Chilling details as mum admits to shooting her daughter dead while trying to hit stray dog

A mother admitted to accidentally shooting her own teenage daughter dead.

Amanda Moffett, 43, has pleaded guilty to accidentally shooting and killing her 16-year-old daughter, Laramie Moffet. The incident occurred on October 5, 2018, outside their home, when Amanda Moffett fired a handgun at what she believed was a stray dog attacking kittens.

Tragically, Laramie was outside trying to save the kittens and was struck by the gunfire. In a federal plea agreement, Amanda Moffett admitted to her negligent actions, acknowledging that she failed to ensure her daughter was not in the line of fire when she discharged the firearm.

US attorney Clinton Johnson emphasised the legal responsibility of gun owners to exercise extreme caution when using firearms. “This case, unfortunately, highlights the potential tragic results absent that caution,” he stated in a press release following the ruling.

Laramie Moffet was remembered as a vibrant and fearless teenager who excelled in rodeo sports, particularly barrel racing. Friends and family described her as someone who loved animals and had a passion for horseback riding, bull riding, and bareback broncs. The community mourns the loss of a young life filled with potential and enthusiasm.

Amanda Moffett now faces a maximum sentence of eight years in federal prison, although her guilty plea is likely to result in a shorter sentence. Legal authorities have suggested a sentencing range between zero and 16 months due to Moffett’s early acceptance of responsibility.

Initially, Amanda Moffett was charged with first-degree murder with deliberate intent in Nowata County District Court. However, her attorney argued that she was wrongfully charged, leading to the dismissal of the case in state court. Federal authorities took over the case almost five years after the incident.

Amanda Moffett now faces a maximum of eight years in federal prison for the charge of involuntary manslaughter. The sentencing date has not been set, and she will remain on supervised release until sentencing.