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Doctors see something coming out of baby’s hand, when they find out what it was, it left them in Awe

Doctors see something coming out of baby’s hand when they find out what it was it left them in awe a five-month-old brisbane youngster is undergoing his fourth surgery just two weeks after acquiring meningococcal disease from his mother after contracting the deadly condition on november 10 archers roberts was transported to ipswich hospital and then moved to brisbane’s lady solento

Children’s hospital his mother caitlin galea said she is unknown how many surgeries archer may need in the future but she’s hopeful that skin transplants will be performed today according to expectations archer’s fingertips and toe ends will all self-amputate at some point however this is encouraging news given the fact that physicians were not optimistic about archer’s survival

Archer only had a 20 chance of surviving when we hurried him up to pediatric intensive care to look on the doctors and nurses faces said it all they didn’t think archer would make it through the night but he did miss galea explained archer only had a 20 chance of surviving she has posted a heartbreaking message on facebook about the day archer became sick which you can read below she is granted permission to arm to reproduce this message in its entirety

Here are some of her exact words have you ever thought about what your greatest nightmare would be like to live through when you become a parent the mere notion of anything bad happening to your children makes you feel ill to your stomach you put forth all effort in your ability to keep them safe at all times it was the morning of november 10th and archer awoke at 5 30 as was customary for him he woke up a contented baby who was giggling and talking and he spent an

Hour playing on the floor before his morning nap when he woke up from his nap he was depressed and refused to eat anything he simply screamed then i put him in the pram and took him outside where he was falling asleep but whimpering after two hours i realized that he was scorching hot so i took him straight to the shower where he usually enjoys it but to my surprise he screamed as a result josh and i decided to take archer

To our regular doctors in brickwater where we were seen and sent home since archer had what appeared to be an ear infection archer began to deteriorate rapidly at 12 pm he slept the entire afternoon and wailed when he was touched around 3 30 p.m i saw archer’s lips were getting gray and when i called josh to check in on him his lips had turned purple as well we made the decision to go back to the doctor since something

Didn’t seem quite right at the time on our drive i sat in the back seat to make sure archer was okay about 10 minutes into our drive he began to struggle to move and his lips were becoming darker which is why we drove straight to ipswich hospital to get him checked out there was a nice lady waiting for archer at the door of the emergency room where she took my hand and accompanied me to a bed it was at that point that i lay

Archer down and observed two tiny red dots on his chest and i realized right away that my baby was in trouble josh and i were taken away by a social worker and placed in a cramped quarters with no windows everyone came back with an update of your child is very unwell every 10 minutes and that was all we heard for hours each time josh and i went in to visit archer there was a sea of physicians

Surrounding him and every doctor and nurse available was devoted to keeping archer alive as long as possible then they informed us that archer was not stable enough to be transported to lady solento where he was immediately placed on life support by the staff after being placed on life support archer had a 20 chance of surviving the ordeal archer was eventually stable enough to be transported around 10 30 pm and we

Arrived at lcch within 10 to 15 minutes thanks to the use of lights and sirens when we arrived at pediatric intensive care the site on the doctors and nurses faces said it all they didn’t expect archer to survive the night yet he did the next morning as the nurse who had been caring for archer was leaving she hugged me and said at the beginning i didn’t think he’d make it through the night but because he did i’m confident your man will make it

A gofundme account put up to generate donations for the young family has already raised more than five thousand dollar goal it set out to raise in just sixteen days more than thirteen thousand dollars has been raised by three hundred individuals prior to that a five-month-old a young child from brisbane is in hospital after acquiring the potentially fatal meningococcal disease he is in surgery today according to archer robert’s mother caitlyn to

Clean and patch the burns on his legs left arm and stomach and hip that he sustained he’s anticipated to make a full recovery which is a blessing he will lose a few fingertips in the tips of his toes but they will self-amputate said the doctor mr golia explained that he will require a skin graft the following week because the doctors drilled into his hip to obtain fast extra fluids they didn’t get

All of the way into the bone and the fluid spilled onto his skin causing it to burn archer on the other hand still has a long path ahead of him it has not been proven but miss scalia believes he could stay in the hospital for several months longer which is good for archer since he can do whatever he wants but life goes on and bills continue to pile up in just four days a gofundme account put up for the couple

Has already raised more than nine thousand dollars well beyond the original goal of five thousand something that miss scalia and her business partner josh roberts are unable to fathom isn’t it incredible gosh josh and i can’t really comprehend it we’re extremely grateful she expressed gratitude miss scalia and mr roberts took archer to ipswich hospital on thursday after seeing that he had a

