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Crying She Bear Approaches Him Then He Realized she’s big in Trouble

Crying she-bear approaches him, then he realized she’s in big trouble. Most of the universe that we know about is just dust and garbage. It doesn’t care what we do with it and it can’t care if you release a trapped creature, it’ll feel relief.

We know what it’s like same with: getting something to eat when you’re, hungry or finding a warm and dry place when it’s cold and snowing being able to look at animals and being able to recognize that capacity for a shared experience is, in my opinion, a part Of being a human, after that, it’s not a big jump to empathy, so, of course we try to help because they don’t have the capacity to think like humans, they’re innocent as children are, would you purposefully run over a person, then why would you run over another Living being, who has not done anything to you, they just want to be. Everyone has their own thing, some like to help people and some like to help animals.

That’S your choice that way the help gets spread around this old man rescued a female bear in childbirth. Years later he was brutally beaten by his fellow villagers, and the mother bear came to rescue it with his whole family. At the time of crisis, the old man rescued the mother bear in childbirth when he was beaten, the Bears family came to help. The old doctor had just finished picking an herb that was about to get up when suddenly a black bear came out of the bushes and blocked him. The sudden appearance of the black bear took the old doctor by surprise, but he quickly calmed down and observed the black bear carefully.

The black bear didn’t look, malicious and its right eye was covered with a scar, but it couldn’t hide the anxiety in its eyes. Seeing the old doctor picking herbs it wailed a few times at him, the old doctor saw that the black bear had no ill will and that it had a slightly pleading look. So he tried to ask the black bear if it needed his help. The black bear nodded as if it could understand what he had said then came to his side and hooked the medicine basket on his chest, with his bear paw. It pulled forward hard as if to take him somewhere.

The kind old doctor followed the black bear to a cave where a female bear lay the she-bear whimpered in pain and was soaking wet. The old doctor suddenly understood that this female bear was difficult to give birth. At that time the situation was special. The old doctor looked at the mother bear in pain his use of experience as a doctor made him feel very distressed, so he decided to save it. After making the decision, the old doctor hurried walked towards the mother.

Bear the tired she-bear immediately became alert when she heard the footsteps of the stranger and gave a frantic Roar in the direction of the old doctor. The howl of the female bear sounded intense hearing the Roar of the female bear. The black bear knew that it was hostile to the old doctor, so it immediately went to the female bear licked its head with its mouth. Then it licked the Mother Bear’s belly and looked at it tenderly after the black bear explained and reassured the female bear. The female bear was no longer agitated, but quieted down.

The howl of the mother bear startled the old doctor, because humans and bears could not communicate. It was fortunate that the female bear could be stabilized with the help of the black bear. The female bear could feel that the old doctor really wanted to save it, so it obediently obeyed the old doctor’s Arrangement after a while all the Cubs were born smoothly. The black bear couple was so happy to see the Cubs. They were born and licked each other with excitement.

The old doctor was very satisfied to see the happy face of the black bear family. The more important thing was that the mother bear and the Cubs were safe, so he could rest assured. Then the old doctor examined the two Cubs. They were all healthy, very active and lovely. The old doctor would leave the place after work.

The black bear couple saw the old doctor leaving and they said farewell to him gratefully after walking out of the Cave. The one-eyed black bear chased after a hair and put the hair directly in the old doctor’s medicine basket. The old doctor returned the hair to it, but the black bear would not accept it. Finally, the old doctor said kindly: you need to take good care of your eyes that mother bear gave birth to two Cubs for you. She needs this hair.

More than me, the black bear stood there. Blankly, the old doctor knew that it could understand some of what he said, so he added hey brother, if you really want to thank me, send me down the mountain after hearing this, the black bear really led the way for the old doctor it held the hair And occasionally looked back at the old doctor as if urging him to follow when they were near the village, the old doctor stopped the black bear. Who was leading the way hey brother, stop hearing? This? Is the black bear left the old doctor planned to go back to see their family tomorrow after returning to the hospital?

His granddaughter Ada was sitting under the tree in the hospital and processing medicinal materials. Grandpa you’re back ate a rush towards the old doctor and hugged him. The old doctor picked Ada up and said I saved a big black bear today. You would never have imagined that I would go to deliver them, so I’m only now back at that time. Ada!

