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Daughter came to say goodbye to her mother, She notices something strange And stops the Funeral

Daughter came to say goodbye to her mother. She notices something strange and stops the funeral. A daughter is like a rose in every family, a reason for spreading love and happiness. Whenever parents feel that they’re falling out of love, the daughter gives them a reason to love each other more. When a father and mother divulge into an argument or fight, the daughter always saves the side of the mother and becomes the referee, but when she opens it, she discovered something very strange and screamed and alarmed everyone present, revealing something that no one expected.

Sarah at the age of 16 had led a very happy life until that terrible moment. She now had a great responsibility to take care of her little sister, maria luna, eight years old, who could not understand what really happened.

The loss of her mother at such a young age, they were now in the care of their mother’s stepfather, who had come into their life three years ago, but a month before that sad moment, their mother had just married Fernando when Sarah was the same age as Her little sister, maria luna, her mother, had told her that her father had died. In addition, they had to leave home to start a new life completely alone and without an inheritance, so she had to look for a job that stage of the girl’s life had been very hard because Sarah had never been able to get over the loss of her Parent since

she was very young and used to miss the calm life they had together, she now didn’t know how she was going to accept that her mother was no longer in this world and that she’d gone to heaven with her father carol was barely 30 years Old when she passed away, she had always been a hard-working person who, despite starting from scratch in another city, had earned the affection of her mates and family due to her willingness to help others and her excellent work. As a handicrafts dealer, she had a natural ability to convince others and that had favored her to make a lot of money.

The woman, despite being a single mother with a little girl and a baby in her arms, had managed very well to rebuild her life, showing others that if she worked hard, they could achieve many things carol. Four years after being widowed and in a city where she had no support had managed to build a handcraft company from scratch, obtain a large apartment, make a lot of money and raise her children on her own. Her suitors were not lacking in those years because she was a beautiful woman was also very intelligent.

However, no one understood why she had not rebuilt her personal life and did not know many details about her past paul wondered that every day he was the banker that woman had and knew her success very closely. The man had noticed her when he saw her and has always been trying to win her over for a couple of years.

However, she had always been afraid of putting another person in her life and her children’s lives, because, before being a woman, she was a mother and she had to protect them from everything over time. Paul managed to convince carol to accept his date because he would always been rejected for so long.

Finally, he had been able to enter her life as something more than a business relationship, even though the woman was very careful when introducing her children, because they were the most valuable things she had in her life, practically the only family. She had left paul understood very well the position of that woman and respected her limits at all times.

That was how he won carol’s heart, showing his love for her and for her children who reciprocated immediately because from the first moment they were unmatched chemistry between that man and the little ones carol managed to continue growing her company.

She was an empowered woman who had many abilities, so she managed to amass a great fortune, people who knew her used to admire her hard life. But she was also warned about paul’s greed, since he was a humble banker who could be interested in her money because he knew very well the figures she had saved in the bank. Nevertheless, carol at that moment was already blinded by the love she had for him.

Therefore, after several years of courtship carol finally agreed to marry that man who seemed to be good father for her children, finally consolidating their love without imagining what would happen eight months after such a long waited wedding, the authorities called the children’s house and reported that their Mother had been found in the middle of the company office, alluding that a heart attack had killed her immediately. Everything happened very quickly and nobody understood what really happened, because carol was a very healthy woman and that seemed impossible when her body was delivered.

Her coffin was not open because her family and acquaintances decided that they wanted to remember her as she was before beautiful and a very strong woman. The day of her funeral, her wake was filled with all the people who loved her. Her new husband paul cried next to the coffin and her children were devastated. Cheering for their mother. The scene was heartbreaking, especially when little sarah decided to approach her mother’s coffin and asked to see her one last time, despite the fact that her stepfather had prevented this from happening.

Since she wanted to make sure that everything was real because she did not remember seeing her father for the last time, however, when they finally opened the coffin, sarah gave a desperate cry that scared those present. Then the little girl stopped her ceremony when people surprised why. The little girl do that and missed up her mother’s last moments. They approached the girl and asked her what was happening. They could see what had scared the little girl, because the beautiful carol was unrecognizable due to the poisoned substance in her body.

