Cowboy Hears Woman Scream When Thief Robs Her, Proceeds To Lasso Thief In Parking Lot

In the vast Walmart parking lot of Eagle Point, Oregon, a dramatic event unfolded that showcased the true essence of heroism. It’s a tale of quick thinking, bravery, and an unexpected use of cowboy skills that left the community in awe.

The Scene Unfolds

It all began on an ordinary day when Robert Borba, a seasoned cowboy known for his champion bull riding skills, found himself at Walmart. His mission that day was as simple as picking up some dog food. Little did he know that his day would take an extraordinary turn.

As Borba went about his business, he suddenly heard a woman’s frantic cries echoing through the parking lot. Her voice cut through the air, shouting, “‘Stop him! Stop him! He stole my bike! He stole my bike!'” Borba immediately turned his attention to the commotion.

Before he could process what was happening, a figure whizzed past him on a stolen bicycle. The urgency in the woman’s pleas spurred Borba into action. With a deep sense of responsibility and a dash of cowboy courage, he knew he had to act swiftly.

The Pursuit Begins

In an instant, Borba was in hot pursuit, mounted on his trusty steed. He had one goal in mind: to catch the fleeing thief and bring him to justice. The scene was reminiscent of a classic Wild West chase, unfolding right in the Walmart parking lot.

As Borba closed the gap, he skillfully swung his lasso overhead. It was a move he had executed countless times while riding bulls in the rodeo. With precision and accuracy, he aimed for the fleeing suspect.

“A couple swings and then I threw it at him, just like I would a steer,” Borba later recounted. His lasso shot through the air, finding its mark and wrapping around the fleeing thief.

Amid the chaos, the bewildered thief confronted Borba, asking, “What are you doing, man? You got a badge?” To which Borba calmly responded, “No, I ain’t got a badge.”

The Call for Help

With the suspect apprehended, Borba knew that the next step was to involve law enforcement. He swiftly reached for his phone and dialed 911. The conversation with the operator would soon become legendary.

“We got a guy who just stole a bike here at Walmart. I got him roped and tied to a tree,” Borba calmly reported, his voice unwavering.

The operator, understandably taken aback by the unusual situation, could hardly believe her ears. “What!?” she exclaimed.

“I got him roped from a horse, and he’s tied to a tree,” Borba reiterated.

The Arrival of Justice

Borba’s actions had not only caught the attention of the operator but had also triggered a response from the local police. Officer Adams soon arrived at the scene, greeted by a rather unconventional sight. There, connected to Borba’s horse, was a rope extending to the ankle of the captured suspect, who clung to a tree.

Adams later remarked, “I looked up, and from the horse there was a rope connected to the ankle of a gentleman on the ground holding onto a tree.”

The Cowboy’s Code of Honor

For Robert Borba, taking decisive action to stop the perpetrator was not a matter of choice; it was the right thing to do. His unwavering commitment to protecting his community, especially the vulnerable, was evident in his heroic response.

In his own words, he expressed the motivation behind his actions: “If it was my wife or my little girl, I would hope somebody would help her if I wasn’t around.”

The Modest Hero

True to the cowboy spirit, Robert Borba exhibited remarkable modesty. When all was said and done, and justice had been served, he asked for nothing in return except for his rope. With a tip of his hat, he rode off into the sunset, embodying the image of a true cowboy, leaving behind a community filled with gratitude and admiration.

This inspiring tale reminds us that heroism can emerge unexpectedly, even in the most ordinary settings. Robert Borba’s quick thinking and courageous actions serve as a testament to the enduring values of honor, bravery, and community spirit. Please share this remarkable story with your friends and family as a reminder that everyday heroes walk among us, ready to lasso justice when duty calls.