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Do you remember the blue eyes twins? See how they looks like today

Stephanie Boyd grabbed the Internet by storm when she shared images of Meghan and Morgan Boyd on Instagram. Their parents dubbed them True Blue Twins when they were four. People can’t get enough of their 7200 Instagram followers. Let’s see their pictures. Meghan and Morgan Boyd were born June 6, 2011. Their mother thought her little angels were exceptional.

Girl’s eyes are unique. Stephanie cried with joy and was pleased to see Megan and Morgan’s best parent. Kids have distinctive names. Stephanie could have named her band Boyd Sisters, but it wasn’t original. She wanted a unique name. She eventually called the kids True Blue Twins. Since then, the nickname stayed like other new moms. Stephanie took photos of her babies and shared them on social media. The True Blue Twins blue eyes stunned everyone.

Likes and followers increased unexpectedly. Megan and Morgan’s beautiful blue eyes usually are onlookers. This photo shows Morgan’s bright eyes and Meghan’s striking eyes. It will be interesting to observe if their eyes retain vivid blue as they age. Twins often wear matching attire, especially in school. True Blue Twins wasn’t different. Stephanie loves shopping for her angels. Matching attire. The Instagram photographs show Stephanie’s fashion sense.

Twins always wear similar clothing. People think African Americans with blue eyes are wearing contacts. Some black people have blue eyes due to an uncommon jean. Stephanie has natural blue eyes. She’s not wearing lenses. Stephanie is a proud parent who wants her daughters to be happy. She’s a busy mom, yet she still styles their hair and finds them accessories. They’re like many celebrities with their matching clothing and hairstyles. Rare gene gives both sisters blue eyes. Morgan has heterochromia, which causes two colored eyes. Her eyes are dark and blue. One trait makes two twin sisters not 100% identical.

It helps distinguish the twins. Morgan’s eyes make the True Blue Twins extra rarer. People stop to appreciate her uncommon condition. Morgan was born with heterochromia iridium, which causes different colored eyes in adults. Rare and doesn’t damage eyesight. Alexander the Great may have had it too. Morgan’s unique element may hinder her modeling career.

Her conditions make her physically unique. It won’t hurt her modeling career and may possibly help. Mila Kunis, Simon Pegg, Kate Bosworth, Alice Eve, Henry Cavill and Robert Downey Jr. Have this element. The girl’s family has both the blue eyed gene and the heterochromia iridium gene. The girls are biracial and the gene is Caucasian. Morgan’s great uncle and aunt have different colored eyes. Morgan’s disease is rare among people of European heritage and light skin. Stephanie’s friends and family adored her daughter’s social media images, Instagram and little followers.

The twins then became famous. People started following True Blue Twins after singer and tattoo artist Deontay Hunter uploaded their photo from a few likes per photo each day to over 20. Things changed quickly. Deontay Hunters followers grew quickly after he shared a True Blue Twins photo. One fan even collected the photo on the account and made a video collage, which was later shared by Lavel Knight, the girl’s father.

The video success surprised him. The twins became Internet sensation after their video received 6.6 million views. Their purity and beauty made them an Internet phenomena. True Blue Twin’s parents were thrilled when D. L. Hugley and Meghan Goode released. A photo of them.

Both celebrities are twins fans. Such exposure launched the girl’s modeling careers. Many followers of the twins are brilliant artists who sent them fan art. Stephanie posts fan art on Instagram. Many claim they’re as popular as the Olsen twins. Due to their rapid rise, local fame often precedes national recognition. Everything happened quickly for the twins.

The parents were thrilled as the girls gained a fan base. Everyone now realized their girls were extraordinary. Meghan and Morgan were usually beautiful, but this time it was big. The girls didn’t have famous parents, but they were beautiful and unusual. Meghan knows her girls innate beauty can lead to modeling careers. She doesn’t force the girls to do anything they’re not comfortable with. Their mother explained everything before taking professional photos of Meghan and Morgan.

