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Doctors see something coming out of her lips, then one of them discovers something shocking!

Doctors see something coming out of her lips, then one of them discovers something shocking. A teenager with a massive gagging tumor in her mouth is finally able to eat and talk properly for the first time in years after the growth was removed, the tiny lump on laxmi kamari’s gum took three years to erupt into a huge mass spilling from her mouth.

It took just three years for a tiny lump on laxmi kumari’s gum to erupt into a huge mass spilling from her mouth. The 15 year old, dropped out of school and hid herself in a room in a remote home and slowly lost her ability to eat drink. Speak and breathe properly traumatized laxmi finally underwent a life-changing operation last year and is awaiting further cosmetic treatment later this month.

Laxmi, who can’t wait to get her old face back said i had given up on hope of recovery when the tumor gagged my mouth. There were time when i decided to end my life, but then i think that it was not that courageous to take my own life, i decided to live with the daily dose of pain, insult and humiliation. My classmates had started calling me a ghost. Eventually.

I had to stop going to school now i have no friends, no one even talks to me, not even my own siblings laxmi from india looked completely normal at age 12, but a small lump inside her mouth took just a few years to grow to a large Size, it’s thought to be due to a condition called giant cell epolis, an overgrowth of tissue due to irritation or trauma she stopped going to school when it started to grow out of her mouth a few years ago, and she was mocked by classmates who thought she Was possessed by spirits, she underwent the operation at a state-run facility in north india.

In october medics said she had to be given 2.8 grams of hemoglobin and 32 units of blood to make her ready for the operation. The teenager needs more treatment for a small lump left inside her mouth and also on her right eye, but it was delayed until her family could save 2 600 rupees just 31 pounds locals raised the cash and she was admitted to hospital a couple of weeks ago And is awaiting the procedure neighbor sunu, carmo jaiswal said: laxmi comes from a poor family, her former father did his best and took her to different doctors for treatment, despite having limited resources, but he had also given up hope when doctors expressed inability to solve the case. Forget about the outsiders laxmi is leading a life of isolation and dejection at home, she’s confined to a separate room where family members rarely go. Things have, however, changed drastically after the operation now she’s gradually being accepted and welcomed at home and outside people have started to believe that laxmi can regain face dignity and beauty once the corrective operation is done.

Dr eupendranath, head of surgery department at the state-run hospital, said the operation on laxmi will be performed soon. As we have got her pathology reports, he had asked laxmi’s father to bring her back to the hospital so that we can continue to follow up treatment, but even after 20 days, laxmi couldn’t visit us as her father was unable to afford the money for tests. Now that the tests are done, she’ll be operated soon, hemangiomas are usually identified by physical examination, but if the diagnosis is unclear or the hemangioma develops in internal organs, the doctor may suggest an ultrasound mri or cat scan. A common vascular, birthmark or hemangioma undergoes several growth phases and usually doesn’t need medical intervention as it fades away on its own. Lip hemangioma treatment is generally done for cosmetic reasons, although some may do it.

If it interferes with eating or talking treatment, depends on the size. Behavior and location of the hemangioma, usually topical or oral medications, lighten the emangioma and slow down growth. A laser also helps reduce redness and enhance the appearance of the skin. Surgery is considered only when all other treatment options fail and to remove the remarkings left over from hemangiomas lip hemangioma is not a serious problem and can be treated with medicated gels or oral medicines, but lip hemangioma surgery costs in india can range anywhere from 15 000 To 50 000 inr, depending upon the complexity of the surgery and the number of sessions required. Dr sunil richardson is a licensed and board-certified surgeon and a member of glasgow’s royal college of physicians and surgeons he’s performed thousands of surgeries and facial cosmetic procedures in india and abroad.

Lips are an integral part of our body. If your hemangioma is starting to affect how you talk, eat or communicate, call us to schedule an initial consultation, the way you want to, then maybe it’s worth considering getting a checkup, this terrible fate that changed this girl’s life. The swelling first appeared 15 years ago, when i was just seven years old, said ashikumari sitting inside her two-room house in danbot, a city in eastern india’s jharkhand state a look at her and one cannot miss the swelling on her face, revealing her oddly shaped teeth. Twenty-Two-Year-Old asha kumari suffers from adamantinoma or adidogenetic tumor, which is associated with swelling dental male occlusion pain and paresthesia. Of the affected area.

Asha, however, doesn’t know the nitty-gritty of her disease people call it a tumor, i’m not sure what it is. She said adding initially. I thought of it as a boil, but never knew it would turn out this way. Blood came out and the pimple slowly started to expand. She says as her eyes.

