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Will she survive? Will she breathe? This was it. There was no turning back. I heard her loud cries. Mom births baby with lymphatic malformation condition makes her love her little girl so much more. Eden Sue Jones inspirational story is told here. Eden’s parents, Taylor and Chelsea Jones of Rhonda, were told there was a chance their baby may not survive before she was born.

That’s because their unborn child developed a cystic hygroma, a fluid filled sac caused by a lymphatic system blockage. Doctors were concerned that big cysts in. Her Airways could cause fatal breathing issues. At delivery, Eden might not make it. Past her first day, which was sad. News for Taylor and Chelsea. But on August 2016, at twelve, 01:00 p.m. Miraculous baby Eden overcame all chances by being delivered by a C section.

In front of a room full of. Doctors, pediatric, ENT surgeons and NICU nurses. She was born with a lymphatic abnormality on her neck in the form of a tumor. Eden has continued to surprise doctors and. Defy the odds to become a perfect, happy and beautiful little girl. After two years, several hospital trips and. Nine treatments, Auggie Ray, a three month.

Old baby, is her older sister. Eden’s mother, Chelsea, has opened up about her life and began to write a blog about their journey. In an attempt to overcome the stigma associated with her condition, Chelsea opens out about everything from the dark, terrible start of her pregnancy to vital comments from trolls the family has met online to the lovely young girl Eden has become.

Here’s an example of one of Chelsea’s motivational blog pieces, which first appeared on. The Love What Matters website. Chelsea writes, we were up late the night before she came. I was terrified that night. I sobbed numerous times. I was terrified of what lay ahead. How could I be overjoyed when I. Had no idea what would happen to our baby?

I was a flurry of feelings. I was ecstatic, but yet terrified. Will she make it? Will she be able to breathe? Will I be able to see her before she’s abducted? It was tough for me to fall back asleep because my mind was racing with so many thoughts. So I got out of bed and. Prepared myself for one of the most. Significant days of my life.

Chelsea and Taylor were taken to the. Hospital by family members because they were too shaky and frightened to drive themselves. And Chelsea was hooked up to a. Variety of monitors to keep an eye on the baby. Sitting there, just the two of us. Waiting to be rolled back to the. Surgery room, felt surreal. We managed a couple of anxious laughs and smiles. We kept discussing and longing to be a family soon and for our baby.

Girl to be fine. At this moment, I wasn’t nervous. I attempted to disconnect from what was going on, else I would have become completely frantic. It hadn’t truly hit me yet. She said, but it wasn’t long before. The situation’s true gravity became apparent. Chelsea writes, all the worry and nerves. That I had carried throughout my pregnancy. Hit me all at once. Taylor tried to calm me down, but. He was just as frightened as I was.

There was no turning back now, and for a brief time I hoped I. Could have stayed there forever. I knew I could keep my kids safe inside me, breathing. I’d been carrying her for nine months. And physicians were about to take her. Away from me to try to save her life. Eden was delivered by a team of over 20 doctors and nurses who took.

Up the entire corridor outside the operating room. I started to feel claustrophobic because it was such a small space. I tried not to look at the. Number of individuals in the room since it made the scenario a million times. Scarier to commence the birth, I was. Rolled into the frigid surgical table. Did this actually happen? Chelsea was given pain relievers for her. Back, and physicians began Csection surgery right away.

Within 15 minutes of entering the operating room, Taylor continued assuring me that everything. Was great and I heard the most beautiful, loud cries. Chelsea said, I can’t even tell you. What I’m feeling right now. Everyone was really taken aback. Our baby had arrived and she was. Sobbing like a miracle. No one expected it, and even the.

Nurses started crying along with us. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was all quite bizarre. I’ve never felt such a rush of joy as I did when we heard our daughter scream. Even though I prayed for nine months, it was something we were told was unlikely to happen. Eden was transported to the hospital right.

