Did Ariana Grande announce a new project/album/tour?

Ariana Grande is a talented singer and actress who has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. She first gained widespread recognition with the release of her debut album, “Yours Truly,”

which spawned the hit single “The Way” and earned her a Grammy Award nomination for Best Pop Vocal Album. Since then, Ariana Grande has released several successful albums, including “My Everything,” “Dangerous Woman,” and “Thank U, Next,” and has had a number of hit singles, including “Problem,” “Bang Bang,” and “7 Rings.”

In addition to her successful music career, Ariana Grande has also made a name for herself as an actress. She has appeared in several films and television shows, including a leading role in the Broadway musical “13” and a recurring role on the television show “Victorious.” Ariana Grande has received critical acclaim for her performances and has won.

Ariana Grande has also undertaken several tours in support of her albums, performing in venues around the world. She has won numerous awards for her music and acting, including Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, and MTV Video Music Awards.

It is not uncommon for artists like Ariana Grande to announce new projects, albums, and tours, so it is possible that she has made such an announcement recently. However, without more information, it is not possible to confirm whether or not Ariana Grande has announced a new project, album, or tour.

It is always a good idea to check the artist’s official website or social media accounts for the most up-to-date information about their projects and tours.