Grandmother sells her granddaughter 48 years later there…

Grandmother sells her granddaughter. 48 years later, there was a knock at her door. Ana Paula found her biological parents at the age of 48. She knew that she had been robbed, that they’d never stop, stop looking for. After learning the truth about their origin, she spent 24 years trying to find them through social networks.

A cousin saw a photo of her, and after a DNA test, they confirmed that they were family. As a child, Anna Paolo Tolosa Sufferergoa dreamed of a mother who was not the one she lived with in her house. She was obsessed with the idea that the people she called parents had very different values than hers, and she was distressed to have the feeling that her family was somewhere else. Repeatedly during childhood and adolescence, she asked them about their origin. They looked at their hands as though they were different from her own.

She was looking for evidence to confirm that she did not belong there, but only at the age of 24 could she corroborate it. For more than two decades, she looked for biological parents whom she found in the middle of the pandemic. Thanks to social networks, we are very happy and aware that it’s a miracle, but it’s also impossible not to think about all that it should never have been. Annapolis Explains the trending Story On July 9, 2020, a cousin contacted her on Facebook after seeing a post in which Anna explained that she was looking for her mother. He thought the post had been made by one of my sisters, but it was mine.

He immediately spoke to her and told her about what he had found on social media. They both knew I existed. My parents had told them that I had been stolen, but the grandmother had lied to them all about my identity. They thought I was male due to the great resemblance and some dates and places that coincided between the stories that my parents had told them and what I had published. They decided to go one step further and compare the information on the birth certificates in the health book.

It appeared that I had been born with the same date and time. Her mother was locked up in Aurora Salta’s House for two months until she gave birth to Annapolis. When I was born, the grandmother told my mother that I was a boy and that they’d given me to some people in Magdalena. It was all a lie so that she could never find me. During my childhood, I was 20 blocks from my real parents house, says Annapolis.

At the age of 13, the couple she grew up with decided to move to Bragado. Throughout her adolescence, she felt as when she was a little girl, that the man and woman she lived with were not her real parents. I always knew that I was not part of that family. I told them that I didn’t look like them at all, not from the physical but in the values I didn’t agree with the world of view. Annapola remembers that her hands were obsessed for a long time.

As she can remember, she compared her own to those of the surrogate family, trying to decipher why she had the feeling of not belonging there. During the afternoons of siesta in Brgado, she scrambled the papers, looking for evidence, some certainty that related to what she perceived. My birth certificates of disgrace. It doesn’t even have their documents, she said, adding, they repeated an armed speech that their surrogate mother had lost a baby before my birth and that I had been born in a natural birth at home. On several occasions, she asked them if they were her real parents, and they were lying, hiding the truth about their identity from her.

At 24, she confirmed what she had always known the birth of her first daughter the key to confirming the truth. At 21, when I had my oldest daughter, I was in labor, and my surrogate mother gives me some magazines and says, So you don’t get bored. I looked at her, and the only thing that came out was to say, how do you notice that you never gave birth? Recalls an Apollo. That half certainty, without being able to ratify it at any clear data or some specific element, was left spinning in her head.

She just wanted to hear from those people that she was not their daughter. Those of us who have a replaced identity need corroboration. A year and a half later, she had her second daughter, and she decided to take a vacation from the search with two little girls. I didn’t have time to dedicate to it. She felt a great orphan.

The hole was getting bigger and bigger. Confront the Adoptive Parents At the age of 25, she couldn’t take it anymore and traveled to La Plata, to the house of a substitute aunt. She was peeling potatoes in the kitchen with her back to me, and I told her, you saw that. In the end, they told me the truth that I’m adopted. When she turned around, she saw in my face that it was her who was confirming my suspicions to me.

In her house, there was also her son who had been legally adopted. You finally found out, she told her. Everyone knew except me, my cousin, who encouraged me to go to the adoptive parents house. When she arrived, the adoptive mother was at the door. She told me that I had been born there and did not want to give me more information.

I felt that this was the place where I was perhaps going to be closer to my mom. From there, she went to the house of the woman who raised her, whom she forced to tell her the truth. And without excuses or a way to support the version with which she’d been deceived all her life, she confirmed that they were not her parents. From that moment I knocked on doors at the Human Rights Secretariat. I went to Abuelas.

