Boy Takes Care of Girl Whose Military Dad Is Away, Once Finds Crowd of Soldiers Outside His Home

A young boy looks after a little girl whose dad works in the military one day he finds a crowd of soldiers outside his home. Sean 11 lived with his single mother Linda and was a highly responsible child for his age. His father died while fighting for the country when he was five years old.

Hence he was forced to become a man of the house at a young age, Sean admired his father and wished to be as Brave as him. He respected his heroism, encourages a soldier and he did everything he could to make him proud when he was still alive, but Sean’s father was a strict man who never appreciated him.

He longed to hear words of praise for him, but that day never came after his father’s death Sean was heartbroken, he would miss his father and, more importantly, he would never get the chance to make his father proud. But life gave him that chance in the most unexpected way. One day Sean was playing in his neighborhood when he saw a little girl sitting. Sadly, on the curb he immediately recognized her as she lived a couple of houses away from him watching her Sean wondered why she seemed so sad. He decided to talk to her hi I’ve seen you around here.

What’S wrong, you look upset, he said taking a seat beside her, I’m Sean by the way, I’m Melanie said the girl, my mommy just, went to the angel and I missed her. I’M just sad. So did my dad. I miss him too said Sean. Would you like to play with me he offered, I don’t have any friends, can I she smiled and shot not that day marked the start of Sean and Melanie’s relationship.

They would play together in the evenings bonding over their common experiences with losing a parent, sometimes Sean’s. Friends, teased him when they saw him with a five-year-old, but Sean was unbothered. One day before going to school, Sean saw Melanie sitting outside her house crying. There was nobody around her and Sean was worried, so he ran up to her Melanie. What are you doing here alone?

He asked worried, I miss my daddy, she replied sniffing. He left me. I told him not to go, but he left me. That’s okay, Melanie he’ll be home. Soon, listen!

My dad was a soldier too, and their jobs pretty cool. They work hard for our country, but aren’t you proud of your dad, there’s no one home to take me to school, Grandma, Molly’s sick? I just want Daddy to be home. I can help you Sean offered just a minute Sean dashed inside Melanie’s house and asked Grandma Molly for Melanie’s School address using Google Maps for directions. He managed to drop Melanie off at school safely before heading to his.

You don’t need to worry about coming to school alone, because I’ll drop you off every day, all right. He promised her from then on Sean always brought Melanie to school, and her grandmother would only have to pick her up one day. Sean got up late and was running late. He knew if he dropped Melanie off first. He wouldn’t be able to make it to his classes on time.

Yet he chose to help her. His teacher, Mr Watson, was furious at him when he got to class the next time. You’Re late, Sean I’d like you to bring your mother. He exclaimed Sean’s classmates laughed behind his back, since they knew he was late because he dropped Melanie off at school. Nevertheless, Sean continued to do so, while helping Grandma Molly around the house and with Melanie’s care, though he was just 11 Sean, went out of the way to help Melanie with almost everything while her dad was away.

He knew how bad it felt not to have your father around, so he never held back when it came to looking after little Melanie one day, Sean offered to pick up Melanie from school, because Grandma Molly wasn’t feeling well when Sean and Melanie arrived home from school. They found a large mob of troops in the doorway come on. Why are you all here? Oh is Grand Molly. Okay, Sean asked worry.

So after Melanie’s dad emerged from the crown daddy Melanie screamed and ran to him. I missed you so much Daddy. This is Sean. He’S just like you, Daddy did you know Sean helped Grandma Molly, while you’re away Melanie’s dad David smiled. Of course, I know how helpful Sean was after Mom told me how a young boy helped her around the house in my house, since I had to do this.

This is for you Sean, he said, and the soldiers saluted him in unison, followed by David, who thanked him for looking after his daughter, you’re an incredible young man, Sean I’m sure your father would be proud of. You mom told me he was a soldier too. He made him proud today. He said the mention of his father Sean burst into tears. If you don’t mind he managed to stay between tears.

Can I hug you for some reason, I’m missing my dad a lot today. Of course, Sean come here. Sean hugged David. Thailand cried his heart out. He had held everything in and pretended to be, very strong since his dad passed away, but at the end of the day he too was a child who craved love and praise in a dad’s care.

I never heard things like that from my dad he told David. I never thought a soldier like him would be proud of me, but you are thank you for that. I should thank you. Sean replied, David trust me. You should be incredibly proud of yourself that day David visited Sean’s home and when he told Linda how proud he was of Sean Linda’s eyes, wiled up too I’m so proud of you honey.

She said hugging Sean from then on David traded, Sean as nothing less than his son, and soon the two families got close to each other. Sean just like his dad grew up to be a brave military man.

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