Well up, it’s been a tough life for cali devi mother of four who raised her kids single-handedly ever since her husband died. 12 years ago, i earn around 2 500 to 3 000 rupees every month, working as a domestic help. I managed somehow to pull through. She says we live a life with limited means it’s difficult, but we have to manage somehow the 45 year old adds with a sense of resentment in her voice. She repeatedly cries during the interview at times pausing to wipe her tears and regains her composure.

Once sat, sheep sits down for another round of chad. Apart from the ungainly look, asha also suffers from several health complications. She has trouble sleeping. She says i get exhausted quickly and it becomes difficult for me to breathe during the winters adding to her daughter’s point. The mother says she breathes mostly through her mouth because her nose is blocked.

Needless to say, her condition requires the mother to remain extra vigilant. I feed her. Mostly, she has to eat slowly. Kala says she cannot exert much pressure while chewing the food. Otherwise, it starts to ache and bleeds.

The bleeding has become a constant part of the 22 year old’s life, which her mother described as episodes during one such she lost so much blood that she lost consciousness and we had to rush her to a clinic. Apart from the episodes, the family has also been privy to her clinic visits. We went to bankura in west bengal. The doctor told us to see someone in ranchi jarkin’s capital. We decided to go to kolkata west bengal’s capital and check with the doctor there.

She says after seeing asha the doctor suggested surgery, but it would cost a lot. We don’t have that money, so we didn’t go back. Kala believes she has not been able to provide the required treatment for her daughter, but adds that it’s the most she can do on her own, though her mother keeps her complaint to herself asha realizes the grievances. Her mother carries with tears, rolling down her cheeks. She says i get this feeling, i’m a burden on the family, muttering the word a few times to herself the gods have been harsh on me.

I lost my husband early, my daughter’s been suffering and we’ve been battling adversities ever since khala says in a sad voice. Asha’S tumors have also curtailed her social life recounting her experiences. She says people sneer, look at me with disgust, hence i’ve never been able to make too many friends. I hang out with two of my neighbors. It hurts when people turn their back on.

You laugh at you, people have called me names, i’ve been called a joker, a monkey, it’s not a good feeling, she adds yet. This was not always the case before the tumor started. To show up. We would have people coming to our house and interacting with us. They would share meals and talk to asha.

She was treated no different than any other child of her age. Her mother reveals, after her symptoms, asha says she was not allowed to play or interact with other kids. If, by chance i pick one up. The child’s mother comes up to me and admonishes, a lot of things get said behind my back, but there are times when they tell me directly to maintain a distance from their children, they’re afraid that if i touch the child, the kid may suffer the same disease. She says, given my condition, i cannot hang out much with women my age, so i love interacting with children.

It makes me happy, she adds kala says the treatment made it out to her daughter breaks her heart and she prays asha gets well soon. If anyone comes ahead and helps us to me that person is god, i just pray, my child gets well soon. She says there are days when we manage only one meal, but we have to fight on khala, says: asha would need surgery to remove her tumors and later a plastic surgery to get her face. Reconstructed, the procedure is going to cost around 10 million rupees or about 14 215 u.s dollars.

The doctors have asked her to get a cat scan hat and face with 3d reconstruction done. The family is so poor that they don’t have the 5 000 rupees required for the test. Dr ashwini dash a plastic in reconstructive surgery said after detailed consideration of the case of ashikumari. I have reached a conclusion that this is a case of adamantinoma left upper jaw, which is a locally destructive tumor of dental root. The tumor typically grows to massive proportions, mainly causing massive local destruction over the years and displaces surrounding structures.

The pallet of young lady is shifted down with dental deformity due to the same reason, eye floor and left maxilla as we see have met the same fate. Yet a cat scan head and face with 3d reconstruction is highly desirable to define the status of inner structures. Osha can live a long life with a bright future once the tumor is removed. Your contributions will help get her surgery she needs. You can be her beacon of hope recounting her experiences interacting with others.

She says people sneer, look at me with disgust. Hence, i’ve never been able to make too many friends. I hang out with two of my neighbors. It hurts when people turn their backs on you and laugh at you. Tumors can affect bones skin tissue organs and glands.

Many tumors are not cancer they’re benign, but they still may need treatment cancerous or malignant tumors can be life-threatening and require cancer treatment. Autopsy studies of men dying from non-cancer causes in their 80s show that almost all of the men have some cancer in their prostate that never affected their life.

It’S well established that the large majority of men with low grade small volume, prostate cancers, live normal life expectancies.