Ivanka Trump had plastic surgery just to please her father – Staffer

Donald Trump has been widely known to have a special affection for his oldest daughter, Ivanka, who currently serves as a senior White House adviser.

In fact, he has even made disturbing comments about her in the past, such as: “Is it wrong to be more sexually attracted to your own daughter than your wife?”

Now, a former staffer for Trump’s NBC series “The Celebrity Apprentice” has revealed that the president’s obsession with Ivanka extended to her appearance.

Noel Casler, who now works as a stand-up comedian, took to Twitter to claim that Trump insisted that Ivanka undergo multiple plastic surgeries, particularly on her nose, until she met his standards of beauty.

Casler, who has been sharing his experiences working on the show since Trump’s election as president, provided before and after photos as evidence of the alleged surgeries.

The photos show a significant change in Ivanka’s appearance, leading many to believe that she may have undergone more than just the natural process of losing baby fat and having her features become sharper.

In addition to the nose job allegations, Casler also previously suggested that Ivanka had a breast augmentation procedure.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with plastic surgery, the idea of ​​getting multiple procedures to please a parent is unusual and, in this case, could be seen as creepy.

It is worth noting that the Trump family has been the subject of numerous controversies during the president’s time in office.

From the disturbing comments made about Ivanka by her own father to the various ethical issues surrounding the administration, the Trumps have often been compared to characters in a bad B-movie.

Many called for Donald Trump’s removal from office, citing the various scandals and controversies as reasons for his dismissal.