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During the funeral mom sees lightning struck the coffin opening it she was shocked

During the funeral, mom sees lightning strike the coffin, opening it. She was shocked. Few things compared to the pain of losing someone you love. While there’s no way to avoid intense feelings of grief, there are healthier ways to come to terms with your loss. Bereavement is the grief and mourning experience following the death of someone important to you.

While it’s inevitable part of life something that virtually all of us go through at some point, losing someone you love can be one of the most painful experiences you’ll ever have to endure. Losing a family member is one of the worst things that can happen to a person. It’s like losing a part of yourself. If you two are close, just imagine you have someone with whom you spend your days. You sleep together, eat together.

You talk your heart out with them. You do almost everything together, and in the blink of an eye, they’re gone. You cry and go through that morning phase. But does that suffering end there? No now you have to do all of that shit alone that you used to do with them.

Pain is always there in some form. When a negative thought creeps in about the death and its circumstances, it becomes unbearable. The key is to immediately replace a negative thought with a positive memory. Then a smile comes on your face. This is how you have your loved one inside your heart forever.

Taphophobia is the fear of being buried alive as a result of being incorrectly pronounced dead. It’s considered an abnormal fear, but before, in the era of modern medicine, the fear was not considered entirely irrational. This mother was shocked when they told her that her daughter was buried alive, and during her funeral, lightning hit her coffin. Many times. A woman who was buried alive with only her head above the ground was ravaged by wild animals and found sitting in the Lotus position.

The unnamed victim was left to die a week ago in a forest near St. Petersburg, Russia. According to local media, she was found with gold chains and pendants were found in her pocket and socks. She is said to have been sitting in an upright position with her legs crossed. According to reports, there’s a high likelihood that the woman was alive when she was dumped into the grave.

It’s believed that wounds to her face were inflicted by wild animals or birds after she died. Gruesome images of the woman’s unrecognizable head were shared by Mash online media, which has close ties to law enforcers. The disturbing pictures show the woman injured face with her long, jet black hair attached. Sources who spoke to Fontaka news agency said the woman, who is believed to be in her forty s, may have died as a result of strangulation. Authorities are currently in the process of establishing an official cause of death.

An investigation has also been launched to determine whether the burial was an act of crime or had any religious or ritualistic meaning. Some sources say the way she was found was in line with an ancient Russian execution which was carried out on women who murdered their husbands. Police say a 36 year old woman who was walking in the forest made the shocking discovery. She was found in a forest between St. Petersburg and the suburb of Unitilovo with a population of over 10,000.

The woman was buried 500 meters away from a highway that links to the suburb to the city. An autopsy on the body has been ordered. This ceremony turned on a nightmare for this poor mother. Tributes have been paid to a nine year old boy who died after being struck by lightning on a football field in Blackpool. Jordan Banks is believed to have been taking part in a private coaching session when the incident occurred.

In a statement, Jordan’s family said yesterday, Our world stopped. We lost the brightest star, our beautiful boy Jordan. His laugh, an infectious smile, golden curls. He was our everything wise beyond his years. Caring, considerate, generous and so loving.

Our love is endless. Jordan’s family, they continued, Good night, beautiful boy. We thank you all for your kind words and support. Officers from Lancashire police were called shortly after 05:00 p.m. On Tuesday to Spirit of Youth Junior Football Club near to School Road To reports a child that had been injured.

Emergency services attended and Jordan was taken to a hospital with severe injuries, but he died a short time later. Police say it is believed he was struck while playing football, although inquiries are continuing. Tributes who have been pouring in for the schoolboy, including from his best friend, C. J. Campbell, who has known Jordan since reception.

The nine year old boy went to the field to lay flowers and a football to remember his friend, CJ said, he’s a very nice person, always happy, cares for everybody. He was a funny person. He’s my very best friend and I’ll always care for him. Clifton Rangers Junior Football Club, where he played, said the young footballer was an inspiration to everyone he met. Jordan was the life and soul of the party.

Fun loving young lad, loved life, raised money for charity himself. Clifton Rangers Junior Football Club chairman Andy McDonald added, he enjoyed his football, enjoyed running and enjoyed all different aspects of life, acting and also his school life. Our hearts and thoughts are with his parents of the young lad who tragically passed away.

On behalf of the club, we would like to wish our sorrow and our condolences to the family and we at this moment in time our support is with his teammates and coaches involved with the club and any of the parents. A GoFundMe page has also been set up to help towards funeral costs with anything further given to a charity of the family’s choice.

In a statement on the page, family friend Jessica Marr wrote, There are no words that could possibly be written to begin to explain the pain for the family of Jordan must be feeling after raising £3000 for counseling in the community just this year in memory of his uncle. It’s now time for us to come together as a community and help give back to such an incredibly thoughtful and caring young lad who has been taken away too soon in a tragic incident.

Anything, no matter how big or small donation, please help. As I know whether you knew Jordan personally or have just heard about him through social media, this is something that is so heart wrenching and should never have happened. All money will be going to the family of Jordan to help towards funeral costs and anything extra will be donated to a cause chosen by the family.

Jordan, one of three children, was a pupil at Stanley Primary School in Blackpool, Craig, England and Jane Murphy, co head teachers at Stanley Primary School, said the school was completely numb to have lost a member of our family.

His parents and family should be very proud of the young man he had become. He was so friendly and showed great compassion towards fellow pupils, they continued. Jordan was a bright, bubbly pupil, loved by staff and pupils alike. He was a very determined young man, which was demonstrated by his charity efforts at the start of the year.

Jordan’s classmates have told us how funny he was, always cracking jokes. We’re beyond devastated that we will not see his cheerful face again. Our thoughts are with Jordan’s family and will offer them any support we can. When the time is right, we will plan a fitting tribute with his classmates and family. On Thursday night, Blackpool Tower was lit up in red to honor the schoolboy, a tweet from the Blackpool Tower Twitter account read, Tonight the black pool tower is lit up in red.

Yesterday, our community lost one of its brightest lights. So this evening we stand alongside Jordan Banks, family, friends and our community to remember a remarkable young man. Earlier this year, the Liverpool FC fan received a special message from one of his favorite players, James Milner, after he ran a marathon in honor of a close relative who took his own life. In 2018. Liverpool’s FC’s vice captain praised the Minnie Milner for running the fundraising marathon and told him, you’ll never walk alone.

Heartfelt tributes, including flowers, football shirts and messages have been left at the playing fields. My daughter’s body, one in a million, became a conduit for lightning and three months later it became a conduit for me. How does it feel to ruin our lives? I screamed more often than I care to admit. In those moments, it only pushed her further away.

As the National Weather Service puts it, a person struck by lightning becomes part of the main lightning discharge channel. The same can be true for children in unhappy situations. They learn to mistake anger for power before they can even walk my daughter’s body. One in a million became a conduit for lightning and three months later it became a conduit for me.

It may take a lifetime or several to understand the role lightning played in our lives, but for now, no one tells you that the sum of the stages of grief can linger and hit you at different times throughout the rest of your life.

The anger comes and goes until you acknowledge it and let it pass until the next time you feel it creeping back. For parents who have lost a child, It makes no sense for life to end at such a young age, Particularly when the death is sudden and without warning.

The loss cuts so deep it can be suffocating. If you’re dealing with this type of loss in your family, Here are some ways to help you and your family cope. My best advice to work towards changing your perception of the lost you did not lose a child.