Chloe Bennet reveals she has more n-ked footage in SHIELD

Chloe Bennet, who plays Daisy “Skye” Johnson on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, recently spoke to’s Brandon Davis about the premiere episode of the show.

The Ghost Rider was a highly anticipated part of the episode, and it was clear that the show’s new time slot allowed for more mature content.

During the interview, Bennet was asked about the changes brought about by the new time slot. She revealed that there was more footage shot for her nud* scene than what was shown on screen.

“Well the first episode I was like, very naked for the beginning, um, we shot way more than that, which didn’t show up on screen. I think, I don’t know where that went, but someone’s very happy,” Bennet said.

After Davis glanced at the camera, Bennet added, “You look very suspicious.” She then joked that she might have taken the extra footage for herself.

“Yeah, we do. I have them. I shot them for myself,” she said when Davis commented that they needed to find the missing files.

While the later time slot allows for more adult themes and storylines, it also allows the directors more freedom in their fight scenes. Bennet’s fight with Gabriel Luna’s Ghost Rider did not disappoint.

Bennet said, “Yeah that was really fun, we had, the first week we had like a really big, our big fight at the end of the first episode.

“You know he was new, we were new, we were feeling each other out and it was good.

“We had a really big intense fight and it was in this crazy junkyard thing, and they’re like ‘we cleaned it for you’, and it was still just like, there were needles and stuff, and they were like ‘just don ‘t fall’, and it was very disgusting, but it was really fun and he was so great and he was fun to fight.

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In summary, the premiere of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD featured a highly anticipated appearance by Ghost Rider and more mature content due to the show’s new time slot.

Bennet’s character had a nud* scene that had more footage than what was shown on screen, and there was an intense fight scene between Bennet and Luna’s characters in a junkyard setting.

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