No longer paid attention to the old doctor’s late return, but to the big black bear he saved. So she asked the old doctor to explain this to her after the old doctor finished speaking, Ada supported her head and said, Grandpa. Take me with you tomorrow. I haven’t seen a big black bear, yet his granddaughter helplessly persuaded the old doctor, so he agreed to take her with him. The next day, the old doctor in Ada went to the cave where the black bear family lived with some food.

The old doctor called out. First, at the entrance of the cave brother, I’m here to see you as soon as he finished speaking, a one-eyed black bear walked out of his hole and stood in front of them. It craned its neck to smell. Ada Ada took out the Apple from her backpack, boldly held it in front of the one-eyed black bear and expressed her kindness to it. The black bear sniffed the apple bit it lightly and walked into the hole while eating Grandpa.

It ate my Apple, the old doctor, rubbed Ada’s head and smiled with relief. The two Cubs were already able to drink milk, and the mother bear heard the movement and turned to look at him. It looked at the old doctor, then the one-eyed black bear appeared in time to break open the Apple given by Ada and then slowly fed it to the mother. Bear after the old doctor checked the mother bear and the Cubs. He also checked the injured eye of the one black-eyed bear.

Sadly, since it was injured a long time ago, it had no chance of recovery. This was really sad. The old doctor sighed and he didn’t know how it was so badly injured and it was even more difficult to imagine how it survived by Will. They left the cave after putting the fruit they bought. Ada looked back at the black bear.

Family reluctantly waved her hand and said I will come to see you after leaving the Cave, the old doctor went to collect medicine with Ada. Since the hospital was their only source of Life, they had to run their business. Well, a week later, the two black bear cubs finally opened their eyes. The first time parents of the black bears were so excited. They showed off their baby to the old doctor in Ada.

They were amused by it. It was at that time that gossip in the village emerged. It was not until Miss Lee from the next Village used the excuse of taking medicine to tell the doctor that the villagers were gossiping. The villagers said that ADA was unknown when she picked up the old doctor. It was that they took pity on her that allowed her to live in the village.

They often ran into the cave at that time and Lee see who went up the mountain to chop. Wood saw a big black bear in the cave, so they thought that ADA was transformed from a black bear. They guessed that the old doctor’s business must be so good because he was blessed by dedicating Ada to the black bear. The old doctor only felt that the rumors were getting more and more outrageous. He admired the ability of other clinics to make up stories and was shocked that anyone believed these outrageous rumors.

They had no bottom line and put a little girl in public opinion. These people were really hateful. The old doctor felt that there was nothing wrong with helping animals, even if someone stopped him and begged him for help that day, he would still help. He felt that there was nothing wrong with this matter, but it was taken advantage of by people who were greedy for profit, so it caused a lot of customers for the medical center. The old doctor always felt that doing things seriously is everyone’s work Criterion, but at that time some people just wanted to take shortcuts.

Maybe they would get into trouble. Gossip was temporary and after a few days, people were forgotten. The old doctor in Ada continued to live peacefully one day when they went up the mountain to collect medicine and visit the black bear. After the old doctor and Ada prepared the things they opened, the door of the medical Hall and found a group of people surrounded them, that group of people were the same people who spread the rumor that came from another medical facility which closed a few days ago. The person standing at the front was the owner of the hospital.

They were doctors, but instead of treating patients, they spread rumors everywhere, so they were bound to go out of business. The old doctor was protecting Ada. What do you want to do? We want to chat with you. We want to join your clinic and make the fortune together how’s that don’t earn ill-gotten gains. Otherwise there will be retribution. The old doctor, the old doctor, was very proud and would not give in to them. Don’T refuse a toast only to drink a forfeit come on guys following the boss’s orders, everyone poured into the small medical Hall and destroyed everything, and they let the efforts of the old Doctrine. Aida be ruined. Ada hid behind the old doctor and shivered.

Who can save me my grandpa? A strong Roar scared, everyone away from moving. Everyone followed the direction of the voice and saw the two black bears leading two little bears into the medical Hall in an instant some people who had no time to escape were thrown to the ground. The group of people who had just been showing off their power just now were frightened and fled everywhere after driving the bad guys away. The two black bears found the old doctor and Ada and touched them with the tip of their noses, who were too scared to open their eyes Grandpa.

They are here to save us. Ada said excitedly. The old doctor raised his head and looked over one-eyed black bear. Thank you. My friend, the viability of the animals is limited.

