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Girl sleeps with her father wakes up pregnant

Girl sleeps, with her father wakes up pregnant, a teenager, has spoken about the sickening sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her dad from the age of just six years. Old. Shannon Clifton was raped by the man who was supposed to protect her and has had his baby, but now she wants to help others see the light at the end of the tunnel. Her Evil Dead, Shane Ray Clifton, sexually abused and raped her for eight years until she was 14., sometimes up to four times a day.

Reports Derbyshire live at the age of 13. Shannon who grew up in chadstone gave birth to his child. The baby was later adopted, but Shannon hopes to have a relationship with him in the future. The horrific abuse came to an end when Shannon was a pupil at West Park School in spondon, binman, Clifton 36 was jailed for 15 years, but Shannon later found out, his sentence had been reduced to 10 years. She now says she wants to flee Derby before the monster is released from jail.

She is now living an independent life and wants to inspire others through her new book. The Monster I loved, Shannon said she went to live with her dad at the age of five. When her parents split up Shannon said it was nice at first, but he started getting abusive. I would come home from school and he started to hit me. I just got used to it.

In the end. The first time it happened was when he moved into a flat near Evanston castle that started becoming S*x*al. There was one time in the front room on the floor. I’Ve tried to block it out, so I don’t remember it at all. Shannon was a people at breadsall Hill Top school.

At the time she said she used to go to school with bruises all over, but was instructed to tell teachers. She had been play fighting with her cousins after a period of time, Shannon and her dad moved back to chadstone. Shannon said that’s when everything started getting worse, it was becoming more regular. When I was younger, it was just once or twice here and there, but then it started becoming every day. Then a few times a day, Shannon said she was often raped before and after school, and sometimes in the middle of the night.

She said, I only understood what sex was when I was about nine and we were learning about it at school. I remember the first time we were taught sex education. My teacher told us nobody should touch you in these places. Shannon said her dad treated her as his wife. He regularly asked her to clean the house and make his dinner from the age of nine.

When Shannon was 11, she noticed her body starting to change and realized. She was pregnant. She said for a while. I didn’t tell him, but when I finally did tell him he beat me up, it was all really confusing. I was a child carrying a child.

She worked out that she was around 28 weeks pregnant when she lost the baby in December 2012. Shannon became pregnant again. She said she wasn’t surprised: she lost the baby because of the things I was going through. Shannon said when she was 12, she told a teacher at school and a social worker that her dad had broken her nose. She said they took me away for one night and then the next day I went straight back to him.

They didn’t do anything about it, so I thought there’s no point in telling people anything. I put myself in more danger by telling them. I was too scared. Shannon said summer was the worst time because her dad would rape her outside the house. She said he used to take me out and do it in the fields and woods at night.

If it had been drinking at a family thing on the way home, he would do it in an alleyway. I tried to fight back, but I used to get hurt more. It was easier not to do anything. I thought it was going to last forever, Shannon desperately pleaded with her dad for the abuse to end. She said he used to say, I’m not going to do it again.

I promise you I’m really sorry. I will get better, then give it an hour and he would be at it again. In 2013, Shannon was pregnant again with her third baby. She was at the kingsmead school and her dad used to stand outside the school grounds and watch all the time. She said things came to a head at the end of her pregnancy, at which point she was a pupil at West Park Academy.

Shannon said he had just raped me upstairs and I was screaming and crying. I ran downstairs and I got a big knife and thought if I stab myself straight in the heart, the baby won’t die and I don’t have to put up with this anymore, but I needed to be there for my child. If it was a girl, he could have ran off with her too. She said he still abused her throughout the pregnancy, but would not let her go to the hospital, but teachers noticed a week before she gave birth and social care workers at the police turned up at her school, but Clifton was not arrested and went off on the Run with Shannon for a week her dad told her when the baby was born, he would kill him at the end of the week. They went to the DW Fitness in Pride Park to change clothes when a member of the public spotted Shannon and called the police.

Shannon said it was hard because that was the last time I ever saw my dad, and I think I knew that, even though he did everything that he did, he was the only person I grew up with. He was all I had, but he took my childhood away from me when she got into Hospital. The day before she gave birth. Nurses told Shannon she was over 39 weeks. Pregnant Shannon kept her child for a year but gave him up for adoption at the age of one because he needed a better life, but she hopes to have a relationship with him when he grows up.

