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Doctors Fainted when They Discovered who their Pregnant Patient was

What could make a doctor collapse after discovering who his pregnant patient was? It should be a regular case and he shouldn’t be disturbed. Right? But here’s a unique story that you haven’t heard before. This is the story of Lisandro and Crystal.

You know the circumstance when a parent has such a distinguished career in a profession and the kid merely perceives the need to follow in their father’s footsteps. That’s how Lisandro picked what he studied in College. His dad was an amazing doctor who achieved great heights in his field. He was well recognized for aiding folks who couldn’t handle their hospital costs. But this family wasn’t always financially buoyant.

They went through some harsh situations in the past. Lisandro’s parents got married at an early age. They were both high school lovers whose relationship was the envy of the school. Many students felt their love would not endure, but they proved them all wrong. At the age of 20, Lisandro’s mum, Sandra, became pregnant.

This was at the time when his parents had recently earned College entrance. Sandra was struggling with managing her job and having a baby and their financial woes only made matters tougher for the young family. The father, Martin, had not started working as a doctor and the family was struggling. But while his family battled to make finances meet, Martin never stopped helping people whenever he could. It was one of such kind endeavors that catapulted him to financial Liberty.

A bunch of high school students were returning home after a crazy night out. They were all inebriated and shouldn’t have been driving. The pupils were involved in a horrible accident that saw all of them sustain varying injuries. While four of the youngsters had bruises that didn’t require serious treatment. One girl was gravely damaged and needed to be operated on immediately.

It was Martin who went the additional mile to ensure that she got everything she needed, which was what saved her life. What this nice doctor didn’t realize was that the girl was from a very rich and powerful family. The girl’s name is Ayana. She received significant injuries to her skull and barely survived. Ayana is the daughter of a Russian oil mogul, the ones who are known as Oligarchs.

After this girl’s family heard about what Martin had done for their daughter, they paid him abundantly. The Russian millionaire donated the finances for Martin to build a hospital and to purchase the greatest equipment money could buy. And this was how Martin’s family built their money. The hospital was successful and it ranked as the top medical center, not just in their state, but in the whole area. It was also rated as one of the greatest in the country.

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Lisandro’s father also earned multiple accolades for the amazing job he did. Now that they were prosperous, he could put his children in the best schools he was able to afford them. Alessandro played football while he was in school and he was highly popular and adored he was not their finest player, but he was talented enough to make the team after high school had his pick of the greatest schools, not because of his family’s influence, but because he was a very clever student. After he got entrance into College, the young man proceeded on his road of academic brilliance. One day, while heading to class, a lady who was rushing to class ran into him and knocked their books off both hands.

He helped her pick up her books and he couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous she looked. The medical student was amazed by her beauty. However, she was in a rush. He could sense that she didn’t want to have a discussion and trying to gain a number would have been pointless. Still, for the entire day he chastised himself all day for not least making a move.

He wondered if he would ever see her again. What if that was the only time he’d ever see her face? Lisandro made a conscious effort to always use the same path. He met her. Maybe he would come across her again and acquire her number.

For over a month he used the same path, but he never met the lady again. He’d almost given up on ever meeting the girl until on Saturday, he got the chance to see her again. This time she was in a car with another man. Cassandra was worried. He was quite glad to see her again, but was she in a relationship?

Not long after, she came out of the car and the guy was driving stepped out as well, and they both headed into a restaurant. The medical student assumed to himself that the way that they were swapping jokes, they must be in love. He got his chance to chat to the girl. When the guy left the table for a few minutes, she remembered him quickly and apologized for running into him. Her name was Crystal and she didn’t hesitate in providing him her phone.

Crystal is a student studying education. She always wanted to be a teacher because she believes it’s the finest way to help the community. Unlike Lisandro, she comes from a modest household. She has four siblings and she was the only girl. Her family has not always been able to afford a luxury lifestyle, but they’ve always been comfortable.

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Crystal and Lisandro became friends and for a while that’s all they were. They got along so well and spent most of their time doing things together. She admired him for his objectives and attitude. The young doctor wanted to be more than friends, but he was frightened of rejection, so he never revealed his thoughts with her. This education student never had that problem.

She took the first move by kissing him, after which they started dating. In the final year of College, Lisandro proposed. Of course, she said yes. Things were going well for the young couple and they both got extremely well with each other’s families. So much so that one of Crystal’s brother’s kids was left by him because Cassandra was good with youngsters.

So why didn’t they have theirs? Well, they’ve been trying really hard for a few years. Even before they got married, the pair tried to make babies, but it just never happened. Crystal was never pregnant. The couple saw a physician and had several reproductive tests.

The test results revealed the problem was with Lisandro. He had a poor sperm count and the doctors prescribed many medicines for him. However, two years later and nothing had changed. Lisandro was depressed. He had a faithful wife who’d never ceased loving him, but he felt inadequate for not being able to have a baby with her.

One night he told Crystal that if she wanted a divorce, he wouldn’t hold it against her because it was his body that was a problem. But rather than leaving him, she proposed they adopt a child. Not long after they started investigating adoption, the teacher was feeling poorly. She was usually feeling queasy and she realized she hadn’t seen her period for about two months. However, she didn’t notify her husband since she didn’t want to give him false optimism.

Instead, she took a pregnancy test which verified her concerns she was pregnant. Isn’t that amazing? But rather than telling Lisandro, she wanted to offer him a surprise that would be worthy of the news and she had a novel plan to make it happen. This strategy incorporates her husband’s clinics, staff, employees. She met with them and explained her ideas with them.

They were ecstatic that she was pregnant and they were all happy to play the role in making her idea happen. When I informed the nurses that I was expecting a child, they were overjoyed. One of the nurses, notably Isabel, who I’m really close to, we’d become excellent friends. When I told her, we both burst into tears because she understands how badly we wanted this and how it was affecting our relationship. So what was Crystal’s plan?

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Lisandro and his father had had a hard day in the office when they were told there was a woman in discomfort who had just been brought into the hospital. This was in the early phases of pregnancy and stomach had not started to show. They explained how the woman was feeling and asked them to conduct a pregnancy test for her. When it was time to tell the woman what her results were, they walked into the room and realized that it was Crystal herself. His wife was the expectant woman.

Lucinda collapsed out of shock and his father nearly fainted from happiness. After Lisandro was revived, he grasped on to his wife’s belly and he couldn’t stop crying. He assumed he’d woken up from a dream. Lisandro was finally going to be a father and the notion of it filled him with much excitement. Seven months later, Crystal gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy.

The couple liked becoming parents and a few years later they got lucky again and welcomed another son. Becoming a parent is arguably one of life’s best moments for people who wish to have a family. And there’s no doubt about it that children are a blessing who provide immense happiness. What do you think of this story? Till next time, keep safe.

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