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Girl Whispers 8 Terrifying Words To Cops, Leading Them To Horrid Scene

In South Carolina, a little girl was playing with a couple of classmates at school when she decided to share a little secret with them. The friend’s mother found out what they were talking about and called the cops who questioned the girl on what she said. That’s when she whispered eight terrifying words that led officers to a horrid scene.

The 9-year-old girl was at school in Horry County talking to a couple of classmates when she shared what she had been a part of at her home. Her friends found it strange and at least one of them told a parent, who was immediately sick about it and called the cops.

After going to the house and investigating the claim, officers found it was even worse than they thought. Now, one man is behind bars.

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Quinton Altonio Leonard

According to WBTW, the girl lives at home with her mother and three other siblings, but in the last several months a 33-year-old man had moved in with them. Quinton Altonio Leonard was dating the 9-year-old’s mom and stayed home with the kids while she went to work. During this time, Leonard lived a completely different life, and his girlfriend had no clue about it.

Unable to keep the secret of what’s been happening behind closed doors for weeks, if not months, the child came clean to her friends, telling them that a man who lives in her house touches her private parts when her mom goes to work.

Her admission led to a call to police who sent a team of investigators to the school. When asked about it, she said, “He rapes me when mommy goes to work,” then explained what she pretends to do while he’s assaulting her.

Explaining that the most recent assault occurred on May 1, two days before telling her classmates, the child told investigators that she was taking a nap in her bed when Leonard came in and began to rape her. She pretended to stay asleep during it so she wouldn’t “get in trouble,” not wanting her mom to find out since she seemed so happy with her boyfriend, MyFox8 reported.

When officers went to the home, they found the 33-year-old degenerate there and the girl’s three siblings, ranging in age from one to 11-years old. All children were taken into protective custody. Leonard was arrested for the on-going sexual assaults of his girlfriend’s daughter.

This mother was possibly more concerned with her own happiness than her children’s, and her daughter suffered the repeat rapes just to keep her mom smiling.

She didn’t have anyone to protect her until she couldn’t keep the secret any longer. The mother should also be charged with neglect for leaving her four kids in the care of this man who she didn’t know enough about when she invited him to move in.