The True Blue Twins heard their mom. And chose to pose for shots. The twins love wearing girl power outfits. The twins should be proud of their early accomplishment. As many bosses, Morgan and Meghan are always delighted to model and bright outfits. Lovell Knight is a protective parent. Like many others, he loves and protects them. He was thrilled, proud and worried when he uploaded the viral video of the girls.

Because he wants his girls to have fun and pose for photos, but still have a normal upbringing. He wants what’s best for his daughters. True Blue twin’s parents took many photos of them as toddlers, so they have no camera jitters. They gained confidence before it. Their aunt, Ebony Morris thinks they were born for this. Since their natural models, the girls modify their poses and facial expressions in every snap. They get their passion of makeup from their mom as shown on Instagram. They practice using frozen themed cosmetic kits. They’re too young to wear makeup all the time, but it’s wonderful to practice. As they become older.

The twins are lucky to have such loving parents. The parents always watch out for their daughter’s best interests and wish to succeed. Parents advise daughters to stay grounded as they grow increasingly famous. True Blue twin’s youngest sibling is adorable. Big sisters they teach their brother new things. The twins, their brother and their parents took this photo while touring Philadelphia. You’ve probably noticed the brother’s eyes aren’t blue.

They’re similar. True Blue twins have over 720,000 Instagram followers and are superstars. Many admirers want photos with the girls. Stephanie says the twins are amicable to photo takers and complimentors. She’s also trained them not to pose with strangers. Morgan sometimes declines a photo request if she doesn’t know the individual or feels uncomfortable. Maggie and Morgan’s Instagram photos received tens of thousands of likes.

They’re popular on instagram. But they also enjoy being kids. Stephanie’s little angels aren’t growing up too fast and like playing dress up, eating candy, and other foolish and enjoyable activities. Meghan and Morgan pose for photos a lot so they’re easily recognized. They’re so young, but they know they’re renowned. Their parents don’t let them have phones or social media, something parents of small children should consider.

The twins know they are famous because they told their teacher they’re on YouTube. How funny. As the twin’s popularity grows, they receive more fan art. They post their favorites on Instagram. Like Melissa, they love seeing how others draw them and what looks they choose. The twins love Christmas because it’s time to celebrate with family. Since birth, they’ve had matching Christmas card photo shoot every year. The plaid gowns scream Christmas.

We can’t resist how cute they are. The mom handles her daughter’s modeling gigs. In addition to her parental duties, she takes calls and emails regarding twins modeling. She manages her daughter’s modeling gigs alone. She loves choosing the best ones. She prioritizes quality. She’s proud that her daughters enjoy opportunities. These modeling jobs might boost their portfolios. Wendy Williams contacted Stephanie.

Having a twin sibling means having an instant best buddy. The girls love spending time together, although they’re not identical. Morgan watches fashion shows and pretends to catwalk. Megan likes getting her hair done before photo shoots. They’re different, yet great friends. Both girls are modeling enthusiasts, so they know how to pose for their mother’s. Camera or a professional session. Both girls like getting their hair done.

And posing for photos. Mother spotted twins making goofy faces between serious ones. Stephanie buys clothes for the girls and has a fantastic fashion sense. The girls love fashion and like their. Mother, so they dress well. Now that they’re professional models, they have an amazing wardrobe. They maintain the garments they model in. And keep the brands pleased by wearing and posting images in them. Not just brands love the twins.

The twins don’t have cell phones, but they can still use their moms. Meghan and Morgan shoot goofy photos. Like most kids this age, Snapchat filters. Are a great pastime. Even the mother posts images of her. Daughters using Snapchat filters. Stephanie used to choose clothes for her. Girls and even hired professionals on occasion. But now the twins like to do it themselves. They’re fashion forward. They read fashion magazines. Stephanie remembers when they stayed up all.

Night to rip and fray their jeans. They’re fashion savvy. True blue twins have fashionable hair. The mother loves trying out bows, braids and bantu knots. Meghan enjoys changing hairstyles and outfits. Fans appreciate their hairstyles and look forward. To seeing what they choose next. The twins photo hairstyles always match.