Story Time

Everyone was afraid of cat’s terrifying looks, so 7-year-old girl did what adults wouldn’t

It is no wonder that cats are adored all over the world for their soft cuddles and adorable nature. However, it would be deeply painful to see such precious animals be terribly hurt. No person with a bit of humanity in them would want to help a creature become a victim of cruelty in this world. A seven-year-old girl found herself in a similar situation when she first met Galloons. Her cats living on the streets are somewhat wild and ferocious and are more likely to survive harsh conditions.

But sometimes, the brutalities of the streets can be a bit too much even for these stronger cats. Galloons, a cat living on the streets of Istanbul in Turkey, was unfortunately met with the same fate. The cat was living the harsh life of abandonment, surrounded by trash since the day she took her first breath. The poor creature did not really have a kind environment to live in from the start. She spent four weeks in the dark corners of the city with no one to take care of her.

She meowed with her little shivering voice for days, but the people were too busy to notice the little fellow. Though her severely poor condition attracted the attention of some, none of them really came forward to do anything for the miserable little creature. The innocent creature was severely damaged and in a very fragile condition. Her entire body was covered in wounds and bruises. She only had one ear, one of her eyes was smashed, and she did not have a lot of fur on her body to protect her from the cold, terribly exposing her bare skin.

Her teeth were visible as her mouth was painfully cut open. Her whole body was covered in maggots and bugs. She could barely stand. The people started referring to her as an ugly monster because of her poorly distressing condition. Everyone avoided even touching the kit, let alone helping her.

But one day, a 7-year-old Turkish girl noticed the kitten shivering in the corner. She instantly ran towards her to help her. The girl was deeply saddened by the condition of the poor kitty. She quickly turned to her father for help. Thankfully, her father was a physician and began to treat her with the best efforts.

Fortunately, the kitten’s dark days were coming to an end as they started treating her with proper medicines. She had enough food for her under a safe and loving shelter. She was named Galoob sir, which means “the one who always smiles” by the girl. Galoob sir needed heavy surgery for her severe wounds. Days went by, and her damaged condition started to get better.

It must have seemed impossible for such a harshly injured kitten to ever accomplish recovery, but luckily, little by little, through intensive treatment and a lot of love, Galoob sir showed progress rapidly. The kitten found a new home where she could live a normal, happy life. The seven-year-old and her family showered Galoob sir with a lot of love and gave her unconditional support. Galoob sir fought bravely and with great enthusiasm throughout her recovery. In a very little amount of time, the once deeply scarred kitten was brought to proper health.

Galoob sir was barely recognizable as to the conditions that she was found in, and all it took was a 7-year-old girl’s warm-hearted and kind nature. Animals are an amazing blessing of nature. They should not be given a life so brutal and should not be at all ignored in their injured or abandoned condition. If a seven-year-old can take the responsibility of nurturing and recovering such a precious part of nature, then why should it take us time and responsibility to even take notice? If it was not for the girl, Galoob sir would not have survived another day in this brutal world.

There are not a lot of people who would have even touched the kitten or taken it into their homes. The girl serves as a great example that humanity still exists in this world. She is a true hero.