In April 2015, Shane Ray Clifton was sentenced to 15 years. In prison he later had a sentence reduced to 10 years, meaning he’ll be potentially be allowed out on parole in four and a half years, Shannon bravely stood up in court in front of her dad and told the jury what she had been through. But now the teenager is terrified of him finding her when he is released. She said, I’m scared. What’S going to stop him from hurting me again, Shannon now hopes to move abroad to start a new life.

She said living in Derby brings back too much when she first waved her anonymity as a victim of sex crime. Shannon said she received floods of messages from strangers. Who said she had inspired them. She said times are still tough and she admitted she has tried to commit suicide before, but Shannon is now studying forensic psychology with the open University and planning to release her book. The Monster I loved before the end of the year, she’s also doing a course in motivational speaking.

She said. I want people to see that there is a way out. How can family become unsafe place? This woman couldn’t be a mom Chennai police arrested, a woman for allowing her lover, who was also arrested to rape. Her minor daughter, the girl became pregnant and her mother delivered the baby at home.

The incident was discovered when the baby fell sick and was taken to the primary health care center. The 38 year old woman worked as a daily wage laborer, and her daughter was studying in class 11 reported to the times of India. The woman was having an affair with a 50 year old man who, upon seeing the girl, had told her mother that he wanted to marry her child over a period of time. He raped the minor girl and the mother was also aware of this. When the girl became pregnant, the mother discontinued her schooling and married her off to her lover to ensure her neighbors did not get suspicious.

She kept the girl inside her home. An officer investigating the case said that on May 1st, the girl complained of labor pains and the mother delivered the baby in their bathroom. The incident was discovered when the baby fell sick and had to be taken to the Primary Health Center. The staff there asked for the child’s birth record and about the mother of the infant. When the woman submitted her a Dar card, the staff discovered the age of the child and informed the Child Welfare committee.

This world become more shocking. Joseph fritzel started building the dungeon in the 1970s, a vast Cellar complex below his family’s home in the quiet Village of Amsterdam in central Austria. Then, on a hot day in August 1984, he asked his daughter Elizabeth fritzel 18 to help him install the Cellar Door, but before she could leave, he held an ether-soaked rag over her mouth, rendering her unconscious for 24 years. Joseph imprisoned Elizabeth in that windowless basement when she finally emerged in 2008. The story of his sadism shocked the world Joseph fritzl’s crimes.

Joseph told his wife and Elizabeth’s mother Rose Marie that their daughter had run away from home down in the dungeon. He forced Elizabeth to write Rosemary letters which he could mail home from post offices around the country. He used a series of chains and restraints to control her movement and had sex with her against her will thousands of times over more than two decades David finkelhor, a professor of Sociology at the University of New Hampshire and the director of the crimes against children. Research Center says that cases of family imprisonment cases fall into three or four buckets. Some of those motivations, such as strong paranoia but the outside world and a secretary in religious ideology, don’t apply in the fritzel case.

Finkelhor tells Annie True Crime. Joseph fritzel was most likely motivated by a desire to impose sexual slavery, where somebody is really looking for sexual gratification on a regular basis and is not going to be able to get it in a usual consensual way that sexual slavery carried long-term consequences that ultimately exposed The crime Elizabeth conceived, seven children during that time, one died three days after birth, Joseph incinerated. His remains in the basement. Furnace of the remaining six Joseph took three upstairs and left them on the family doorstep, claiming that Elizabeth had dropped them off. They were raised by Rosemarie, the three other remained in the dungeon in April 2008, one of the three downstairs children Kirsten 19 years old, became seriously ill.

Joseph drove her to the hospital where doctors became suspicious about how the young woman could be in such terrible shape. Appeals for the mother to come forward were broadcast via the media and when Joseph finally allowed Elizabeth to speak with authorities, she told them everything the making of a monster father in some ways Joseph fritzl’s criminal Behavior was the repetition of family history. His grandfather was married to a woman who couldn’t conceive children because of this. The grandfather would have affairs with other women then would coerce his wife into adopting the children they bore. Joseph’S mother was one of those children whom a trial Lord described as unloving and sadistic finkelhor, says it’s common that child abusers have often suffered child abuse.

