Halle Berry reveals the nastiest thing she was asked for during sx

Actress Halle Berry recently sat down with American rapper Latto for an IGTV series called “5 Rounds.”

During the interview, the two women asked each other a range of questions, including some more personal and uncomfortable ones.

Near the end of the episode, Latto asked Berry about the wildest or weirdest request she had ever received in the bedroom.

Berry hesitated at first, asking if “nastiest request” counted. Latto said it could fall under “nasty, wildest, weirdest.”

Berry then revealed that someone had once asked her to allow them to spit in her face during sx.

Berry said she declined the request, stating, “This isn’t a porn video. This is happening for real. It’s not a movie.”

Latto immediately agreed with Berry, jokingly telling the person to “get your clothes on and get out.”

The interview was then shared on Berry’s social media, where fans commented on the unusual request.

One fan speculated that the request probably came from “one of those white dudes,” while another said it was a “blessing to be in Berry’s presence.”

This isn’t the first time Berry has been open about her sx life in interviews.

In the past, she has talked about exploring her s-xuality at a young age and even defended herself when someone called her “not good in bed.”

In a recent interview with rapper Young MA, Berry shared another NSFW revelation, saying that she finds it a turn on when someone “kinda sucks the tongue” while kissing.

Young MA replied that this was “absolutely perfect,” and the two stars burst into laughter.

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Halle Berry is not shy when it comes to discussing her sexual experiences and preferences.

She has also spoken openly about her sx life in the past. For example, she has talked about exploring her s-xuality at a young age and even defended herself when someone accused her of being “not good in bed.”

This type of honesty can be refreshing and may even inspire others to feel more comfortable speaking about their own s-xuality.

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