Boy repeatedly arrives late to school, the teacher pays him a surprise visit at his house

A teacher scolds a boy for coming late to class and demands to meet his parents, but the boy doesn’t show up the next day and only his grandma comes saying. He is sick. The unconvinced teacher pays a surprise visit later only to discover that the boy’s life is far more trouble than he thought who is Mr Morgan’s first day as a teacher in this school. He arrived early skimmed through the lecture he intended to give his pupils and everything seemed perfect, just as he had wanted that more as a young, first-time teacher, Mr Morgan was determined to establish himself as strict but fair. He wanted his pupils to know.

He was a cool Mentor, but not the one to be messed with the chattering in grade 7 stopped as soon as Mr Morgan walked in and plopped his register on the team. Children sworn back to their seats in a pin drop silence, followed as he introduced himself as their new history teacher and as Mr Morgan launched into the lecture on the Great Depression in World War II. The classroom door suddenly creeped open a hush, fell over the class. As everyone turned to see who’s interrupting their lesson, the boy walked in with his eyes, fixed on the floor and took his seat without uttering a word or looking up at the teacher good morning. Young man said Mr Morgan, his voice Stern, it’s 9 15 and you’re 20 minutes late for class.

Do you have a good reason, but the boy just said without responding to Mr Morgan? Could you please stand up and introduce yourself? Mr morganand, I’m Archie replied the Boise Rosen looked up rubbing his tired eyes. Aren’T you look very untidy and dizzy as though he hadn’t slept a wink the previous night to meet you Archie, I’m your new history, teacher you’re late for class? Aren’T you do you mind telling me why you just walked in without excusing yourself, and I won’t entertain such behavior in my class Archie hesitated for a while, I’m sorry, sir, I overslept I didn’t mean to come in late.

I was just tired and I’ll, not repeat it, sir Margie finished unable to control his yawn and the whole class giggled silence. Mr Morgan declared. Aren’T you you cannot be late for a class like this. Can I see your homework? I heard your previous history teacher gave your assignments every weekend.

Show it to me: will you, as Mr Morgan, flipped to Archie’s notebook? His expression grew uneasy. I didn’t do it. Sir Archie said sheepishly refusing to tell why that’s when Mr Morgan’s patients started wearing thin and he exploded at the boy Archie. What is this and this you haven’t done any of your homework this whole term.

He scolded the boy in front of the whole class. This is unacceptable and I cannot entertain such a demeanor in my class. I want to meet your parents tomorrow. First thing: all right is that clear, Archie felt embarrassed and ashamed. He could hear his classmates whispering things about him and giggling, but Archie never showed up in class the following day and Mr Morgan started to worry.

I hope I didn’t scare him or something I just wanted to help. Him said, Mr Morgan, as he packed his belongings and prepared to leave just then he noticed an older woman, seemingly in her 80s waiting outside the classroom. Excuse me are you looking for someone? Mr Morgan asked her. I’M Willow, Parker, Archie’s grandmother, oh nice, nice – to meet you, Mrs Parker Archie, didn’t come to school today.

Is everything all right with him? No, my grandson was a little sick today morning. So I told him not to go Archie told me you wanted to meet his parents. So what do you want to discuss my daughter couldn’t come? Mr Morgan sends the tension in the woman’s words.

I hope Archie feels better soon. You see I just wanted to ensure Archie gets the help he needs to keep his grades up. He hasn’t done his homework. This whole term – and I heard he’s always late to class Archie’s Grandma, seemed unconvinced and kept arguing with Mr Morgan. Did you check everyone else’s homework and assignments and are you meeting with all their parents?

Archie’S mom has been unwell for a while, but I’ll tell her to visit shortly. If that’s fine with you and I’m grateful to you for being so concerned about my grandson, but don’t worry Mr Morgan, we’re there to help him. Mr Morgan couldn’t help but feel frustrated. I don’t think it will help him in the long run. I want to meet his mother soon.

The woman grumbled and argued no more and, as Mr Morgan escorted her out of the corridor, she ran into the principal Mr Smith good afternoon. Mrs Parker is everything all right. The principal asks noticing the distress on Grandma’s face: RJ’s Grandma explained the situation to him and left. Mr Morgan, can you please come to my office, Mr Morgan? Nodded as he followed the principal to his office.

He was partially relieved. He might finally get some answers that could help the boy, Mr Morgan Archie’s a wonderful boy, and I feel very sorry for what he’s been through began. Mr Smith, his father was killed in a motorcycle crash some years ago. His mother’s been dealing with some issues. Since then, she got into a lot of trouble, let’s not get into that.

Mr Morgan, let me come straight to the point. The Faculty has decided to expel Archie next month. Mr Morgan couldn’t believe his ears. What are you gon na expel that boy? But why?

Mr Smith, I understand that Archie has had a very difficult life. Maybe he’s troubled with something where yet to know why his grades have been dipping, but we can’t just dismiss him like that. We need to help him. I understand your point, Mr Morgan. We’Re all sorry for Archie’s troubled, past and whatever he’s going through now, but we have a responsibility to our other students as well we’re an esteemed institution and we’re compelled to maintain our academic standards.

