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Doctors couldn’t stop crying when they realized how this baby was born

Doctors couldn’t stop crying when they realized how this baby was born. Some parents expect their children to be just like them. For a myriad of reasons, the parents are arrogant and believe their way is the only one valid way some people are convinced it will make them immortal.

I’ve never understood this one consider cases of abusive parents unconditional love, another myth perpetrated by breeders. If their love were unconditional, they would adopt rather than granting love only under the condition the child is their only biological.

However, in those cases we can see how god examines some parents faith and how they can deal with it. It’S not something easy to have a child with deformity. I believe that taking an unflinching look at natural extremes can provide us with important insights into how god or nature works.

Such unique traits are fascinating because on the one hand, we see the miracle of creation, but on the other hand, we see that something has gone horribly, horribly wrong, something unexpected has happened and nature seems unprepared to handle it, and this leads us to ask some interesting Questions about the existence of the individual soul and questions about who or what is behind the formation of these bodies. A three-day-old baby in northwest china has had its underdeveloped twins, separated from its lower back.

The baby boy named akram was born with a rare condition which affects one in five hundred thousand births. The condition occurs when one twin is attached on to another twin and grows dependent on it. Dr amujang, a durian from urumqi, children’s hospital successfully removed the 1.2 kilogram or 2.65 pound parasitic twin from akram’s body in an hour-long operation on december 6.

According to a rum key evening, newspaper dr abduryam found abnormalities in the twins during a 4d ultrasound scan in september, when akram’s mother, known as rina, was still pregnant, the mother insisted that they should try carrying on giving birth. She was then transferred to the arumki number one: people’s hospital for further checkups doctors at the arom key number. One people’s hospital confirmed that one of the twins was a parasitic twin and had not fully developed. The parasitic twin was attached to the other fetuses sacrum, which was a triangular bone at the person’s lower back. The other twin appeared.

Healthy rena gave birth to akram on december 4th at 38 weeks pregnant, along with the underdeveloped twin. The underdeveloped fetus was about 23 centimeters long or 9 inches and 15 centimeters wide or 6 inches. It had formed teeth, bones, hair and digestive system. Luckily, akram was in a healthy condition, said dr abduriam. He explained that this is a case of sacral recibious parasite when two fertilized eggs failed to develop normally in the mother’s womb, but one lie within another, fully developed as a parasite.

The newborn went through a one-hour surgery on december 6 and successfully had the parasitic twin removed from his lower back surgeons, also removed the abdominal aorta that provided nutrients to the parasitic twin. They also shortened a centimeter of his backbone to avoid any contact with the remaining cells from the parasite.

This is the third case of a parasitic twin that rumke children’s hospital has received this year. According to the report, this wasn’t the first time doctors in india claim to have delivered a baby boy with the arms and legs of his headless, parasitic twin jutting out of his tiny body in what a pediatrician is described as a rare case. The boy is fully formed, while his parasitic twin has its hands.

Legs, bladder, anus and excretious system attacked the twins. Heart, kidneys and head are sad to be missing. Medics said they were planning surgery to remove the arms and legs of the boy’s parasitic twin. As soon as possible, providing his condition was stable enough they’re, confident the boy will go on to lead a healthy life. The unnamed baby’s mom, like shimmy 24 lives in a village in india.

She gave birth naturally on november 25th at a government health center and was later moved to the institute of child health. Ich a state hospital in chennai the baby is under medical observation in the neonatal intensive care unit at ich and doctors are hoping to perform surgery to detach the limbs in the near future. Doctors said they were conducting tests to establish the risk of surgery which will be at no cost to the family. Dr sirinvesen, a government pediatrician physician who helped the family before they referred to ich, said it’s most definitely a rare case. We cannot yet determine the long-term health of the stronger baby, but doctors are hopeful.

Surgery will be successful. It is concluded that doctors will remove the limbs of the parasitic twins so that the fully formed baby can grow into a normal toddler and have a glowing future relatives are planning to kill the baby. Mr dandish said i was very shocked when i heard these relatives who seem extremely orthodox and superstitious were planning to kill the baby by throwing him into the river. I couldn’t sit back and do nothing when they arrived. I was upset to see the condition of the child.

We did an initial diagnosis and gave him immediate treatment, but the child was critical, so we referred him to a better hospital. The boy was taken to the government hospital sms medical institute and hospital in jaipur, around 450 kilometers from pindwara a team of four doctors, successfully operated and removed.

The baby’s parasitic twin, dr parveen, mathur senior professor and head of the pediatric department, who carried out the surgery, said the child had four legs: three hands and two penises. The upper limb of the parasitic twin was underdeveloped, even though he was internally fine. His condition was problematic due to the attached extra limbs and genitals.

