Everyone ignored this old woman. Her story shocked the whole WORLD a little later

Living life on your own terms and conditions is the most difficult task in the world. Most people spend their entire life living on the terms and conditions of other people. In their childhood, they live as their parents decide. In their schools, they live as their teachers decide. Their home, they live as their spouse decides.

In their office, they live as their bosses decide. In their old age, they live as their children decide. Most people are unhappy in this world because they always live according to the wishes of other people. They’re often frustrated because they never feel free throughout their life. Yet success must exist in any human soul.

Success provides confidence, security, and sense of well being. The ability to contribute at a greater level. Hope and leadership. Without success, you, the group, your company, your goals, dreams, and even entire civilizations cease to survive. Success is important in that it’s required in order to continue on.

Success should not be reduced to something that doesn’t matter. On unimportant, it’s vital and should be held as such. If you’re unable to succeed in taking care of your children, they’ll be taken over by the state. For an individual or group to continue on, he or she must actively accomplish his or her goals and targets, or he or she will cease to exist. The process of getting success is hard.

It’ll teach you many life lessons. Meanwhile, maturity is to understand and value those lessons and learn something new from them and move on. Further, this story will emphasize that success has no limits, regardless of age or sex. There was an ambitious girl named Eliza. Eliza had many dreams and aspirations.

Eliza was lively and hopeful. Eliza was very good at sewing clothes. She was also brilliant at designing dresses and skirts. Eliza lived with her parents in a quite poor area. Eliza’s father was a clerk.

Her mother was a teacher. Eliza’s father was named William. William wanted Eliza to be a doctor. He always advised her to concentrate more on studying her lessons. Although Eliza suggested more than once to her father that she desired to take some sewing courses to develop her skill, William refused strongly.

For instance, Eliza said, I hope you listen to my voice, Father. God gives me a gift that I should work on greatly. For me, sewing is not just a hobby. It’s turned into a profession. I can earn much more money through it.

It’s my passion to create new designs of clothes. Give me your permission, please. I used to take your opinion and everything. I realize that you think that such habit may deviate me from studying. However, I feel that practicing my hobby regularly gives me a great deal of enthusiasm and perseverance to memorize my lessons by heart.

Hobbies are indeed essential in our life. Having a hobby that we enjoy brings us joy and enriches our life. It gives us something fun to do during our leisure time and affords us the opportunity to learn new skills. To find something interesting for you is to make you more interesting. People with hobbies have experiences and stories that they can with others.

They also have specialized knowledge that they can teach to anyone who has an interest in the same topics as they do. Generally, personal obsessions help you become more patient. In order to develop a new hobby, you have to learn how to do something that’s brand new to you. The odds are there will be a learning curve and you’ll need to be patient so as to build your skills. It increases one’s confidence and selfesteem.

Any activity that anyone can excel in is an opportunity for him to build his confidence and develop pride in his own accomplishments. Embracing a specific profession helps to prevent bad habits and wasting time. There is an old saying that idle hands are the Devil’s workshop. If we have good hobbies to fill up our free time, then we’ll be less likely to spend that time on wasteful or negative activities. To sum up, I won’t be distracted wholly by my craft.

Alternatively, I’m striving to make a reasonable balance. I will study hard in developing my walk of life. I promise you to achieve your dream and be a good doctor. William insisted on his point of view. He saw that sewing has no advantages.

Instead, it has numerous bad impacts. According to William, Eliza has nothing to do but to obey her father. Eliza’s mother was negative and characterless. She never tried to persuade her husband that Eliza must not be forbidden from working on her obsession. She remained silent and absent.

In fact, Julia was an example of the typical naive mother who never attempted to defend her daughter’s passions or interests. Eliza did not realize this fact until she got older. As a result, Eliza appeared completely hopeless and frustrated. Eliza became lazy and discouraged. Eliza failed many times in her exams.

William rebuked Eliza very much for her negligence of her lessons. Eliza justified that she had no power to do anything. She added that she wanted to spend the rest of her life uneducated and jobless. William was shocked by his daughter’s sudden attitude change. Eliza used to be energetic and active girl, but her father’s inconsideration of her own interests made her such an idol and aimless girl.

Meanwhile, Eliza’s cousin Roberto asked William to allow him to marry the girl. Roberto was a man of decent salary and good manners. Eliza agreed. She thought that Roberto might represent a new, bright life for her. Elizabeth was not truly in love with Roberto, but she thought that this would be the same with any other man.

Roberto loved Eliza since their early childhood. He hoped he’d marry her when he grow up. Roberto and Eliza got married. Roberto appeared as a good and supportive husband. He helped Eliza in everything she asked him to do.

Eliza was very pleased and fulfilled with her life of Roberto the only fault in Roberto’s character was that he, too, did not accept that Eliza would take courses and improve her talent, especially after Eliza became pregnant. Roberto was of the opinion that Eliza’s real success lied in her good raising for her children.

Eliza tried to change Roberto’s mind, saying that she wanted to achieve her dreams in the way she wanted, but Roberto was of the same strong head of William himself. Eliza lost the hope she clinged to when she became Roberto’s wife. She thought that Roberto would be her outlet from her father’s strictness.

But the very opposite happened unexpectedly. Eliza forgot about her hobby totally, particularly after she gave birth to her two children, James and Adam. Unfortunately, Roberto died. Eliza had to search for work. She worked as a cleaning woman.

Eliza managed to collect the money necessary for the education of James and Adam. The boys grew up. They also married high class ladies. Eliza became an old woman now who must live alone. James told his mother that she must live with him in his big house.

Eliza agreed to go with her son. The shock happened when James’s wife, Anna, refused to let the old woman live with him. Quarrels took place between James and Anna, and Anna said, It is unbearable for me to live with this old woman. Your mother will build a big gap between us, James. I and you used to enjoy our life alone without the interference of anybody else.

If she loves you truly, she will leave quickly. If she prolong the period she aims to stay here with us, problems will arise endlessly. Our life will look like a hell. I love you sincerely, James. I will not permit any person to ruin our life or destroy our love.

I have a good solution for that trouble. You can ask your brother Adam to take her to live with him. James became confused and perplexed. James was swinging between his love for his mother and his true love for his wife. At the end, James decided to ask his brother Adam to allow Eliza to live with him.

Adam replied that he could not take his mother to stay with him as he and his wife would travel at any time, and that it would be difficult to take old Eliza in their journeys because she was weak. James gave up until Anna suggested that he would take the woman to live in a nursing home. On receiving the news from her son, Eliza was amazed. Eliza never expected that her sons might treat her in this humiliating way, as if she was a heavy burden upon them. She stated, you and your brother are thankless sons heartlessly.

You forgot so easily the sacrifices I have presented for your sake. I feel ashamed because of you. Both of you let me down. Both of you are plotting against me. You think of your personal interests only, despite my ignorance of my personal ones for you I will leave with no return.

Forget me forever. Eliza had to go to a nursing home as she had no relatives to stay. Within the time her two sons prove their ungratefulness in the nursing home, Eliza lived peacefully. It was Eliza’s final opportunity to enjoy sewing without any distraction. Despite her old age, Eliza managed to design wonderful clothes for her lovely friends in the nursing home.

The manager of the institution, Dima, admired Eliza’s designs very much. Dima took Eliza’s workings to be sold in different clothing shops. Eliza gained a lot of money. People from different areas of the country asked her to design for them. Finally, Eliza attained the success she’d been always dreaming of since she was a child.

This story teaches gives us a lesson that strong determination can make the seemingly impossible miracles. Thanks for reading.