EU Parliament votes on plan to end animal testing


You may have seen our research modernization deal – a blueprint for completing animal experiments. Well, members of the European Parliament have seen it too. And today is a great day for animals in EU laboratories and for science around the world! The European Parliament has just voted to develop an action plan to end animal experimentation. Members of the European Parliament (MEP) supported a proposal to accelerate the transition to scientific innovation without the use of animals in research, regulatory testing and education. This means that MEPs have instructed the European Commission to work with scientists, including from PETA, in the future without any animal testing.

This is a historic vote setting a precedent! This means that the European Parliament wants the European Commission actively stop using animals for all scientific purposes.

MEP Jitte Guteland said: “Currently, the European Commission has to develop this pan-European action plan and we expect the Commission to make it a high-level priority – [b]Because if the Commission is serious about its obligations to EU citizens, it needs now to start a dialogue with all parties to effectively coordinate funding, education and milestones to accelerate the transition to non-animal science. ”

MEP Anja Hazekamp said: “This action plan to stop experimenting on animals is a win-win situation for humans, other animals and the environment. The European Commission and Member States urgently need to intensify their efforts to reduce, replace and eliminate the use and misuse of animals for scientific purposes. Animal experimentation continues to be used in many different areas of the Commission’s responsibility, therefore a consistent approach without animal testing is needed to achieve safety and sustainability. We need to use science. Not animals. “

MEP Tilly Metz commented: “The European Parliament understands that it is time for this action plan because of the work that scientists are doing to better understand the limitations of animal research and the potential of non-animal models. There is no excuse to perpetuate the current level of addiction to animal experimentation. Clearly, an ambitious phase-out plan with clear milestones and achievable goals is the next step needed to start dramatically reducing the use of animals in science. ”

PETA’s European divisions – along with other European animal welfare groups – advocated the approval of the permit proposal, and more than 100 major figures in the scientific, academic and business communities also supported it.

PETA Europe is now calling on the European Commission to act urgently with the will of the European Parliament and use the Research Modernization Agreement to create a Europe where no animal will be harmed by experimentation.

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Now the US government needs to act! Please ask legislators to support PETA’s research modernization deal:

Ask Legislators To Support PETA’s Research Modernization Deal

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