Elderly woman called the prosecutor’s office instead of the store, What happened next is surprising!

aHello, friends. Sometimes a simple lack of attention can lead to a fatal mistake or, on the contrary, become the reason for a lifechanging meeting. In our life, every day there are such situations. A change of your usual route, a decision to go to a cafe or to get up an hour later than usual is already a precedent for unexpected turns of fate. But in the case of one old lady, even a wrongdial number could not only solve her longstanding problem, but change her whole life. But as usual, first things first. It happened in the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

One spring day, an old lady named Bernice decided to place an order over the phone. The point was that due to certain health problems, the elderly woman urgently needed a device to support her balance. In other words, a walker because her grandson was going to have a very important event his wedding. Until that day, Bernice had some difficulty walking around the house. Eventually, she finally decided to buy that walker. But at the time, she had no idea that a seemingly ordinary order would soon become public news.

Waking up in the morning, bernice began to call the medical supply store. But on the way, there were some difficulties. Instead of the expected consultant of the store on the other end, the old lady heard an answering machine and not listening to it, began to pronounce her intention to buy a particular model of walkers. When the conversation ended, the old lady dialed three more times, but all her calls went unanswered. Bernice then used voicemail and left a message asking her to call back.

One could imagine how surprised Bernice would have been to learn that her call each time was not to a medical supply store, but went straight to the answering machine at the district attorney’s office. It was due to simple inattention due to her age she had dialed the last digit wrong when dialing an unfamiliar number. But what usually happens in such cases? Normally, simply no one would have reacted to such a message. But not this time. On the other end of the line, the DA’s office perceived the first call as a trivial error inherent in the elderly.

But on the fourth, clerk Kyle Har stock put on the phone on speakerphone and invited his colleagues to listen in on the surprising call. The insistence and confidence of the elderly lady to contact the DA’s office staff seemed both funny and very sweet to the employees. And so, without thinking long enough to comfort the elderly woman, kyle called her number back and asked her exactly what she was interested in. The best part was that he didn’t identify himself as a clerk.

So the old lady had no idea who was on the other end of the line, bernice politely repeated her order, giving the exact model and price of the walker, thinking to the last that she was talking to a store employee. After that call, Kyle realized that this was the opportunity to be of service to people and suggested that his coworkers do a good deed and surprised the old lady by chipping in and buying the necessary tool.

The colleagues unanimously supported this idea, and the next day, eight people stood outside Bernice’s door with a necessary gift, waiting to see the reaction of a stranger. And when the old woman opened the door, her surprise was really something. She didn’t understand the purpose of the visit of all these distinguished people to her home. It was only when they showed their papers and took out the very walker that she finally understood what was going on.

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Of course, Bernice became very uncomfortable after realizing the whole situation and the insistent calls made, and the fact that these people decided to fulfill a request completely free of charge shocked her. She even started to offer money for her walker, but the employees admitted that the smile on her face would be their best reward. Bernice was truly happy because now she could be at her beloved grandson’s wedding without any obstacles.

But truth be told, the act of the DA’s office staff impressed and made her happier than ever. She served them tea and then the DA staff went to work, wishing Grandma a good time at the wedding, adding that if she needs anything else, they were always at her service. When the granny’s sons and grandchildren found out about it, they couldn’t stay away and told reporters about the unbelievable deed. The prosecutors added that helping people is their main goal.

Friends, it’s always important to remember to be kinder to people and then the world becomes better. Be sure to write in the comments how would you act in the position of the staff of the prosecutor’s office and whether you saw something like that in your life?

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