Feds named roadside zoo following PETA advice due to bear neglect


For immediate release:
Jul 28, 2021

David Pearl 202-483-7382

East Strudsburg, Pennsylvania. – After PETA notified the USDA of the fact that a 21-year-old black bear from Pocono Snake & Animal Farm suffered from a fractured tooth with painfully exposed flesh, the agency moved and cited a roadside zoo for not meeting federal minimum requirements. the law on the protection of animals. According to a recently released report, an inspector observed a bear biting the bars of its enclosure – likely indicative of a toothache – and apparently she did not take an oral exam for 10 years

“If this bear has not received dental care for ten years, she may have been in agony. the years“Says Michelle Sinnott, PETA’s deputy director of captive animal law enforcement. “PETA is now calling on the public to end this reckless neglect and stay away from this decrepit roadside zoo.”

PETA – whose motto, in part, is that “animals are not meant to be used for fun” – notes that the USDA previously cited Pocono Snake & Animal Farm for failing to provide adequate veterinary care to two geriatric capuchins, a squirrel monkey and a bellied a pig suffering from hair loss.

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