitting her milestones and heartbroken parents. Jake and Alicia were desperate for answers. It was hard because we didn’t know for sure what was wrong with Scarlet.

She was a very upset baby Alicia said I’d been saying for ages, something wasn’t right, she wasn’t sitting up and couldn’t play like the other babies. Could everyone was saying she just had to catch up with her growth, but I just thought I was doing something wrong and as a mom it was my fault. At 10 months, old Scarlett was rushed to the hospital with a chest infection after she became Wheezy. By now, Alicia and Jake were begging with doctors to look into Scarlet’s, missed Milestones, Scarlett was put on oxygen and given a feeding tube, while doctors treated her for her infection. But when Alicia mentioned she was concerned about her daughter’s development, one doctor seemed worried too.

I’D been saying for ages, something wasn’t right, she wasn’t sitting up and couldn’t play like the other babies. Could everyone was saying she just had to catch up, but I thought I was doing something wrong. Alicia had contracted the virus while pregnant with Scarlet, but had no idea. She had it despite several tests when she was born, Scarlett was never given a blood test for it if a baby is known to be born with CMV they’re given antivirals to weaken the virus. Although it cannot be cured and monitored until they are five years old, looking back on the first weeks of her daughter’s life, Alicia wishes Scarlet had been tested for congenital CMV and treated.

She had a heel prick blood test when she was five days old and didn’t bat an eyelid. How hard would it have been to test for this as well? If it was picked up at that stage, they might have had enough time to lessen the effects. She said Alicia is backing a campaign to have all babies tested for congenital CMV when they are born and she wants pregnant women to understand how the virus is transmitted. The NHS website advises pregnant women to wash their hands regularly after changing nappies or wiping a child’s nose.

Wash toys regularly avoid putting a child’s dummy in their mouth and avoid kissing children on the mouth. Now two and a half years old Scarlett is making slow but steady progress, she’s not good with one of her hands, but she started to giving Jake high fives. With her strong hand, it’s little things like that. That mean a lot her head control is coming along. Really well, she can’t sit independently, but she’s improved a lot.

She has a standing frame which she uses because she can’t carry her weight and is at risk of her hips coming out of place. Our house is full of equipment, but it’s 100 percent worth it. Despite several setbacks, as her hearing has declined, even more and her eyesight has suffered, Scarlett is still an upbeat. Little girl, she’s, just lovely she’s, the happiest little girl always smiling and giggling. It makes it easier that she’s so happy, but it also makes it sadder.

Alicia said tearfully you’re grieving the child. You were expecting to have she’s my first and in two and a half years I’ve never been called Mom. It’S really hard to know. I may never be called that after meeting other babies who have been affected by CMV Alicia is determined to make sure no other families are affected by the virus that can be caught and treated before it causes serious damage. She said, if you know anyone who is pregnant, make them aware of CMV it’s important for us to tell each other and spread the word.

This baby was a god miracle. He wasn’t supposed to turn one year old, let alone five but Jackson. Buell from day, one defied doctor’s expectations born with the majority of his brain missing his story inspired those closest to him and people all around the globe. On April 1, as his father held him in his arms Jackson, Buell got his wings. He passed away very naturally extremely peacefully and comfortably.

He had already entered hospice care and it had nothing to do with the pandemic. Brandon Buell, the boy’s father, explained it’s crushing to say goodbye to your child. It’S never natural or fair to have to say goodbye to your child they’re not supposed to go first, but we are so grateful for the time we were given with Jackson, while Jackson Buell couldn’t communicate in sentences. His mother, Brittany, Buell and his father said they always knew exactly how he felt and they watched in awe as he reached Milestone after milestone the way he would call his mom mommy the way he would call me Addie and the way he learned and the way He grew the way he thrived on his own Brandon Buell lovingly remembered his son. Those things were never supposed to happen.

We were not robbed of anything we were given years. No one thought would ever happen reaching age one would have been considered. A miracle is what his parents were told when Jacksonville was born. So what do we call? Five Brandon Buell said any Milestone or achievements were not likely being able to see, hear Laugh. Smile learn. Remember were initially thought to be out of the question, but Jackson accomplished them all. They were given five years worth of memories, Brandon Buell said, will last a lifetime. His son leaves behind a legacy of strength, sweetness and a spirit that Rose above everything else, anything that he had to deal with Against All Odds. He never stopped until the very end, Brandon Buell said he never stopped being so strong and so sweet.

That’s amazing, beautiful spirit that was within him and something that was so infectious to anyone who knew him. We are all better people for it, as a family reflects on this time on Earth. They consider each day with Jacksonville a gift from above, while they can no longer stare into his ocean blue eyes, they will always remember the bright light that he brought into the world. It was a blessing we were given, although my faith was tested during this journey. The peaks in the valley, I’m so truly grateful that, through faith, we gave Jackson the opportunity to be here the strength he showed in responding to that and the years of beautiful memories created because we had that Faith.

