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Daughter came to say goodbye to her father, She notices something strange And stops the Funeral

During the funeral, the little girl rushed to disfigure her father. Then she discovers unthinkable. A daughter plays the role of a referee between a father and a mother. Whenever parents feel that they’re falling out of love, the daughter daughter gives them a reason to love each other more. When a father and a mother divulge into an argument or fight, the daughter always saves the side of the father and becomes the referee.

You’ll likely experience the death of at least one grandparent in your lifetime, and when you do, it will cause intense pain and heartache. Although your grief will ultimately be unique to you and to the relationship you have with your grandparents, in the following video, we’ll discuss a few challenges common to grieving the death of a dad or mom. The death of any family member can have to feel pain. People minimize losses for a handful of reasons.

Some may assume your loss isn’t significant based on their belief that it’s the expected natural order for grandparents to die. First, some make their judgment based on their subjective experience that grandparents are distant, non nuclear relatives, while some may realize how much pain you’re in but offer the wrong words of comfort.

For example, maybe you’ve heard this one. Studies suggest that daughters have more intense grief responses to the loss of their parents than sons do. This isn’t to say men aren’t significantly affected by a parent’s death, but they may take a longer time to process their feelings. Ultimately, they may be slower to move on.

Grief will vary from person to person. Though there are certain emotions and circumstances that many of us will experience, it can often be a source of comfort to hear from someone who has experienced the emotional roller coaster of losing a loved one and has come out on the other side. It’s hard to even put it how it feels to lose a parent into words, but the key thing to keep in mind is there is no normal way of reacting.

I haven’t just felt one emotion since my father passed. My experience has been more like traveling the world. Each stage of your journey will be completely different, and as you wander through your grief, emotions will come and go. Losing a parent can lead to increased risks for long term emotional and mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.

Losing a parent in childhood only increases these odds, and about one in 20 children aged 15 and younger have suffered the loss of one or both parents. Jc was just a little girl when her father died in a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 2001. Soon after JC’s dad’s funeral, the little girl’s mother, Lisa, noticed that Jayce’s behavior was a little odd.

Lisa found her four year old daughter seemingly having conversations with multiple people in her empty room. I’d say, JC, who are you talking to? Lisa said. My dad talking to Daddy. Lisa was careful not to question too much, thinking that this was JC’s way of processing her dad’s death. But at the time, the curious mom couldn’t help but wonder what her daughter was talking about.

And when JC finally told her mum about what she was talking about, the four year old girl gave a shocking and unexpected explanation. Jc was just four years old when her father died on September 11 attacks, 2996 people died when the Twin Towers collapsed, and JC was just one of many children who lost a parent on that fateful day. But unlike many other children, JC started doing something rather odd.

Just after her dad’s funeral, JC’s mum, Lisa, noticed that her daughter would sit alone in her room and have long conversations with her deceased dad, and Lisa hardly believed her ears. When JC told her details that no one could explain, JC said, among other things, that she used to talk not only to her father, but also his boys. The boys were JC’s father’s colleagues who also passed away during the terrorist attacks.

Jc could name all of her dad’s coworkers, and she could also describe them, even though she had never met or heard of these individuals before her father’s death. Although this is something we don’t hear about every day, it’s certainly not the first time someone has claimed that they had contact with a deceased person, and I’m sure that JC actually talked to her father. But how and in what form? Only she really knows. Another sad experience for this girl.

A South African pastor has been making news headlines all over the world for staging a hilariously, ridiculous prank in which he appears to bring a dead man back to life in front of a congregation of churchgoers. Sir Alf Lucau of the Alleluia Ministries International Church in Cramerville, South Africa, has landed in hot water after a video showing him supposedly bringing a dead man back to life went viral online.

The controversial religious figure can be seen putting his hands on the dead man’s chest and shouting Rise up after his daughter call him, come back, dad and pastor did what he did. The man, who had supposedly died last Friday due to an undisclosed illness, opens his eyes and rises from the coffin with his mouth and eyes wide open to the shouts and cheers of churchgoers gathered around him. Within hours of the footage being shared online, Twitter was flooded with videos of people staging their own resurrection, miracles and ridiculing look out for this stunt.

News outlets started reporting on it as well. And it wasn’t long before South African authorities and religious figures put out statements condemning Pastor Lucau’s actions. He has now been sued by several parties, including the funeral parlors he allegedly tricked into indirectly participating in the forest. Lucau is now facing charges of organized crime, fraud and misrepresentation, among others.

The funeral parlors that provided the hearse, coffin and the dead man’s attire have denied any involvement in the resurrection, claiming that they were deceived by Alf Luca and his associates. They are now taking legal action against the Alaliyah Ministries leader for misleading them and causing damage to their reputation.

A South African Bishop has also sued Luca for misrepresenting Christian religious figures with his shameful miracle, although it seems quite clear that Alflukau went out of his way to make it seem like he had brought a person back to life with the power of God. The Alleluia Ministries International Church has backtracked on the resurrection claim following the heavy backlash from the public.

They are now claiming that the man in the coffin was indeed alive when the miracle was performed, but they are also maintaining that he had indeed died a few days before. What they’re basically saying is that Lucao completed a miracle that God had already started. You’re probably wondering what happened to the dead man, right? Well, he’s apparently been arrested for taking part in the stunt eyewitness news reports that has him identified as Brighton from Zimbabwe

an unqualified worker employed by a timber company in Pretoria. Speaking to 702 on Tuesday, a man claiming to be Brighton’s employer said that this was not the first time he helped Luka perform miracles in front of his congregation. He previously pretended to be a wheelchair bound man to make it look like the Alleluia Ministries leader used his power to help him stand up.

Can you imagine what a life he’s had? He’s working for me. He died, he was resurrected, and now he’s been arrested. Brighton’s supposed employer jokingly said, this isn’t the first time we’ve covered ridiculous miracles performed by daughter and shady African pastors. A couple of years ago, we featured Latheboro Ribalago, who claimed to heal people by spraying them with insect repellent, and Bongani Masiko, who asked his congregates to drink motor oil if they wanted to be saved, healed and delivered.

And who could forget Paul Senjangor, the Zimbabwean pastor who claimed to have God’s direct phone number and actually talked with him on the phone? Initially, you might not feel anything. It may even seem like you’re stuck in a dream and everything that’s going on isn’t really happening. I definitely went through the first month, if not the first year on autopilot.

But eventually everything does catch up with you and you start to feel less numb. It’s particularly hard when you lose a parent because initially you can’t just face the prospect of living your life without them. And the only way for some people to cope is to pretend like it’s not really happening.

Confronting and accepting that the pain is there is scary, but you need to do it to start the grieving process, having gone through the same thing and share with them. There weren’t such any groups in my area at the time, but such groups have sprung up everywhere, and even group shares can help write about what happened and about how you feel about it before I could do this.

I was taking a writing class, and one assignment was to write about someone whom you loved, who had died and gone on. It was painful and I wept and wept as I Typed it. I tried to write in an objective manner and it sounded so cold when I shared it with the group in the class. They suggested I explain it more and I wept and wept and quote

the thing is, if you repeat the story out loud or in writing enough times, you can begin to put it out of your heart and on paper or somehow objectively the story so that it becomes a story that’s out there. Share your Grief Talk to friends, colleagues and family members about what you’re feeling. They may not bring up your father’s death, but they will listen when you do.