It’S just a general rule that people who mistreat other people have often been mistreated in various ways themselves. He says it’s not a 100 correlation, but it’s high. The fritzl trial after his arrest but prior to his trial Joseph confessed to his repeated rapes, claiming that the rape of his daughter was an addiction and the redirection of incestuous feelings he felt towards his own mother

He also claimed to be a loving, attentive father to the children he sired in the basement, bringing the books and stuffed animals watching videos with the children eating dinner with the family at trial, the father admitted guilt on an incest charge but pled innocent to enslavement into The murder of his child after he saw Elizabeth fritzel’s taped testimony. He changed his plea to full guilt, acknowledging that his failure to secure medical care for the newborn may have directly contributed to the death for his crimes.

Fritza was found guilty on all accounts, negligent, murder, enslavement, incest, rape, coercion and false imprisonment. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2009. He has been in solitary confinement in Austria’s KREM Stein prison since that time. According to Austrian media, he now suffers from dementia and none of his family has visited during his decade Behind Bars. What is Elizabeth fritzel’s life like now and the year since her release from the basement and her father’s subsequent trial?

Elizabeth fritzel has moved to a remote Village whose name has been kept out of the press. Most details of her current life remain secret. Survivors of such kidnappings often struggle to form Intimate Relationships afterwards says Jeffrey gief, a professor of social work at the University of Maryland, whose book when parents kidnap explores the emotional trauma of Parental child abduction? How do you form an adult, intimate relationship after the people who are supposed to protect? You have done so many things to you grieve asks and if you have a child, how comfortable do you have to feel leaving your child with a babysitter or your spouse, but there are some signs that Elizabeth is piecing her life together, according to British tabloids, the 54 year old is in a serious romantic relationship with a man 23 years younger than her whom she met when he was assigned to her bodyguard.

He can now trust this world for our children, even from their own parents. The accused also a resident of shapur jat, was identified and arrested after the child’s mother took her to the hospital and found out she had been sexually assaulted. An 18 month year. Old girl was raped on Monday afternoon by her father’s friend, who was tasked with babysitting. Her at their home in an urban village in south Delhi, police said the crime came to light the same evening when the child’s mother returned home to find blood on her daughter’s private parts and clothes.

The parents quickly alerted the police, upon which the suspect was nabbed from the same home, Shin Moy, biswal additional DCP South said the 21 year old suspect was thrashed by locals before police took him away. The accused has said he did not run away after the crime. As he regretted his mistake, we don’t know if he is saying the truth said biswal. The girl meanwhile remained admitted to safdarjung hospital on Tuesday, but is likely to be discharged on Wednesday. She was admitted with cuts and bruises and a blood clot.

However, she did not have any major injury and did not need any surgical. Intervention said Dr rajera Sharma medical superintendent of safdarjung Hospital. The girl’s father runs a small business in which he supplies laborers and workers and charges a commission for it. His wife is a domestic help. They have two other children, a ten-year-old son and a six-year-old daughter.

The girl’s father said that he had helped the suspect get a job as a guard at a coffee shop in Haas cause. He belongs to my Village and had been staying at my house for at least two months. Since his duty was at nights. He would take care of my children when my wife and I would be away at work in the daytime. The father said on Monday morning.

The girl’s parents left for work and her two older siblings went to school. It was around afternoon that he raped the girl and left her bleeding said biswold. When my wife returned home in the evening and checked our daughter, she found blood on her clothes. She immediately checked her to find she had been sexually assaulted, said the Father. The girl’s mother has also alleged that a friend of the suspect was also involved with the rape, but the police said there was no evidence so far to suggest this.

We continue to probe the parents allegations earnestly and will act if anyone else is involved, said dependra, Pathak, daily police spokesperson. Meanwhile, the victim was visited at the hospital by Swati jaihind, the Delhi commission for women DCW chairperson on Tuesday afternoon. She followed it up with a protest outside home minister rajnath Singh’s residence. She was detained by the police and taken to a police station before being released in a tweet. Jihan said that she demands that politicians call an urgent meeting and work on a policy draft to give death sentence to rapists within six months of cases and rapes of minors.

She also urged all the leaders to visit the raped victim in the hospital. Why can’t? We save our children from such disaster in a shocking incident. A 15 year old girl in gurugram was allegedly raped by her uncle a migrant worker from utorakhand and became pregnant police said she has given birth to a boy at a government hospital here based on a complaint given by the victim’s mother. The police have registered a case against the absconding uncle under sections of the IPC, including rape and criminal intimidation and under Section 6 of the pocso act at the Kirky Doula police station.

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