What this woman did was impressed, moose, otters and bears. Oh, my it’s springtime in Alaska and Wildlife. Offspring are starting to emerge, followed by an uptick in orphaned, newborns a lot of times. Mom will actually stash her Cubs or calves or newborns in a spot where she feels that it’s safe and she’ll go off to feed, explains biologist, Corey standorf of the Alaska Department of Fish and Wildlife. Wildlife is what Melissa, ronstad and her husband were hoping to see on their May trip to the Last Frontier, but they didn’t know how close they would get.

The couple was on a sightseeing boat in Prince William’s sound when Melissa says her tour guide, spotted wildlife in the water. I got the binoculars and it was a bear with a cub on its back explained, wrong’s dad. She says the mama bear climbed onto land, but noticed the other animal in the water. A second smaller black bear cub struggling to stay afloat. It was very small and it was swimming back away from the mom to save the smaller of the two Cubs from drowning.

They fished the baby from the water and warmed the Shivering, Cub standorf says: moose calves and baby bears die all the time in Alaska for a number of reasons, but that is the Beast sometimes of Mother Nature running its chorus. It’S tough to see in a lot of times when we see actual abandonment or a Mom, leaving a calf or a bear cub something like that. But it’s because she knows something is wrong with that newborn they have. That sense says standorf wrongstad says she knows it is prohibited to touch or transport wildlife in Alaska, but her motherly instincts kick in. It also is very difficult to let something so small drown.

She says. Black bears, for instance, are usually less aggressive and more tolerant to people. They often live near human settlements, whereas grizzly bears prefer to stay away from human settlements and are often extirpated from heavily used or populated areas. Black bears are excellent: climbers never run away from or approach him make yourself look as big as possible by spreading your arms or better, yet a coat make as much noise as possible by yelling banging pots and pans or using other noise making devices. If the bear approaches – and you have bear spray spray – the bear as he approaches Bears see the world through their sense of smell, which is something like sixteen hundred times that of ours, their eyesight isn’t so good.

That’S why, if you see one in the wild and it doesn’t run away, you need to make sure it knows. You are a human by shouting loudly and holding a big stick up in the air. Only humans are vertical and the stick makes you looking mistakably vertical and therefore very human Bears who live in the wilderness. Don’T know enough about humans and avoid them. I talked at length to a Wilderness guide who has never seen a bear in the wilderness, but Bears who live around campgrounds garbage dumps and around small towns and Resorts come to learn that humans mean garbage and garbage can mean easy, tasty food.

I’Ve related this story, but I was in a pop-up camper, solid roof, canvas walls and woke in the middle of the night to hear what at first I thought was a pig, but there were no wild pigs anywhere close and I soon came to realize that it Was a bear now I’ve been camping in Bear Country for a long time and we’d never had food in the camper never cooked in the camper. The bear moved on to another campsite where they hadn’t been as tidy the park, will tell you if a bear is spotted, get out of your tent or camper Stand Tall, yell and basically teach the Bears that humans are annoying.

We tried that our bear did not avoid us until the Rangers came with paintball guns, full of rubber balls, and even then it took a number of shots before he decided to leave so bears in the wilderness, avoid what they don’t know Bears who come into regular Contact with humans lose their fear and come to associate humans with food when they can’t solve the problem, they will ask for help from humans because they subconsciously think that humans can help them. If one day you encounter an animal that asks you for help, please don’t betray its trust and you do your best to help it. Maybe they’ll bring their mates to help you.

When you are in distress. Animals too have a life. They too have feelings of hurt, pain and have every right to live by helping them. We gain their love and Trust. They start living a Fearless life because most of them feel that humans are going to hurt them in some way or another, as animals sometimes they’re helpless, and they cannot talk, we should understand their needs and help them accordingly, just as we help humans, we should help Animals too, they are not inferior.

As for me, I never miss a chance to help animals when they’re in need. I have a great Happy feeling when I save their lives or feed them when they’re hungry. So I request everyone. That’S watching this to help animals. Whenever you can, because that’s what makes us kind and loving the only thing we have to protect animals against, is us and we should protect them because we know for sure they have a purpose and can feel pain and emotional heartache.

This conveys upon us as humans, a responsibility to protect them, to use our knowledge of them to outsmart them and develop ways to use and kill them is truly reprehensible. Animals are here for their own purposes. They are not here for us to eat where entertain us or die in Laboratories because of our poor lifestyle choices. Any animal that can swim should swim. Any animal that can fly should fly. Any animal that can run should run any animal that can slither should slither. This is today’s story.

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