Beyoncé asks websites to remove ‘unflattering’ photos of her

Beyoncé’s publicist, Yvette, recently reached out to social content sharing site Buzzfeed to request the removal of certain photos from an article titled “The 33 fiercest Moments from Beyoncé’s Half Time Show.”

These photos were considered “unflattering” by Beyoncé and her team.

In an email to Buzzfeed, Yvette stated, “As discussed, there are some unflattering photos on your current feed that we are respectfully asking you to change. I am certain you will be able to find some better photos.”

She then proceeded to specify which photos she was referring to, saying, “The worst are #5, 6, 10, 11, 12, 19, and 22.”

However, Buzzfeed decided not to honor the request and keep the photos on their site. It is not uncommon for public figures to ask for the removal of certain images from the internet.

In fact, Kanye West also made a similar request to Getty Images to remove photos of him wearing a skirt.

Getty Images complied with Kanye’s request, and it is now impossible to find any images of the rapper in a skirt.

It is not clear why Beyoncé and her team found these particular photos to be unflattering.

The article from Buzzfeed highlights various moments from Beyoncé’s halftime show, and includes a number of photos of the singer performing.

It is possible that some of these photos did not meet the standards of Beyoncé and her team, leading to the request for removal.

Despite the request from Beyoncé’s publicist, Buzzfeed decided to keep the photos on their site.

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