Fever was moaning was disturbed and had gray purple lips according to miss scalia it was around 11am at that point and he was merely feverish and whimpering at around 3 30 to 4 p.m his lips started changing colors and he wouldn’t wake up he was quite lethargic the blood was drawn for dna testing according to miss scalia but it wasn’t until friday but it wasn’t until friday morning that it was confirmed that young archer had meningococcal disease

The purple rash that appeared all over his body and his pulse rate was racing and his blood pressure was dangerously low says the doctor he was put on life support he had a survival rate of only 20 percent says the mother afterwards archer was transported to brisbane’s lady cilentro children’s hospital where doctors administered a blood transfusion to save his life after archer’s parents discovered that their five-month-old son had gotten the

Deadly meningococcal disease later that evening josh roberts took to facebook to express his grief at knowing his darling boy had contracted the sickness the only way to learn about this is to read about it in the newspaper or watch it on television nobody expected it to strike someone as healthy and joyful as a young boy with so much going for him and so much love in his heart menendez cockle he came at you like a

D11 bulldozer yesterday mr roberts wrote on facebook late friday night you hit my son yesterday like a wrecking ball but he came back at you like a d11 bulldozer mr roberts wrote on facebook late friday night monundo cockle you’ve found your soul mate in the end arch is going to beat you and he’s going to come out of it looking happy any parents who have had sick children and have gone through what caitlyn and i

Are going through right now please know that i sympathize for you this is one of the most difficult situations i’ve ever had to deal with i’ve never before loved something or someone with such passion and love the father wrote describing his heartbreak you’re a brave young man arch and you must continue to fight you’ll get through this i assure you earlier in the day archer had been weaned off some of his medications and

Had begun to function relatively independently this is a really encouraging indicator says the author he’s improving but at a glacial pace mr roberts wrote following his victory on saturday the young fighter has shown signs of improvement miss scalia shared a video of her son opening his eyes on facebook on monday my baby is starting to improve and to wake up archie’s parents mother and

Daddy couldn’t be happier for him you’re the epitome of what it is to be a fighter i’m madly in love with you ms scalia wrote and on tuesday archer was taken off life support which was a miracle for his parents who had prayed for it so for all of you folks who have been praying for archer it has worked he is now off life support and starting to look about and be more intensive which is fantastic news

Archer was hospitalized for several weeks before being released the bug has been finally eliminated from his system he only has to deal with the adverse effects now mr roberts thanked everyone for their thoughts and prayers for archer and he begged that they continue to remember the little trooper he also expressed his gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the gofundme account thanks to everyone who has encouraged us

And contributed to the gofundme account caitlin and i will be eternally grateful to you thank you very much for your help we sincerely appreciate it he wrote what is meningococcal disease and how does it occur infection with meningococcal illness is an acute bacterial infection that can be fatal within hours if it’s not recognized and treated promptly causes meningococcal disease is caused by a bacterium known as necessarily

Meningitis unknown to most people one in every 10 persons has these germs in the back of their nose and throat without getting sick this is referred to as being a carrier in some cases the germs infiltrate the body and cause certain illnesses known as meningococcal disease which is a bacterial infection six sero groups or types of niceria meningitis a b c w x and y are responsible for the

Majority of sickness over the world three of these zero groups b c and y are responsible for the majority of the sickness observed in the united states spread the word to your friends and family sharing nasal and throat secretions is one of the most common ways in which meningococcal germs transmit to other people saliva or spit in most cases intimate touch for example coughing or kissing or prolonged contact

Is required to spread these microorganisms they’re not as dangerous or contagious as the germs that cause the common cold or the flu which is a blessing people do not contract the bacterium through causal touch or by breathing air that has been contaminated by a person who’s been infected with meningococcal illness people who have had close or prolonged contact with a patient suffering from

Meningococcal disease are at risk of contracting the bacteria those who are at elevated risk of contracting the disease include roommates are people who live in the same house a kissing partner anybody else who comes in direct touch with the patient’s oral secretions is at risk close contacts of someone who has meningococcal disease should be treated with antibiotics in order to reduce their chances of contracting the disease

This is referred to as prophylaxis by experts although this does not necessarily imply that the contacts are sick antibiotics are administered in order to keep them from becoming unwell health departments analyze each occurrence of meningococcal disease to identify all close contacts and ensures that they’re all given prophylactics as soon as possible people who have not been in close contact with someone who has meningococcal disease do not require prophylaxis against the disease thanks for reading.