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Girl refuses to comb her hair until hairdresser discovers something shocking in her hair

Girl refuses to comb her hair until hairdresser discovers something shocking in her hair. Depression is something that affects millions of Americans and not all seek help for their condition. According to Mental Health, America, as many as one in five teens suffer clinical depression with girls, particularly prone to feelings of low self-esteem. One teen felt so low. She couldn’t get out of bed for weeks.

She’D lay in bed for so long that her hair had become one big matted mess with the new school year. Only a few weeks away. She knew she had to do something about her hair, so she went into a salon to ask the stylist if she could just shave it off. Depression sometimes makes even the most basic tasks like brushing. Your hair in the morning seem impossible when a struggling 16 year old girl came into an Iowa Salon with tangled matted hair.

She told stylist Kaylee Olson to just cut it all off. Instead, Olsen did a Good Deed by working a record-breaking two days and 13 hours to restore both the young lady’s hair and her confidence. A hairdresser refused to shave off a depressed, teenager’s hair and instead spent 13 hours fixing it for her. Instead, Kaylee Olson, a student hairdresser in Waterloo, Iowa, recently shared a story on Facebook that has touched the hearts of millions about a depressed teenager who came in to sit in her salon. Chair she’d, given up on brushing her long hair, but after her hairdresser spent two days, transforming her matted Mane.

She found a reason to smile again, teen girl. When a depressed teenage girl entered her local hair salon, she felt completely worthless. She had an illness that was so severe that she’d given up on brushing her long hair, but after her hairdresser had spent two days, transforming her matted Mane. She found a reason to smile again. The 20 year old hairdresser was a student at the city’s Capri College.

Beauty school at the time and her work not only allowed Kaylee to transform her clients, but also to get to know those in her salon. Chair, never forget. It was August 2017 when Kaylee met a client who she would never forget. She was a 16 year old girl and when she walked into the salon, the trainee stylist couldn’t help but notice her exceedingly matted. Hair opening up the teen opened up about her tragic story after Kaylee offered her a seat in the salon chair and they began chatting.

She explained that, following her parents divorce a few years prior, she had fallen into a spiral of depression, her entire life, her Depression was so bad that it took over her entire life. She started explaining to me how she feels and told me how she used to be involved in so many sports. Every sport you could play Kaylee, told CBS news on August 2017, but in the last two years mental health just took over give up the illness caused. The girl to give up on her appearance completely indeed, because she felt so worthless. She stopped brushing her hair altogether and the depths of her depression.

She would only move to use the bathroom broke. Her heart hearing the client’s story broke Kaylee’s heart. She had also suffered depression before she empathized with the teenager’s feelings of worthlessness. Fortunately, though, things were looking up for the girl, for instance, she now felt well enough to return to high school, but there was just one problem. She would need her picture taken for the new term and that meant attending to the knotted mass of her hair attached to her head convinced.

There was no hope for it. However, she simply told Kaylee just shave. It Kaylee, however, had other ideas. She told CBS news that instead she turned to the girl and said we’re going to try as much as we can without having to use the Clippers. I can’t promise anything, but I’m going to try my hardest to keep the length of your hair that you want.

Her client, though, said that she didn’t think she could bear the pain of having it all combed out and once again, she described herself as worthless, but Kaylee reassured her. That she’d do her very best to leave her with hair of what she could be proud of. Slowly, the hairdresser started to untangle the knots, in fact that day Kaylee spent eight hours patiently and painstakingly combing out the tangles. She didn’t rush in order to be as gentle as possible, but the job was nowhere near done at the end of the long shift. Kaylee asked the team to return to the salon the following day and the next day the hairdresser continued to comb out her client’s hair.

It took another five hours to get them to the point where she could work with them. Now she was finally able to put down her comb and lead the teen over to the basin. After washing her hair Kaylee returned the girl to her chair and began styling her now silky Mane. She trimmed it to a stylish shoulder length, cut and finished. The look off by curling the ends.

Finally, after 13 hours of work, the hairdresser had achieved her goal. She had amazingly saved most of the teen’s hair and completely transformed her look. Now all she had to do was ask for her client’s opinion, but the girl didn’t even have to say anything for Kaylee to know that she’d done a great job as she looked at herself in the mirror. A smile began to spread across her face I’ll, actually smile for my school pictures. Today she told Kaylee you made me feel like me again.

