Story Time

Everyone laughed when he married a Fat ugly girl, but two years later, they regretted it!

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In the beginning, there’s a very beautiful girl called Anita. Anita is a 23 year old girl who lives in Russia. She faces a very difficult problem, which is that she’s very fat with a weight of 162 kilos. As a result, she’s looking for for a job and can’t find it. It’s hard to find a job because of her weight as managers don’t accept that.

People, people judge by appearance only and the outward appearance, and they do not care about the inner substance. Every time she goes to look for a job, she returns home crying because people don’t accept her. One day Anita came back crying and her mother said to her, I told you before, you should do a diet, but you never do. Everyone will reject you. You must wake up.

Anita replied, I tried many times to do it, but I gave up. Every time I do a health regimen, something happens that makes me unable to finish it. It’s not up to me. Everyone rejects me. Everyone doesn’t love me.

Anita has been at home for a month suffering from severe depression due to people rejecting her because of her weight. Her friend came to her and tried to console her and make her look for a job again, telling her, I found a new job for you. You should try and never stop. Anita went to a new job in a company she’ll work as an accountant. The manager initially did not accept it, but something happened that changed it all.

Anita went to the manager’s office and the manager at first didn’t accept her, but there was a man standing next to him named Max and he took the manager out of sight, away from Anita and then said to him, you should test Anita’s abilities in accounting. We don’t care about shape or even weight. We should only care about the capabilities of people in their fields regardless of their appearance. And I see that she’s a hard working girl and we need her at that time to work with us. The director of the company agreed to Max’s proposal to appoint Anita to the company.

Anita is appointed to the company. She’s very happy with that and she was able to pass the exam and accounting and she proved that she’s worthy to work in that company. After that, she went to Max and said to him, I don’t know what to tell you, but in fact, you are the reason for my happiness. You are the one who made me work here. Thank you very much and thank you for your appreciation.

Max replied, you are an excellent in accounting and we need you very much. You are also a beautiful girl. You should always look to your pure inner core. Anita is very happy with these words because she’s restored her confidence after being rejected by everyone. Many days passed and she proved her worth in the company.

But although Anita tried to regain her selfconfidence, that started to fade. That’s because everyone in the company is making fun of her because she’s fat. While she went to another office, she overheard someone saying, that girl looks just like a Buffalo. The other girl replied, yes, she looks like a pig too. I think no one will ever marry her.

I would never be like that in my life. She looks like an elephant too. The girl replied, yes, she will not get pregnant if she remains in the same condition. She’s very fat and no man will ever accept her. Those words set fire to Anita’s heart and she went to her office and started crying hard and heartbroken.

Max’s office is next to hers and he heard her crying and he went to hug her, saying, I know why you’re crying. Never care what others say. It’s enough for you to just take care of yourself, never care about others, and don’t let their words affect you negatively. Let them bark and do not listen to them. You are a beautiful girl and you deserve the best.

Anita feels shy and cries. Max says to her, can we go to the cinema together after work? Anita agreed and went with him and had a great day. Max feels attracted to Anita. Max always cares about principles, thinking, and the way people think and does not care about their appearance.

He’s not a superficial person. He doesn’t judge people by their looks because they’re always deceptive. He believes that a person can be judged by dealing with him and by what he sees from him, and this is the right direction. Max and Anita have been going out a lot and Max feels he’s fallen in love with Anita. He wants to express his love to her, but he’s afraid and hesitant situation is never easy to admit that to the girl that he loves her well.

She loses confidence in herself because of her extra weight. He said to her, Anita, I want to tell you something very important. I feel that I’ve fallen in love with you. Please don’t be afraid of anything. I know you won’t believe me, but I never lie.

I’ve given you so much time and this time I’ve proven to you that I’m really in love with you and I don’t want anything else from you. Anita doesn’t believe it at first, but when she thinks about it, she finds that he truly loves her. She’s very embarrassed and said to him, Let me think. Give me time. It’s never easy.

Max replied, Take your time. I’m always with you. Many days have passed and Anita does not know what to do. Her friend advised her by saying, Give him a chance. It’s clear that he really loves you.

As for your weight, you should do a diet again. I’ll help you. Anita replied, I failed in all my attempts for the diet and I gave up. I don’t know why he loves me, even though I see myself as not a pretty girl like them. I’m fat and in great shape.

Why does he love me? Does he see me in another way? Her friend replied, he loves your soul and that’s the most important thing. Anita agrees to give Max a chance to express his love to her, and he’s very happy about it until the day Max proposed to her, saying, I want to marry you. It’s time to get married.

Anita said, It’s a very difficult step and I can’t take responsibility. You know, I don’t move fast and I make a lot of effort to move and go somewhere. I see mockery and ridicule of people. I’m so sick. Max replied, Didn’t I tell you from the start that you shouldn’t care what people say?

I’m trying to do it, Anita replied, but I have no hand in anything. I want to marry you no matter what. Max said. Anita was very surprised and said to him, I agree with it, Max. I love you so much, but I never dared to tell you that before because I was afraid.

I’m afraid that you’ll leave me alone in this world that makes fun of me. What about people looking at us? Max replied, People are damned if they judge only by appearances. It’s natural that we’ll face many problems in our lives, but we must go through all of this and overcome it together. I love you so much.

Max married Anita, but no lavish wedding took place, as it was limited to family and a few friends. They posted their photos on Facebook and people responded with admiration, but something unexpected happened. Their pictures became a trend in the social media under the slogan Appearances are not everything. When Anita saw this trend, she cried heartily and said, I left people in everything and now they don’t leave me. I don’t know what to do with my life.

I tried to overcome a lot of suffering, but the more I regained my confidence, the more I came back to zero. Why are people chasing me with this bullying? Max tells her, I’m with you, Anita. Isn’t that enough? I’ll never let anyone interfere in our Privacy again.

I didn’t know that our pictures would make a trend on social media. I love your spirit, your morals, and everything about you. I love your features and I love your innocent angelic face. A long period of time passed until the topic was gradually reduced, but there’s no doubt that this affected Anita’s psyche in a negative way. Anita decided that she would follow a very strict diet.

She did, and it wasn’t easy at all. She lost about half her weight in a period between eight to eleven months. She goes to the gym, eats healthy food, and goes to exercise every day. She also runs every day. In the early morning, Anita was able to lose a lot of weight and change her face and body.

She had terrible determination to change her look and life. Anita was also able to lose more weight after that until she reached the ideal weight. It was her determination that drove her all to this. Who would believe that this girl had completely changed after being mocked and bullied by everyone? Everyone said no one would love her.

But now we see Max loves her anyway. She looks because he loves her soul. There’s also those who said Anita will not have children. But now there’s a wonderful surprise which is that Anita found out that she’s pregnant. She told her husband Max and he’s very happy.

After a long time, Anita gave birth to a beautiful child named Kelvin and the family lived happily and would love. This expressive story teaches us many things. A person must have the will to do anything. We must always know that there are people who love us no matter what we look like or anything else. We must support the people who love us.

We must keep trying until we achieve our dream. Man should know that nothing is impossible. Love is the sweetest thing in that fleeting life. Thanks for reading.