Away for medical examinations to ensure that. She was healthy and that her Airways were clear. She was temporarily returned to Chelsea before. Being taken away to the neonatal intensive care unit. Once more, we were both crying tears. Of pleasure, and Taylor patted my hair. And asked if I was okay. I barely got a brief sight of. Eden because she had to be taken to the NICU.

I preferred to keep her warm and protected over holding her right. Immediately, I was wheeled out of the. Operating room and taken to the recovery unit. Chelsea’s anesthetic began to wear off after. A short time, and as the physical discomfort mounted, so did Chelsea’s want to. See her newborn baby? I felt helpless as I looked at all the other mothers with their newborns.

She says on her blog. My baby was alone with strangers and I lost all control. When will I be able to see my baby? I inquired of the nurse taking my vitals. Chelsea was finally permitted to greet her daughter 6 hours after giving birth, and. She was wheeled to the NICU. I was finally allowed to see our. Kid through a plastic baby incubator, and despite the wires that ran all over her beautiful new skin and into her tiny little nose.

They never stole who she was. Even with all those tubes and wires, she looked stunning and I couldn’t believe she was mine. I rubbed her head and told her how much I loved her while staring into her small incubator. She was a miracle child for us. They finally took her out of the. Incubator and I was able to hold her. I felt whole again right away.

She brought us together. I felt the love I didn’t think was possible. I had about an hour with her. Before I had to leave her for. The night to get some rest. Chelsea and Taylor were cautioned to expect the worst after such a terrible pregnancy. Chelsea and her daughter, Eaton, were moved. To the Ward where Chelsea after only. Two days of intensive care, which meant.

Chelsea and her baby spent the same. Length of time in the hospital as. A typical Csection patient. The weeks that followed were long and slow, and Eden was admitted to Noah’s. Ark Children’s Hospital at the age of. Seven weeks, where she spent nearly a month of her life. Chelsea stated, we did everything we could. To get her home. We defeated medical teams and demonstrated our work. We learned how to care for our. Kids in ways that no other parent could. We had medical training.

We knew more about her condition than some doctors. We just knew hospital walls, MRI scans and automobile rides. Every day I cried. Without our family’s daily visits, we wouldn’t. Have made it through that period. We adored her back then and we still do now. Eden was finally allowed to return home. She miraculously returned home. She overcame all odds. People were incorrect about her. They threw tubes and wires out like they were nothing.

We didn’t expect it, but she delivered. We were terrified. When we learned Eden had a lymphatic. Abnormality, we looked on the Internet for any answers. We were warned Eden would not be ordinary. We were warned that she would be deformed. We were informed there was a possibility she wouldn’t make it. Doctors were concerned about the extent of the lump pressing on Eden’s Airways. Chelsea claimed.

She wrote, we were informed surgery would. Be a routine course of life for. Years to come, but here we are. Two years later with our gorgeous, happy little child. After innumerable hospital appointments and nine therapies. Eden is two years old and has. Had eight Sclero therapy treatments, as well as a laser and cystic fiscal on her tongue to help reduce the size of the lump in her neck and tongue. She’ll get a tongue reduction in January of next year and will eventually have the remainder of the deformity surgically removed, Chelsea writes on her blog.

I don’t know how it’s possible, but all of this has simply made me. Love this little girl so much more. She’s such a warrior and every day my heart grows bigger with love for her. We won’t let Eden’s sickness define her and we want to give her the. Best opportunity of beating it physically and emotionally. Chelsea said we still have a long way to go and no one knows what obstacles will face along the road. As parents, we’ve had to learn to.

Do things we should never have had. To do and we’ve developed fortitude we. Didn’T know we had. However, we’ve come a long way. If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a mother, it’s that Parenthood is a roller coaster ride.

The game changes just when I think I’ve got it all figured out but. I never give up hope. First and foremost, rather than attempting to be the perfect mother I strive to be the best mother possible by always giving my all Eden is now a happy, healthy four year old child who. Continues to defy all odds. We can only wish this amazing family the best of success.