The whole experience moved Kaylee so much that she later shared the teen story online. In her account of the tale she kept. The schoolgirl’s identity hidden but added the astounding. Before and after pictures, however, the post was about much more than showing off Kaylee’s hairdressing skills. Mental health is a thing: Kaylee wrote on Facebook.

It affects people all around the world and of all ages. Parents take it seriously. Don’T just push your kids off and tell them to get over something they legitimately can’t a child should never feel so worthless to not even want to brush out their hair. Social media users have cheered Olson for sharing the story and helping the young woman on a more serious note. If you’re concerned that someone Close to You may be experiencing depression or other mental health issues, their physical appearance may say even more than their words.

A lack of personal hygiene and self-care is a serious symptom of chronic depression and for women and girls. This often includes their hair care. It’S amazing how something as simple as a new haircut can do so much for a person’s state of mind. Seeing the amazing results for yourself below and have your faith in humanity restored, Mary Litchfield wrote, you did a beautiful job. Most people would have just taken the easy way out and just told her to cut her hair, but you took the time to invest time.

She needed to be invested in for her to know that she has Beauty and value Nicole Miller, lardy added wow. I had a client like this in the past, but she was an older lady. Bedridden totally gave me a new perspective on being a stylist when she cried from being so thankful. Recent studies show that depression rates have rocketed among young people. 11.

percent of 12 to 17 year olds have untreated depression up from 8.7 percent in 2005. However, the number of teenagers being treated for depression remains unchanged. According to a recent study published in the journal, Pediatrics signs that your teenager may have depression, although they may not describe feeling depressed warning signs include saying they are stressed or easily annoyed. Other symptoms include tearfulness withdrawing from socializing changes in eating habits and a lack of energy.

Physical signs are headaches, poor digestion and muscle and joint pain, stress and depression often appear together. People with a sensory processing disorder have a hard time at the barber shop, especially children, who are not able to voice out their feelings. Thinking about them. A barber in Yeovil, Somerset, named Chris Sampson, has started to offer a unique service for kids with this kind of disorder. He explained to the BBC that for people with a sensory processing disorder going into a stranger’s shop to sit on a chair, while a man tries to put a gown on them, while waving sharp objects around them can be a lot to take in the smells and Sounds for the shop can send the kids into overdrive and that’s why Chris allows them to stand up, bring in their favorite toys, look out the window and try to accommodate them in general, while he works around them like depression.

Stress can also cause fatigue, headache and aching muscles, as well as ulcers. Depression can happen to anyone at any time. It’S important to look for signs in those around us and do all we can to help most hairdressers want to make their clients feel happy and good about themselves. But for that communication is critical. Getting a haircut can mean leaving a beauty salon with a new attitude, but it can also be a pricey experience once the lawn in Boston is cutting that price Factor by offering free haircuts one day a month to women who are homeless CBS in Boston reports.

The woman’s lunch place, a shelter and organization that supports women experiencing homelessness or poverty has been partnering with green Tangerine Salon and Spa for the service. According to refinery29, the free haircuts have been going on one day a month for the past year, with 12 to 15. Women going in for the special treat Lorraine Anderson, Levine, the director of the development at the women’s lunch Place, told Mike The Experience fits the philosophy of the woman’s lunch place, which aims to treat all women with dignity. Levine said that the salon offers snacks and coffee to the women who regularly chat and compliment one another on their new looks they make a whole nice day of it. She added when your hair is washed and blow dried.

It just makes you feel so much better about yourself, a hair trend worth spreading. That Insight is one that more and more hair professionals have been taking to heart. This summer, news of these streets, Barber began circulating after the site pilgrim published a video profile on a man who gives free haircuts to the homeless. The australia-based barber Nasir sabani cruises the streets of Melbourne on his longboard one day a week seeking potential clients for a free, haircut and shave. When I approached them, I go really simple.

I want to do something nice for you today. You know I kick it off. Like that, and they kind of stop and they’re like What’s Up sabani, told Cosmopolitan, he documents his experiences on Instagram, often including a short bio for each client Rudy Ibanez. A barber in San Antonio Texas also began offering free haircuts this year to the homeless, men and women of the city. The 21 year old told GQ that he likes to drive around in his car once a week, often picking someone in need up and giving them a straight lift to the salon.