I wrote some programs for, like, people who are looking for people, but I knew it was looking for a needle in a haystack. An Apollo’s path to reach the truth was tireless. It was 24 years in which I did not give up. I never stopped looking for my mom. Ten years ago, I started using social networks to send messages to see if I got a response.

They were looking for her too. Her biological parents never forgot her and always looked for her. That was the truth she found when she received a message from a cousin who had seen her post on social networks.

Dad and mom told my siblings that I’d been born on November 1, 972, that they had a baby and that my grandmother had given it to the midwife. Everyone was looking for me and that’s why seeing my post, my cousin contacted one of my sisters to show her the great resemblance we had. Over time, Annapola learned that her parents went to Magdalena’s Corsicans, thinking that she was a boy and trying to find a boy who looked like her younger brother. They came back from the corset and lay down on their bed. In the darkened silence.

I imagine them and it gives me pain, she confesses. The posting of the meeting and the DNA with 99.9% coincidences on April 27, 2019, Annapolis wrote today, as many times I think of you, mom, but I don’t ask myself what exactly happened that end of October or beginning of November 1972. I want to find you. I look at the sky and I know you’re there. The text is extensive and at the end she shared the photos in which her cousin she thought she saw one of her sisters already in contact with her sister.

They decided to have a DNA study done which was ready on August 19, 2020. The analysis gave a 99.9% match on the part of the mother and father. The day they heard the news, they decided to make a video call. The first video call in the hug that waited 48 years. At the time of the call, Anna Paolo remembers that she was with her husband and that they answered.

She saw her mother’s face and the first thing that came out of her mouth was Mama. My dad was crying and she told me my love. Then came the first hug. Due to the issue of permits and travel logistics, it took a month. Actually.

There were so many things that happened to me internally knowing that I was going to finally see them that I think that it also took some time to process the emotions, she explains. Anna Paula spreads thousands of emotions when recounting the first encounter with the woman who had her in her womb. When I finally hugged my mother after 48 years, I realized, listening to her heart, which she had been in contact with during the nine months of gestation, which did not need any DNA. This was where she should have always been. The same thing happened to me when I heard my dad’s voice.

Family and Identity The Truth That Heals After that first meeting, not a day went by that they didn’t talk to each other by video call, always waiting for the moment of reunion. We talked a lot. They told me that they were very young. My mom was 13 and my dad was 16 when they found out she was pregnant. My grandmother, who’d been a single mother, did not trust her relationship and decided, without respecting my parents wish, to have me to give me to the midwife, she says.

My mother was held captive for two months in the woman’s house, and they hid from my father, where they’d taken me. He toured the city to find us, but he didn’t make it. My grandmother gave me to the midwife and she sold me as if I were a thing to the people who raised me, she summarizes. Later. The parents stayed together and had four more children.

My brother told me that when they found out the truth about what my grandmother had done to me, they started looking for me in an effort to find me. My cousin joined them, the one who saw my post the fight to restore identity and for a DNA bank. Beyond the happiness for having found her biological family for Annapolis, the fight was not over legally. In her papers, she’s still Marcella alias, the name to which people gave her when they bought her one signs with a name which accompanies us and everything we do which identifies us. And I need to recover my original identity.

My name. She tells trending story ever since she found out who she was, what her real family was, she tirelessly seeks a lawyer to help her so that her story sets a precedent. My thing is not a change of identity. It is a reestablishment of the name of origin with which she should always have been called. Anna Paula Tolossa Safari Guerra I promised myself, even before meeting my mother that I would continue to watch over the creation of a free DNA bank in Argentina.

Today. The only way to confirm an identity that was stolen is to be in the book of grandmothers with my biological family. We had to pay for the study at Genetic Pro, which is a private laboratory in Argentina that sends the samples to Switzerland. At first birthday, without looking for answers in heaven of her four siblings, the youngest was born on the same day as her, 24 years and 15 minutes apart. Since they met, beyond the bond between all of them, they felt a special connection between them.