English Singer Divorces The Ghost Of A Victorian Soldier She ‘Married’ A Year Ago Who She Alleges Had An Affair With Marilyn Monroe

The singer Brocarde claims to have married the ghost in October 2022, but their relationship quickly deteriorated as he began an affair with actress Marilyn Monroe.

“Til’ death do us part” took on a whole new meaning when an English performer and singer known as Brocarde “married” the ghost of a Victorian soldier on Halloween 2022. Unfortunately, the union was not meant to be, and now the 40-year-old Oxfordshire native has announced her divorce from her late husband — by means of exorcism.

As The Daily Mail reported, Brocarde claimed to have met her now ex-husband Edwardo after he “burst” into her bedroom “uninvited one dark stormy night.”

Brocarde said that she had trouble sleeping that evening, as she was ruminating on an argument she’d had with a friend. She described the night as “upsetting,” noting that “rain was lashing at the windows.”

Then, out of nowhere, she said she felt “an intense burning” in her heart, which slowly spread outward throughout her whole body, making her “tingle” before it passed down and out through her toes.

“I was compelled upright in bed,” she said, “forced into a sitting position, I reached back to turn on the bedside light but my hand was forced back away, I tried again this time I was able to pull the cord.”

Brocarde then explained that she felt “warmth” on her neck as she heard someone whisper, “I love you.” With these words, she said, the spirit “departed and the room fell cold.” Now alone in her room once again, Brocarde said tears streamed down her face as she shook in her bed.

After this initial encounter, the “devilishly handsome” Edwardo slowly revealed himself more to the singer.

“I saw his images as a Victorian solider, he was always in his uniform, even on our wedding day, his face is devilishly handsome, shoulder length unruly hair, he looks lived in, well worn, troubled almost, there’s a pain attached to his being,” she said. “His voice is commanding and forceful, yet he whispers to seduce.”

This “seduction” evidently proved successful, as the two supposedly married on October 31, 2022 — a video of which was shared on the singer’s Instagram.


However, shortly after their union, Brocarde claimed the spirit began to show increasingly possessive tendencies. She alleged that he would bounce between acting in “a threatening way” and being “warm and intense.”

“Our relationship had always been turbulent from the beginning, with the stark contrast of him being threatening and possessive and then warm and intense but I slowly began to tire of being married to a free spirit,” she said. “He was inconsistent, barely present.”

Their relationship continued to fall apart as, Brocarde claimed, Edwardo became obsessed with the late actress Marilyn Monroe. The Victorian soldier allegedly first saw Monroe in the chapel on the day of his wedding to Brocarde, and soon his “unsettling fascination” with her took hold.

Marilyn Monroe

Public DomainFamous actress Marilyn Monroe, who died in August 1962.

It didn’t take long, apparently, for Edwardo to be unfaithful. After his first brush with Monroe, Brocarde said that he would disappear “for days on end and reappear, smelling of Chanel No. 5” — Monroe’s signature perfume scent.

The singer explained that the scent would fill the room when Edwardo returned, but this wasn’t Brocarde’s only issue with her ghostly husband. She also expressed a frustration with how drunk Edwardo got on their honeymoon to Barry Island, Wales.

“Edwardo obviously doesn’t have a bank card so it is always me that has to pick up the tab everywhere we visit,” Brocarde said, according to the New York Post. “And he certainly likes to go wild in our hotel room minibars.”

Unsure of what to do, Brocarde visited a psychic and discussed how to best assert her boundaries.

“I came to the conclusion that the journey with Edwardo had no positive conclusion and his energy was dragging me down,” the singer said. “There was no break up conversation. I consulted a physic medium to help me assert my boundaries over Edwardo and to try to tame him, but it didn’t work.”

The psychic consultation upset Edwardo as well, and shortly after, “He grew increasingly more aggressive and nasty and began to haunt me with the sound of a screaming baby,” Brocarde said.

Brocarde said that this was the final nail in the proverbial coffin, and she returned to the chapel in which they exchanged vows. This time, however, her goal was to exorcise the spirit.

The singer claimed that the exorcism was successful. “After hours, he was finally purged from my system,” she said. “I felt light and free and excited to be released of his troubled spirit.”

Following the exorcism/divorce, Brocarde said her life “feels more light and joyful.”

“I am quite adamant that I no longer want to be haunted by Edwardo so his presence isn’t welcome in my life,” she said.

Details of their divorce were also used as the basis for the singer’s new song, “Just Another Anthem.”