Call on Gio Benitez to stop supporting the brutality of the Canada Goose


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Giovani “Gio” Benitez, correspondent for ABC News, appears on Good Morning America ABC World News Tonight, 20/20, and Nightline… Millions of viewers see him and pay attention to what he wears, so his choice to wear a Canada Goose coat often is especially harmful.

While Benitez’s coat doesn’t have the nasty fur trim that the Canadian goose is famous for, PETA has repeatedly told the reporter what to wear. anything made by Canada Goose gives free advertising to a brand that profits from the suffering and death of animals, and makes it clear that it condones cruelty.

a photo of a goose in a factory and the owner in a jacket

Despite Canada Goose’s hackneyed claims of using “responsible” down, this simply does not exist. The Responsible Down Standard is simply a marketing tool. Even if the suppliers followed the standards, they don’t care allows wounded birds to languish in agony for several days before being asked to release their suffering.

Like all birds exploited by down production, farmed geese, whose feathers are stuffed inside Canada Goose jackets, go to the slaughterhouse, where they are routinely hung upside down by their legs, stunned, and throated. Canada Goose prefers to perpetuate this brutality rather than go for high-quality, lint-free material.

The goose goose has a history of misleading marketing. Rather than simply ditching fur, as other companies have done, he announced in 2022 that he would only use “regenerated” fur. But no matter when or where it was removed, all real fur is the result of extreme brutality. Coyotes who are killed for their fur are usually trapped in steel traps, where they are left to languish in agony – possibly suffering from shock, frostbite and dehydration – until the hunter returns to beat them to death, shoot them or kill. in some other violent way.

With all the warm, high quality humane outerwear available today, Benitez can easily find a coat that doesn’t represent pain, suffering, or death. Outerwear companies such as Wuxly Movement, Hemp Tailor and Save the Duck stuff their coats exclusively with fluff-free materials, while Patagonia, Fjällräven, Helly Hansen, Arc’teryx and many others will not use fur in their designs. …

Please persuade Benitez to clean out his closet and hang his Canada Goose coat permanently.

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