Exclusive WAN with Patty Schenker on Los Angeles Banning Barbaric Shock Devices and Other Cruel Instruments on Animals in Rodeos


This week Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to ban the brutal use of electric rods, stun devices, flange belts, spurs and other barbaric tools in rodeos.

IN traffic, nominated Bob Blumenfield Council Member and supported Council Member Mitch O’Farrell last December, moving now the Los Angeles attorney to issue an order.

WAN spoke with Patti Schenker, who has championed animal rights with Heather Wilson for decades. Both Schenker, who spoke at the council meeting, and Wilson were among those who worked with Blumenfield to take this important step.

“Writing a ruling is just the beginning,” Schenker told WAN, explaining the importance of this law it was taken in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1992. While the law prohibiting the use of instruments of torture against animals in rodeos did not categorically forbid rodeos, it did prevent them from entering the state.

“I planned to speak to the city council about how dangerous rodeos are and that they are a problem not only for animals, but also for public safety,” Schenker told WAN, explaining this while awaiting actual testimony in favor of the ban. , she learned from Wilson that the council accepted the offer.

When it was Schenker’s turn to speak at the meeting, she kindly thanked the council for pushing the new legislation and said, “As violence continues to grow in our country, we need our leaders to lead us to a kinder and more compassionate world for all. including animals, you just did it, thanks! “

As stated in the petition created by Last chance for animals “Rodeos and other types of rodeos are animal cruelty exhibitions that are sanctioned under the guise of competition. Events such as bull riding, wrestling, calf rope and tail tails, calves, bulls, bulls, horses, and other animals receive dire psychological and physical trauma, including limb fractures, cardiac arrest, punctured lungs, ruptured ligaments, rupture of organs, fracture of the neck, crushed trachea and much more. “

“We need to be able to treat these animals, which are subject to the same insolence, pain and abuse that humans sometimes experience,” said Schenker, who met with Councilman Blumenfield, his aide and Wilson regarding the ban before starting. pandemic COVID-19. “Now is a great opportunity to take care of that before things start to open up again.”

Help convince Los Angeles City Council ban rodeos and rodeo events in the city by signing a petition HERE!

You can help all animals and our planet by choosing compassion on your plate and glass. #GoVeg

WAN Exclusive’s post with Patti Schenker about Los Angeles’s ban on the use of barbaric shock devices and other cruel instruments on animals in rodeos first appeared in World Animal News.

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