The haircuts often get big reactions from Friends of the client Ibanez told GQ, adding there’s a lot of smiling Mark Bustos. Another hair stylist who embarked on a year-long journey in 2014 to offer free cuts to men and women living without a home relayed a similar sentiment. Whether I’m giving one at work or on the street, I think we can all relate to the haircut and how it makes us feel he told the New York Times And there are increasingly more examples of other hair stylists doing the same Salon haircuts often come with A steep price, particularly for women’s hair, since it usually requires more maintenance, washing and drying than a man’s hair, does. As a result, such maintenance can fall into the category of personal luxury for the average person, not to mention someone facing poverty or homelessness, but a haircut can make a big difference in Practical terms. A tidy look can be crucial for someone going for a job interview but emotionally as well.

A haircut might not solve the long-term problem of homelessness, but it can certainly help boost the self-esteem of the men and women who get them. In the end. The woman at the salon in Boston walk out with a different attitude. It’S so important because that makes them walk taller and feel good. Luis Rusk, the owner of green Tangerine, Spa and Salon told Refinery 29.

They walk out of the salon differently than they walk into the salon. Levine of the woman’s lunch Place said that, at the end of the day, it’s about the small ways that show The Woman They matter. We just try to be a bright spot in people’s day and give them a feeling that they’re important she said what this woman did made a difference. Two decades ago, Vanessa Howard was a homeless single mother of three, with only a dollar 75 to her name. During that time, the woman from Tampa Florida admits she was at one point, suicidal a victim of domestic violence.

She had first gotten pregnant as a teen and left her drug-infested childhood home, not sure where to go. Next, I cried out one day, Howard told CBS News. I was tired of being homeless, tired of being alone and prayed for help. The next day, Howard hopped on a city bus with her three little girls and headed to look at an apartment, hoping that this time the landlord would take a chance on her when she. Finally, met the building owner, he said something she didn’t expect.

He was like. I don’t know you, but I feel like you should have this place. Howard described, it was from there that I found Hope and restoration. I just wanted to pay it forward. Howard got her fresh start working in local beauty salons over the years earning enough money to care for her children four years ago, Howard who’s now 62 did something she never dreamed was possible.

She opened her own salon. She named it The Giving Hands hair salon because she planned to use the studio to give back to her community and that’s exactly what she’s been doing once a month. Howard comes into the salon on her Sunday off to give free haircuts to the homeless. I know the struggle, that’s why I give so hard Howard said: I’m looking to help restore women, I’m looking to help restore children, because again, that pain is part of my purpose. With her now Five Daughters by her side and a handful of volunteers, Howard gives out free trims, facials and manicures so far, she’s helped 275 women and children.

We want them to feel good about themselves. She added, we don’t want them to be concerned about how they look now, as the school year approaches she’s reaching out to young girls. This past Sunday, Howard once again opened her doors spending about five hours, pampering homeless, girls, ages, 5 to 11. During what she called a back to school princess party, we want them to feel like a princess for a day. It’S important, especially during their transition.

Howard said, I want them to be be confident, because, if they’re confident they Excel the salon provided Tiaras and gave the girls school supplies so they’d be ready for the Fresh Start. They even treated their parents to free makeovers Howard said it was worth it just to see those little girls smiles and she plans to continue the tradition for years to come. I believe everything we go through. We go through for a purpose. I truly believe that nothing happens by coincidence.

Howard said I would encourage other broken women business owners. All of us have a story, and I believe that we should use what we’ve been through to help others that’s why, according to Cosmopolitan it’s essential to share your story with your Barber or hairdresser, and it’s the only way they would be able to help. Please share and spread the awareness and understanding, usually the small things we do can have the biggest impact. The greatest form of wealth is human connection and human interaction. It’S one of the most influential currencies in the world.

Besides, you never know if the next great is waiting on the streets homeless, but doing something extraordinary. If you never help these people, you may never see the Great Value that some could bring to making our world a better place. Poverty is most typically caused by artificial scarcity and forced to protect the interests of the wealthy. Most often, poverty is not entirely the fault of the people who are poor, but rather a systemic Injustice committed against them. If you’re not comfortable, allowing an injustice to stand, when you have the power to do something about it, then you should help the poor raising the income and lifestyle in the poor to make them part of the middle class creates a thriving economy.

Hungry people are too easily led to supporting radicals and tyrants. Comfortable people are not driven to Rebellion. Eliminating poverty makes a country more politically stable, whatever we have is given and blessed by God. Nothing in this universe we have created yet without taking help from God’s gifted materials.

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