That could be seen on her face. That was very strange because the medical report said that she had suffered a heart attack. However, what they saw on her face said the opposite: sarah was science lover in human body. She felt that there’s something weird about her late mother body and asked for police investigation. When the authorities reviewed the videos of the cctv of the company, they came to a great surprise because they saw carol going to company building when a man followed her to building and injecting her with poison and hours later.

She was found dead in her office because her children are too young. No one know that her bank account made a huge transactions to a board unknown account in the middle of nowhere. Thank god, then, that recording they could see the face of that person who had done such a terrible thing. It was paul the woman’s husband who supposed that he was in business trip as she led her children to believe rather she’d run away from a long time ago, because she feared for the safety of her little ones. Since that, on different occasions, he had acted in a way that had terrified the woman, the man after finding out that she had rebuilt her life with something that paul had in his life and that she was doing very well financially, had looked for her and had Plotted all that he had finally paid the doctors not to reveal the real reason she had died.

The authorities managed to do justice and caught the stepfather of the children who were left to care for their aunt, who turned out to be a very good caring cousin, because she raised the children of her late sister as if they were her own god could change Everyone’S personality, so that we cannot sin, this would also mean that we would not have free will.

We would not be able to choose right or wrong, because we would be programmed to do only right things and wish that god made our chosen. The best thing would be no meaningful relationships between him and his creation; instead, god made adam and eve innocent. However, with the ability to choose good or evil because of this, they could respond to his love and trust him or choose to disobey. They chose to disobey because we live in a real world where we can choose our actions, but not their consequences.

Their sin affected those who came after them. Similarly, our decisions to sin had an impact on us and those around us. Honest and good people are easy prey for cunning and wicked minded. Everyone is ready to take advantage of good people without thinking morally, whether they are right or wrong. Honesty is dying out time and people are changing.

Good people are used as per needs of the wicked people, and they are easy prey in today’s competitive ferociously, dishonest and cunning world. One who is good and honest is a lone land. It’S better to be part of the pact than to be a loner. Isn’T it today, you need to be as humble as a dove but at the same time as cunning as a serpent, a lie that yields good to others is truth itself, be honest till your honesty has not taken gullibility and weakness be kind to. You are not affected, but when in rome do, as romans did getting the tougher life while trying to do good in the process of measuring how far the sincerity we have in doing it, when some successfully passed that tough life, then he would obtain that very easy.

Beautiful life afterwards, to conclude, that is the examination of the life same as a student in education field, the higher education. He study the harder examination he will face. Finally, if we passed it, then we would be successful and otherwise losing a mother and father for those poor children is extremely unfair. Early parental laws is associated with negative outcomes, including anxiety, depression, prolonged grief, reactions, negative effects on sense of self increased risk or suicide substance abuse and eating problems. Difficulty with executive function, reduce quality of life and changes to how survivors approach, adult grief and pain are not a competition.

The lifelong impacts of losing a parent in childhood depend on the parent-child relationship before and the support the child receives after death. There is no such thing as worst age to lose a parent. Most people assume that losing a parent as a child at a younger age is the hardest thing, because losing an attachment figure is a painful thing.

However, if the child has a strong support system to help them process grief, they can still develop a secure attachment and thrive. On the other hand, older or even adult children may suffer a great deal because it is a significant loss in that person’s life or they don’t have close friends to pull them through this period.

So, there’s really no need to compare given the negative long-term effects associated with parental death. It’S imperative that society helps children grieve in a healthy way. However, cultural beliefs and persistent misunderstandings are often standing in the way of appropriate support for children and doing them a disservice. You may have buried these memories of their deaths. Deeply within your subconscious, mind and they’re, causing you to have problems.

Handling life life is a challenge for those who haven’t had such a traumatic event, but there is help available. You need to stop being silent about what happened years ago. We pray for a beautiful life for those children, thanks for reading.

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