Brandon Buell said Jackson was so perfect. All he knew was love, I’m just going to miss him so much, and I cannot wait to see him again. One day in the most perfect form, Jackson Buell would have turned six on August 27th. This year, his father says the child’s family will gather together for Jackson day to celebrate his life and memory and also find a local family in need to help. We want to do it in honor of Jackson, but in the way he would want to have it done that strength and sweetness.

That is just so unconditional Brandon Buell said: if anybody wants to honor Jackson, we ask they find a random act of kindness and do it in Jackson’s, honor and spirit. This baby is amazing. Sometimes the doctors are wrong like when Tom and Jessica matterson, then 24 weeks pregnant were told that their baby probably wouldn’t survive the pregnancy. If their child doesn’t make it to term the doctors warned, he would most certainly not survive the trauma of birth and if somehow, the child somehow survives birth, the mastersons wouldn’t have much time with him. He won’t be compatible with Life.

Tom Masterson recalled a doctor’s words. He will not survive this Tom smiled at baby Owen now, a year old, as he told the story, Owen has a calvaria, an extremely rare malformation, consisting of the absence of skull and facial bones. Owen has no skull above his eyebrow and ears to protect his brain. One, the condition was discovered during an ultrasound at 24 weeks, the doctors were not sure if Owen even had skin covering his brain. Our pastor had come to the hospital before he was born and was able to pray with us Tom continued.

We felt confident that God was going to do something that Owen had a very specific purpose. We didn’t know what that was, but we felt there was a specific purpose for him. Owen’S purpose, according to his parents, is simply this sharing his story of Hope and the power of Faith with others. It’S definitely challenging, but I wouldn’t change him. Jessica said cradling Owen in her arms, as she must do for the better part of the day.

I love him the way he is her. Husband agreed we’re so thankful for him. Tom said I’m so happy that we get to experience this and we don’t know what this looks like long term. The doctors are like, we are done telling you we don’t know, we haven’t been right yet so we’re going to stop talking about it. Owen’S doctor told the family he’s found about 10 cases where a child has survived more than a few hours with a calaveria owen celebrated his one-year birthday earlier this month, we’ve been chosen to have him Tom and Jessica Masterson, both from the Jefferson City area, found jobs In the Springfield area, not long after graduating from Missouri State University, Tom landed a teaching job with Springfield Public Schools and later was hired as an assistant principal.

He is currently the principal at Jeffrey’s. Elementary Jessica was hired as a speech therapist at the Early Childhood Center, but chose to leave that position to take care of Owen about three years ago. They took a two-year-old named Riley. They have since adopted her. The couple had a miscarriage not long before becoming pregnant Again in 2016, With Owen the Masterson said they were thrilled when they got to the 20-week point and had an ultrasound to learn the baby’s gender. They were told it was a boy, but the technician was unable to view the baby’s head. They just said we didn’t get to see everything so we’ll see you again and we were like all right. We had no idea, there was concern Tom said, then, at 24 weeks they told us the guy that did the ultrasound and told us hey doctor, we’ll begin to talk with you guys in a minute Tom recalled. We immediately knew a fetal care.

Specialist came into the room and tried to explain about the baby’s very abnormal brain development. The couple said they had in no way braced themselves for what the doctor was saying. They weren’t able to make a diagnosis, but they could tell there was a significant absence of skull. Tom said I passed out with her husband on the floor. Jessica said she was just trying to process like. Is this real? What they’re telling us it was there? At 27 weeks the mastersons had a fetal MRI and were told the baby had a calaveria. They had told us with certainty. He will not survive birth.

Tom said the Masterson were told that terminating the pregnancy. Under these circumstances, even though she was beyond 20 weeks was something they could consider, we just said absolutely not. That is not something we will consider remotely Tom said. We don’t really know what this is going to look like, but this is our baby. We’Ve been chosen to have him so we’re going to do everything we can to love him as long as we get to have him having been told the baby would likely not survive the pregnancy Jessica said she decided her due date.

She loved the feeling of Owen moving around in her belly and didn’t want to lose that I felt like while he was in the womb he is safe. She said I can’t do anything when he’s being born or after he’s born. I was like he can just stay all this came just a few weeks after the Masterson shared there. It’s a boy news on Facebook. Now they had more news to share.

We shared on Facebook and it was more like we don’t really want a bunch of I’m sorry. He recalled of his May 26 2017 post. We really wanted people to hunker down and pray for us pray for Owen, though the prognosis was dim Tom said they held out hope that the doctors were wrong and their baby would be born healthy. They continued to pray back at Mercy in Springfield. The master sins met with a care team comprised of just about every Medical Professional who might be working with them in the future all dependent on what happened with Owen.

It was a huge room with a ton of people there. Tom said it was hard to hear, but they walked us through what it will look like if he is born and is deceased upon birth, what it will look like if he is born alive but deceased this shortly thereafter and what it will look like if he Is still alive,

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