We’Ve now removed the extra limbs and intestines that were restricted to the parasitic twin. The boy is currently doing fine, but we will continue to keep him under observation for at least a week. The hospital had conducted similar surgery just three months earlier. Dr parveen said it feels good that both surgeries have been successful. There’S no question that life is complex.

I find it miraculous that a few cells can multiply and grow into such complex organisms, replete with close knit knit bones: organs, muscles nerves, etc. How does each cell know where to go and what to become? There seems to be some central command orchestrating the entire project, but where is this oversight when it comes to conjoined twins? These bizarre mergers do not appear to be intentionally malicious. If satan is behind them, why not just kill them instead of conjoining them?

Why combine them in random ways with random amounts of success and failure? If we’re being intelligently designed, we might expect the designer to look upon twins about to conjoin and say no, no, no, that’s all wrong or at least provide adequate programming, so that cell a knows. Never to merge with cell b, it appears as if he’s not interfering with the natural world, he created creating new souls and inserting them into babies. He must remain somewhat involved. How can he command the soul creation process yet not dictate?

That twins should always remain separate. The naturalist in me sees conjoined twins as nature’s unfortunate experiments. She may fail seventy five percent of the time what twenty five percent of the time she gets lucky and actually makes something fit enough to survive. This is similar to the evolutionary process, though these mistakes are on a genetic level. When mistakes turn out to be advantageous, the organism survives and replicates.

If the mutation is a disadvantage, the organism is wiped from existence. It’S just a matter of probability, create enough random mutations and eventually stumble upon something that works. What nature really has going on in her favor is that she only keeps her winners as the winners continue to interbreed. They all share in all their new found strengths. Parasitic conjoined twins have the same physio pathology than conjoined twins, they’re joined to an otherwise normal fetus, the autocyte.

They usually consist of externally attached supernumerary limbs, sometimes some viscera rarely a functional heart or brain they’re, united in the same sites of the conjoined twins. Ventrally sharing the same yolk, sac or dorsally, sharing portions of the cranial vertebral axis, and often the neural tube as well frequency in the dorsally parasite. Conjoined twins is over five times greater than those united ventrally. The chromosomal pattern were generally identical in the present case. The union is by the rump, more than half of the rump are incomplete.

The parasitic twin usually has bony limbs the most common, perhaps genitalia, and an anus and neural connections or vestiges of any organ like bowel bladder, kidney or another rudimentary organ, or simply a mass between conics and the anus like a sarcagial teratoma neural connections above the sacrum Are rare, two-thirds of the cases are females, surgical separation was reported in literature and almost all survived. A fibrous and cartilage attachment to the concepts was noted in large blood vessels too. In cases with union of neural tube, the cord could be divided and successfully separated. Some incontinence can occur. Two dominant theories exist to explain the creation of parasitic twins, the fission theory and the fusion theory.

The former proposes a partial separation of a single embryo. At the end of the second week following conception, on the other hand, the latter points to the combination of two initially distinct parts in early development. Additionally, some experts suggest that incomplete twinning is responsible for parasitic twins. A single egg fails to fully separate or split between days, 13 and 15 after conception, ultimately producing conjoined twins. Lastly, ischemic atrophy theory cites vascular problems in the uterus as the underlying reason for ischemic accidents and the development of a parasitic twin.

At this point, it’s still unknown what triggers any of the above scenarios. Surgical removal of a parasitic twin is generally performed to save the life of the autocytic twin and preserve their health. It relieves the physical burden of the parasitic twin on the healthier sibling and is usually done after delivery. Each case of conjoined parasitic twins features unique circumstances. Surgical procedures for parasitic twin removal vary depending on the extent and site of connection.

Several imaging tests are conducted in an effort to map the surgery carefully before beginning surgeons must not only separate soft tissues but bony, as well as vascular connections, i.e. Those containing blood vessels issues arising from parasitic twin removal may include infection, hernia and improperly healed wounds. In some instances, follow-up surgery is required afterwards, the dominant twin is tested for breathing and heart problems caused by the strain of supporting the vestigial parasitic twin. Otherwise, the autocydic twin tends to possess an excellent chance of survival.

Parasitic twins are an asymmetrical version of conjoined twins in which a partially formed fetus is attached to a normal functioning fetus. Although organ sharing between them is very rare, the parasitic twin sometimes displays a fully functioning heart or brain. In other instances, the auto-acidic twin looks like a single fetus with unrecognizable, protrusions or extra limbs.

If the parasitic twin condition is left untreated, the dominant sibling is susceptible to major medical complications, since the rate of parasitic twins is extremely low occurring in less than one out of every one million births. Research is scarce, however, with the help of improved surgical and imaging techniques, experts continually striving to unravel the many mysteries surrounding parasitic twins.

I wish this families accept the baby’s faith and accept god’s gifts. However, they are every day we see how science heal this deformity cases and save some babies by science. What i believe that is modern miracle from god – god bless them thanks for reading.

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