The principal explained in a firm tone. But, Mr Smith, where will he go if we expel him this school is Archie’s only chance for a better future. He needs our support that too. In such a hard time. We cannot just let him go.

What, if he’s sent to some School for disadvantaged Children, he might end up on the wrong track, get into drugs and crimes? That’S even crueler, Mr Smith. Archie needs our help and I’m sure he can do much better with proper guidance. Mr Morgan argued we’ve given Archie enough chances, but that Boy hasn’t shown any Improvement. He’S setting a bad example for all our students and is tarnishing our average academic performance statistics.

Mr Smith, replumbing, Mr Morgan, felt defeated and sorry for Archie. He pleaded with the principle to reconsider his decision, but in vain I know your worry, Mr Morgan, but this is how our school functions and you need to get used to our system. We can’t continue to tolerate his behavior and poor performance.

Mr Morgan, you have one month to submit your assessment of Archie so that I can expel him legally and with proof Mr Smith explained, and I don’t think you’ll be forced to make up a lie. Archie will make the job much easier for you with his lowest grades this term, Mr Smith, jungle, Mr Morgan, left the office feeling disappointed.

Margie’S whole future was about to get destroyed and he didn’t know what to do to help him. That same evening, he drove to Archie’s address to meet with his mother and Warner about the boys, impening expulsion. He knocked on the door for a long time and when nobody answered he pushed it open himself. As Mr Morgan stepped inside a pungent Aroma of stale alcohol washed over over him, he called out and what he encountered next made him stop in his tracks. Empty whiskey bottles were scattered on the floor.

The sheer number of bottles stunned Mr Morgan, before he could fathom what was going on a voice startled him from behind Archie’s grandma, was surprised at seeing the teacher in the living room uh Mrs Parker, hey nice to meet you again. I just wanted to meet Archie’s mother and Mr Morgan paused, when two little kids, presumably aged four and six, came running behind the woman. Are they your grandchildren too? Yes, but what do you want? I told you, my daughter, will meet you soon when she gets the time she’s not at home.

Now, Mrs Parker, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to invade your privacy. Mr Morgan forced a smile. I was just passing by and thought I’d meet, Archie and see how he’s doing where is he? Can I see him? The woman stammered he’s not at home he’s gone out to to get medicines.

Your grandson is sick and you sent him all alone to get medicine. Mr Morgan Archie’s a big boy and he knows how to take care of himself. Besides, I’ve got a lot of work to do. I should start cleaning. So if you don’t mind, Mr Morgan understood that talking to the grandma about Archie’s exposure would be useless, so he left the house immediately as he headed to the gate he ran into Archie.

The boy was dirty and exhausted. He was wearing soiled clothes that looked like some work, wear and smelled of tobacco. Mr Morgan chased after the boy and stopped him in his tracks when he tried to flee. After seeing his teacher Archie looked up at Mr Morgan, his eyes wide with fear and embarrassment. Mr Morgan, I’m okay, please go home and don’t come here again.

I’M tired and I have to wash up you’re tired Archie. Where have you been? You didn’t come to school today and your grandma told me you were sick. What is it look? I could I can help you all right.

Trust me. Archie refused to speak up and insisted. Mr Morgan leave immediately, But the teacher was hell-bent on piecing the puzzle and urged the boy to tell him the truth. Look Archie the principal has decided to expel you from school. I won’t let that happen all right.

What’S wrong, Archie look. I won’t scold your ticket to the principal. I want to help you, but you got ta speak up champ. Mr Morgan, thanks for your efforts, but I don’t think you can help me. I have to deal with my own problems.

Aren’T you began my mom borrowed money from some bad guys. After my dad died, she started come coming home late and felt very sick, often due to overworking in the illegal cigarette factory. She started drinking and once I saw her taking a shot with a needle, she told me it was her only relief, I’m a big boy. Now and I can’t watch any random man walking into my house and yelling at my mom for not returning the money, so I started working part-time at the cigarette factory every day after school, so we have enough money to repay the debts. A bang of pity rushed into Mr Morgan’s heart.

I understand Archie but you’re too young to work in such an illegal working environment. It could harm your health, don’t you think it’s a bad decision? Wouldn’T you do the same for your mother. Archie replied with a counter question, but aren’t you you can spoil your future like that? You’Re meant for something better and more promising.

Mr Morgan argued look at your hands. Just look at how dirty and rough they are you’re supposed to hold books in stationery. Not tobacco. Listen to me, champ just get back to school tomorrow and we’ll figure out how to help your mother all right. What difference is it gon na make Mr Morgan?

We might be struggling now, but I’m sure we’ll overcome this bad time one day and you know what you can submit a bad assessment of me and get me expelled, I’m okay with that. To be honest, I suck at studies I’m the weakest student in class. Nothing will change if I go to school every day, but Archie. This isn’t the solution to your problems. You need to try and find a way out.

Education is necessary for every child and you can’t just but the boy yanked his hands before Mr Morgan could finish and started walking away. It’S okay, Mr Morgan. I can take care and I’m glad I have somebody who really cares about my family and me. I got ta go now. I have to cook dinner, for my brothers.

Granny makes a disgusting broth every day and we hate it. Mr Morgan immediately blocked Archie’s way telling him he had an idea and pleaded with the boy to give him one chance to try. It look Archie. I have a proposal online, what if we switch places every day, yeah Champ? What if I cook dinner for you guys and you do your homework every day at this time, all you have to do is get back to school.

You can still go to work in that factory after school, since it’s only a part-time kick and when you return home, you do your homework and prepare for your tests. While I cook dinner for your family look I’ll come here around the same time every day and we’ll switch places. I know this sounds crazy, but there’s nothing wrong with trying it deal. Archie pondered for a while and eventually agreed as days passed. Mr Morgan started visiting more often he cooked dinner for the whole family, while the boy did his homework and prepared for his tests after returning home from his part-time gig at the factory, Mr Morgan and Archie became close friends and the boy loved having his teacher around.

Sometimes Mr Morgan even replaced a boy at work in the factory, doing everything he could to boost Archie’s academic performance and prevent him from being expelled. Mr Morgan’s prayers were answered a month later. When the test results arrived, Archie’s grades had significantly improved and the principal had no choice but to change his mind about expelling the boy. Thank you, Mr Morgan. I wouldn’t have done this if you hadn’t, supported and believed in me, the boy hugged his teacher, no Archie.

You did it it’s all because of your hard work. Mr Morgan was so delighted and just as they sat down for a warm meal, somebody knocked on the door and Archie’s Joy was short-lived. Hello, we’re here from Child Protective Services, a social worker said: may we come in and meet your guardian Archie’s mind started to race, but before he could process any of it, the social workers barged into his house to verify the children’s living conditions, convinced that they were Less than ideal, the workers approached the children to take them away. I’m sorry, but, based on what we’ve witnessed here today and the information we received, we’re gon na take you and your brothers into custody until we find a better foster home, for you said the worker. What no Archie cried?

You can’t do this. This is our home, we’re not going anywhere leaving our home, but the CPS workers were unmoved as they guided Archie and his brothers towards the door. The boy fought against him and even tried to break free and run back to his room Archie bagged, as he clung desperately to the social worker’s leg. Please don’t take us away from our home. Granny stopped them.

Mr Morgan, please stop them, but Archie’s. Please fell on deaf ears as the social workers loaded him and his little brothers in the back of a cruiser. Why are you doing this? What did we do to deserve this? He young Archie refused to get out of the car when they arrived at the shelter.

I’M not going anywhere, he grind. I want to go back to my home to my mom and grandma. This isn’t my home, but the social workers managed to coax Archie and his brothers out of the cruiser and into the unfamiliar surroundings. Archie felt so helpless and disappointed. He tried to call his mother, but she never answered.

He even tried calling Mr Morgan, but his number was no longer in use. Archie felt like he lost everything in a wink and blamed the principal for office. Did this to me Archie cursed, his principal under his breath. Her body was always behind me. He wanted to get rid of me from school and when he couldn’t, he found a way to make my life miserable.

I hate you, Mr Smith. I just hate you for doing this to my brothers and me, 15 years past, since that day, as Archie walked through the gates of his old school and memories, flooded his mind, he had spent some of the happiest and most difficult times of his life In This Place Archie couldn’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia in excitement as he walked down the familiar hallways. Everything seemed to be in place, except for a few changes. Suddenly he heard a familiar voice in the mic and marched to the principal’s office. He was glad to see the principal was none other than his former history teacher.

Mr Morgan, excuse me sir. I’M said Archie, but Mr Morgan interrupted him with a big broad smile before he could complete his sentence. Are you the new English teacher, Mr Morgan, greeted Archie? Please come in, I just returned from a field trip and was told we’re having a new English teacher for Middle School to join us today. I’M Lewis Morgan nice, to meet you.

Mr Archie stood speechless flaunting his best smile looking into his old teacher’s eyes. He felt the same warmth and kindness that had been there all those years ago. It was like nothing had changed, yet everything had Mr Morgan, it’s me Archie, do you remember me the boy who stank of tobacco or sold pants to school and never did his homework or she finally spoke up Archie, Mr Morgan, gas? Oh God, Jesus Archie is that you, I’m so glad to see you Archie my boy, look at you, you’ve grown so big, it’s been 15 years. I’M so glad you still remember me.

Mr Morgan hugged Archie a strange, sorrow gushing into his eyes. It was me arching revealed, Mr Morgan, in the middle of their conversation. I called the CPS that day. I just wanted you kids, to have a better life. I’M sorry for not telling you.

I hope you forgive me someday. I knew something was fishy. Mr Morgan, at first I thought, Mr Smith did it, but I later guessed it couldn’t be him. He was only annoyed by my academic performance and he was happy when my grades improved chuckled Archie. I owe the life I’m living now.

My success, my happiness to you, Mr Morgan, you showed me what I’m truly capable of he made me believe in myself. When nobody did you held my hand when everybody was trying to let go of me. Thank you, Mr Morgan. Aren’T you paused and added some? Sometimes the best decision is the most painful one.

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